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2022 Tax On Social Security Benefits

What Is The Expected Social Security Increase For 2023

Social Security benefits increasing in 2022

As such, a 10.5% COLA would increase the average retiree benefit of $1,668 by $175.10, rounded as done by the Social Security Administration, TSCL further notes. Based on the April CPI data released in May, TSCL estimated that the annual COLA for 2023 could be around 8.6%which would be the highest since 1981.

How Much Is The Social Security Check Going To Be In 2022

After the 5.9% Social Security raise, the average Social Security check is expected to be $1,657 a month in 2022. This is a $92 increase from the $1,565 average payment in 2021. For a couple where both the partners are drawing their individual Social Security benefits, the benefits can amount to $2,753 per month. This is $154 higher than last year.

However, these numbers are not uniform as the Social Security benefits money can differ for different people based on their previous checks. If you were drawing less than $1,565 in 2021, you would not see a $92 increase this year. So, to calculate your new Social Security check for 2022, you have to add the 5.9% raise to your last drawn benefits check. For instance, if you earned $1,200 in 2021, your new check in 2022 will be $1270.8. You will receive a $70.8 raise in your benefits.

The precise increase for every retiree can be different. It will be more for people who draw higher benefits and lower for those who draw lower benefits. Therefore, to determine how your purchasing power is likely to increase for the New Year, you must calculate your benefits.

Taxes On Benefits Support Social Security And Medicare

The proceeds from taxing Social Security benefits provide an increasingly important source of income for both Social Security and Medicare.

  • The revenue from taxing up to 50 percent of Social Security benefits is devoted to the two Social Security trust funds. In 2019, this will provide an estimated $36.9 billion in income to the Old-Age and Survivors and Disability Insurance trust funds, or about 3.5 percent of their total income. Since the income thresholds are not indexed for inflation, taxes on benefits will grow to 7.4 percent of Social Security income by 2028.
  • The revenue from taxing 50 to 85 percent of Social Security benefits is devoted to Medicares Hospital Insurance trust fund. This will represent $24.1 billion, or 7.4 percent, of HI income in 2019 and 12.4 percent of income by 2028.

The taxation of benefits will provide almost $1 trillion to the Social Security and Medicare trust funds over the next ten years. Without this income, the programs would face greater funding shortfalls and earlier reserve depletion dates.

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Are Social Security Disability Benefits Taxed

Generally speaking, people work their entire adult lives paying into the Social Security and Medicare systems to receive both retirement and health benefits when they reach a qualifying age and leave the workforce.

Sometimes, however, something unexpected happens along the way, and a worker may need to tap into those accumulated funds because a medical condition leaves them unable to work. In this case, they may qualify for what is called Social Security Disability Insurance .

Some individuals may qualify for Supplemental Security Income if they are in need of income support but may not have contributed enough in qualifying work credits. These people are usually of limited income, and they must be age 65 or older, disabled, or blind to qualify, though benefits are also available for blind or disabled children.

The question is, âAre these benefits taxable even if youâre out on disability and receiving SSDI?â The answer varies and depends to a large extent on your marital status and sources of income, if any, outside of SSDI.

If you are on SSDI, applying for the program, or have been denied benefits in or around Raleigh, North Carolina, contact me at Lloyd King Law Firm PLLC. I have more than four decades of experience working on both sides of the fence, first as a disability judge for the Social Security Administration and now as a private attorney protecting the rights of citizens to obtain the full benefits they deserve.

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Social Security Pay Calendar For 2022

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Who Is Exempt From Paying Social Security Tax

Certain individuals may claim an exemption and not be required to pay Social Security taxes. Some religious groups that openly oppose Social Security benefits may claim a religious exemption. Non-resident aliens may be exempt depending on their type of visa. Students working at their university may be exempt. Last, workers for a foreign government may be exempt under certain circumstances. If you believe you may fall into one of these groups, consult your tax advisor.

Five Ways Social Security Will Be Changing In 2022

There are 5 significant ways Social Security will be changing in 2022. What you need to know.


By now, you have probably heard that every day 10,000 or so baby boomers are turning 65. The Coronavirus may have pushed millions of Americans to retire earlier than expected. Some of you reading this have already entered retirement. I’ve been helping with people’s retirement planning long enough to know that many of you are likely counting the days until you reach financial freedom and can leave the full-time workforce. For many, Social Security benefits will be a significant part of their income in retirement. With that in mind, it is essential to know how Social Security will be changing for 2022.

