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Make Wellness A Part Of Every Day

American Express Platinum “Hidden Benefits”

Our goal is to help you be more productive personally and professionally by providing the resources to save you time and energy. Our employees have the opportunity to take advantage of different wellness programs to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle: health risk assessments, employee fitness centers, fitness membership discounts, exercise classes and more.

Personal difficulties dont just affect you at home. American Nationals Employee Assistance Program offers you and members of your household a way to find solutions to the difficulties of daily life.

American Express Employment Benefits In 2022

May 6, 2022 by Ajah_Excel

American Express makes it easier, safer, and more rewarding for consumers and businesses to buy the things they need and merchants to sell their goods and services every day.

They are recognized as one of the best places to work in the world to keep its employees happy and support them in every aspect of their lives.

To this end, AMEX offers its employees an attractive range of comprehensive American Express Benefits and Perks that they can enjoy while working for the company. AMEX offers great AMEX employee discounts, AMEX Employee 401K benefits, multiple retirement plans, and many other perks

As a trading engine, American Express offers innovative payment, travel, and expense management solutions for individuals and companies of all sizes.

Most importantly, they help clients realize their dreams and aspirations through industry-leading benefits, access to unique experiences, business-driving insights, and global customer care. They enable their customers to do and achieve more.

Mental And Physical Wellness

Theres a growing trend towards supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. Thats why incorporating the following employee benefits packages and perks can be a great call for originations.

Theres a growing trend towards supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. Thats why incorporating the following employee benefits packages and perks can be a great call for originations, in developing their internal wellness program.

Supplemental Insurance

In the United States, there are 31 million people currently lacking health insurance. As an employer, you can consider offering supplemental insurance programs that can be offered at group rates to employees for pennies on the dollar, including spousal insurance, long-term care, disability, and more.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Healthy employees have been shown to be more satisfied and productive in their work. So, it stands to reason that employers would do well to provide their staff with health and wellness benefits, such as offering corporate gym memberships or even hosting in-office or virtual fitness initiatives like yoga, mindfulness, or fitness classes.

Transgender-Inclusive Healthcare Benefits

One of the key aspects of a successful health benefits program is inclusivity. Employees who are transgender may have medical costs that arent covered by some insurance companies. Offering health plans with transgender-inclusive benefits can help reduce the cost and stress of going to the doctor.

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Health Insurance Gives Employees A Safety Net

Health insurance, including vision and dental, is a very desirable workplace benefit. And no wonder health care can be costly and those costs can add up quickly. Health insurance not only provides financial protection for serious accidents or injuries, but it can also encourage better self-care practices and reduce mental stress by taking some of the financial considerations out of health decisions.

For larger companies, offering some form of health insurance is pretty universal. But for businesses with fewer than 100 employees, its much less of a given. If youre a small business owner, that makes offering health insurance a compelling recruiting and retention differentiator.

There are also regulatory reasons to consider regarding health insurance. The Affordable Care Act requires companies with 50 or more full-time employees to provide health insurance. For ACA purposes, the IRS defines full-time as working at least 30 hours per week. If youre a fast-growing company under that threshold, making the upfront investment now could save you from having to scramble for coverage later on.

The Top American Express Employee Benefits

Employee Compensation and Benefits Template Total Rewards

Today, American Express employs over 84,000 employees worldwide. Their employee benefits and perks have made them an attractive choice for anyone looking to enter the financial services industry.

To get an idea of what makes them so competitive, here are their top four industry-leading benefits and perks:

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Giving Back: Community Service

At American National, we believe in making the world a better place, starting with our local communities. We offer different ways for employees to donate time and money to local civic groups and organizations. We are proud supporters of United Way and hold fundraisers for the organization that sponsors so many of the organizations dear to our hearts

Support With Financial And Retirement Planning

Retirement Savings Plan plan), with a 6% business adjustment and voluntary profit-sharing after six months of service Access to a financial coach at no cost to the colleague all colleagues are entitled to a bonus in the form of incentive awards at the end of the year.