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Age Of Disabled And Retired Workers 19602021

The average age of disabled-worker beneficiaries in current-payment status declined between 1960, when DI benefits first became available to persons younger than age 50, and 2021. In 1960, the average age of a disabled worker was 57.2 years. The rapid drop in average age in the following years reflects a growing number of awards to workers under 50. By 1995, the average age fell to a low of 49.8, but by 2021, it rose to 55.3. By contrast, the average age of retired workers has changed little over time, rising from 72.4 in 1960 to 74.1 in 2021.

74.1 55.3

Basis For Eligibility And Age Of Recipients December 2021

Changes to Social Security benefits come 2022

Fourteen percent of SSI recipients received benefits on the basis of age and the rest qualified on the basis of disability. Thirty percent of the recipients were aged 65 or older. In the SSI program, a disabled recipient is still classified as disabled after reaching age 65. In the OASDI program, DI beneficiaries are converted to the retirement program when they attain FRA.

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Watch How Much You Earn In The Years Preceding Full Retirement

The SSA has imposed earning limits for individuals who have entered early and full retirement. Those limits, and the impact on your earnings, depend on how close you are to your full retirement age.

In 2022, an early retiree can make $19,560 in gross wages or net self employment earnings without penalty. Any overage will result in $1 deducted from the Social Security check for every $2 earned above this amount. Once you reach the year of your full retirement age, you can bring in $51,960 prior to the month of your full retirement birthday without penalty. For every $3 earned above this amount, the SSA will deduct $1 from your Social Security payment. These limits also affect the amounts family members can receive from your claim.

Once youve reached full retirement age, earnings do not impact your benefits.

Is A 401 Withdrawal Considered Income For Social Security

You dont have to pay Social Security taxes on a 401 withdrawal. A 401 withdrawal also generally wont affect your benefits.

A 401 withdrawal can increase your Adjusted Gross Income and potentially make your Social Security benefits taxable. Many people work with a financial planner to time their 401 withdrawals and when they start taking Social Security in order to minimize taxes.

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Minimize Withdrawals From Your Retirement Plans

Money that you pull from your traditional IRA or traditional 401 will count as income in the year that you withdraw it. So if you can minimize those withdrawals or even not withdraw that money at all, it will help you get close to the tax-free threshold. Of course, this may not be possible if youre forced to take a required minimum distribution that pushes you over the edge.

If youre not forced to take an RMD in a given year, consider taking money from your Roth IRA or Roth 401 instead and avoid generating taxable income.

Experienced Legal Counsel You Can Trust

Breaking Down Social Security Retirement Benefits by Age

Whatever your issue with SSDI or SSI, I can offer you sound answers based on decades of experience both hearing disability cases for the SSA and helping clients with their claims and appeals. Iâm here to help people receive the benefits they deserve when they need them.

If youâre located in or near Raleigh, North Carolina, or Roanoke Rapids, Fayetteville, or Greensboro, feel free to reach out to me with your disability claims issues at Lloyd King Law Firm PLLC.

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When Does A Senior Citizen On Social Security Stop Filing Taxes


The IRS typically requires you to file a tax return when your gross income exceeds the standard deduction for your filing status. These filing rules still apply to senior citizens who are living on Social Security benefits. However, if Social Security is your sole source of income, then you don’t need to file a tax return.

Key Takeaways

If the only income you receive is your Social Security benefits, then you typically don’t have to file a federal income tax return.

If you are at least 65, unmarried, and receive $14,250 or more in non-exempt income in addition to your Social Security benefits, you typically must file a federal income tax return .

If you are 65, married, and file a joint return with a spouse who is also 65 or older, you typically must file a return if your non-exempt income is $27,800 or more .

If the sum of half your Social Security plus your adjusted gross income plus your tax-exempt interest and dividends exceeds $25,000 for single filers , then a portion of your Social Security benefits are included in gross income and you might need to file a tax return.

Social Security Benefits In 202: How Much Will Your Benefits Increase

Social Security benefits have been helping retirees cover their retirement expenses for decades now. Officially known as the federal Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance program, Social Security is a federal program that offers retirement benefits to certain qualified retirees, disabled individuals, and their spouses and children. Social Security is the biggest benefits program in the world. President Franklin D. Roosevelt set up Social Security under the Social Security Act in 1935. The monthly average Social Security check was just about $22.60 then. In 2021, it is $1,565.

There are specific qualification criteria for Social Security benefits. You can qualify for these benefits if you are fully insured and have earned enough credits. These credits can be achieved on your income. They are also known as quarters and are awarded to you for every $1,470 that you earn. For every $1,470, you get one quarter. An individual can earn up to four credits or quarters in a year. In total, you would need 40 quarters to qualify for a Social Security benefits check in retirement. You can start receiving the benefits as soon as you reach the age of 62 years. However, if you wait to draw your check till the age of 70, you can get a higher check. To understand the benefits of delaying your Social Security checks in detail, get in touch with a professional financial advisor who may guide you on the same.

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Withdraw From Retirement Accounts Before Signing Up For Social Security

One way to lower your combined income is to start taking withdrawals from IRAs and 401s before you start collecting Social Security. You can begin taking penalty-free distributions as early as age 59 1/2 and even 55 in some cases. Theoretically, you could withdraw all of your retirement account money before you start collecting Social Security, but thats probably not the best long-term strategy if you want to live comfortably.

How Fica Tax Or Withholding Tax Are Calculated

Those Eligible For Social Security To See Near-6% Increase In Benefits In 2022

The amount of tax your employer withholds from your check largely depends on what you put on your Form W-4, which you probably filled out when you started your job. Here are some things to know:

  • Form W-4 asks about your marital status, dependents and other factors to help you calculate how much to withhold. The less you withhold, the less tax comes out of your paycheck.

  • What you put on your W-4 then gets funneled through something called withholding tables, which your employer’s payroll department uses to calculate exactly how much federal and state income tax to withhold.

  • You can change your W-4 at any time. Just , fill it out and give it to your human resources or payroll team.

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When Is Social Security Income Taxable

To determine when Social Security income is taxable, youll first need to calculate your total income. Generally, the formula for total income for this purpose is: your adjusted gross income, including any nontaxable interest, plus half of your Social Security benefits.

If youre married and filing jointly with your spouse, your combined incomes and social security benefits are used to figure your total income.

Then youll compare your total income with the base amounts for your filing status to find out how much of your Social Security income is taxable, if any.

Youll see that you fall into one of three categories. If your total income is:

  • Below the base amount, your Social Security benefits are not taxable.
  • Between the base and maximum amount, your Social Security income is taxable up to 50%.
  • Above the maximum amount, your Social Security benefits are taxable up to 85%.

Do These Changes Change Your Plans

As financial planners, we often advocate for not taking your Social Security benefits while youre still earning income, as you receive less than youre eligible to collect, but if you wait, your benefits will keep increasing for the years that you arent earning later.

While you can begin collecting Social Security at age 62 on a reduced benefit, you can wait as late as age 70 on a full benefit. If youre older than 70, theres no additional benefit to waiting, as youve already achieved the most benefit possible.

When youre determining when to take your own Social Security, there are many factors to consider, beyond your age and when you stop working. Take into account your investments and at what rate theyll be taxed, in addition to what other fixed incomes you may have during retirement.

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Social Security Benefits In 202: 5 Big Changes Retirees Should Plan For

Inflation has been sky-high over the last year, so its a good thing that the Social Security Administration is boosting its cost of living adjustment for benefit checks in 2023.

Its just one of many changes announced by Social Security recently.

Here are some key changes to Social Security happening next year and what you need to know.

The Framework For Income Taxes On Social Security Benefits

Social Security Benefits by AGI FF (07.20.2020)

The key to determining whether you’ll owe tax on a portion of your Social Security checks is what’s called provisional income. Take your gross income, add in tax-exempt interest, and then add one-half of your total Social Security payments for the year. If that figure is above $25,000 for singles or $32,000 for joint filers, you’ll potentially owe tax on at least part of what you get from Social Security.

Image source: Getty Images.

Exactly how much gets added is complicated, as it depends on how far your provisional income exceeds those thresholds. From $25,000 to $34,000 for singles and $32,000 to $44,000 for joint filers, the maximum included amount is 50% of your benefits. Above those higher thresholds, up to 85% of your benefits can get taxed.

So, with that background, here’s how you can ease the blow and pay less to the IRS.

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When Do I Pay Tax On Disability Benefits

The rules for determining whether federal tax is owed on LTD or STD income depend on two things:

  • Who paid the premiums you or your employer?
  • How were premiums paid with pre-tax dollars or after-tax dollars?

Generally speaking, the tax rules work like this: if your employer paid the premiums, then the income you get on disability is taxable. Likewise, if you paid the premiums with pre-tax dollars, then your disability income is also taxable. However, if you paid the premiums with after-tax dollars, then your disability income payments are free from federal taxes. In other words, the IRS either takes tax upfront , or they take tax on the back-end . That means:

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