Depending on the plan chosen, the benefits described apply to US employees only and include only certain highlights of some of the companys benefit plans.

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A Retirement Plan Sets Employees Up For The Future

Health care is the keystone of your overall benefits package. But while offering health insurance eases your employees concerns about what could come today, retirement plans address their futures.

Worries that they won’t be able to retire comfortably have long run deep for Americans. Today the global pandemic appears to have deepened these anxieties. More than half of Americans say that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased concerns about achieving financial security in retirement, according to a 2021 report from the National Institute on Retirement Security.

As an employer, offering a retirement plan bolsters employees confidence in their future and your company. And compared to most other benefits, retirement plans are pretty customizable. Adding features like profit sharing and employer matching can make your 401 plan even more attractive. Perks like these also come with employer tax benefits, as matches are 100% tax-deductiblemaking them a great alternative to bonuses and other cash rewards. All of this makes offering a retirement plan a solid 2nd step for companies looking to expand their total rewards package.

What Youll Need To Work At Home For American Express

American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX) Employee Benefits | Benefit Overview Summary

Youll need not only a home office setup, but high levels of professionalism and customer care abilities. American Express customers expect a certain level of support, and the more youre able to satisfy them, the better youll do at the job. Your job is to be friendly, helpful, and creative.

Youll need the typical home office setup to work with American Express, including a dedicated landline and Internet connection just for work. But dont worry theyll also cover the costs related to these!

Family Care Made Easy

No review of the American Express benefits and perks would be complete without mentioning their industry-leading family care. From caring for the old to the young, AMEX knows that family life is a powerful driving force that can easily influence an employeeâs performance.

New parents can expect to get 20 weeks of paid time off for both mom and dad. Returning to work is also easy, as AMEX offers access to backup childcare. Employees also access a free lactation support program and make use of free personal concierge specialists.

As for looking after older family members, AMEX has an eldercare program to help employees look after their more senior family members. The company ensures that employees concentrate on work and deliver their best every day by looking after their families.

Why Amex Employee Benefits

American Express knows that by incorporating different individuals with different ideas, perspectives and opinions it will help to improve their work environment, allowing employees to feel appreciated and engaged, which allows them to achieve their potential to the fullest extent.

American Express their employees as they know sure that the well-being of their employees and financial security are a significant factor in their business.

AMEX offers a range of benefits for team members to enhance your financial, physical and mental well-being, and help you manage your work and personal life.

In addition to the company-paid life insurance, as well as personal accident and life coverage, the following benefits are available to staff members at AMEX.

American Express: Work From Home With Benefits

American Express is a credit card unlike no other. They pride themselves on fantastic customer service, among other things, and they have a solid reputation for being excellent service providers. They have a robust, 24-hour concierge service for their members to help with things like trip planning, getting hard-to-get tickets, finding alternatives when plans fall through, and more.

What you might not realize about American Express is that these concierge services are some of the many roles that American Express hires out to remote employees. And in addition to customer care, theyll hire at-home workers to work in their Travel Agent roles.

If youre looking for a new work-at-home job with a solid company that has a great reputation, youll love learning about this opportunity!

Pillars Of A Robust Employee Benefits Package

Benefit : American Express Membership Rewards 2014

COO, Guideline


Offering your employees health care, a retirement plan and paid time off can go a long way in driving workplace satisfaction and employee retention.

The past year and a half has seen a surge in people looking for help with self-care, financial wellness and work-life balance. To face these challenges, employees have turned to their employers for support, and for the most part, companies are answering the call. A 2020 study by Darwin Technologies Ltd., which gathered responses from 542 HR and reward professionals across the globe, found that nearly three-quarters of employers spent at least 16% of overall wage bill on employee benefits, as compared to 56% the previous year. The diversity of offerings companies are now including is just as impressivein addition to traditional health, dental and vision insurance, companies are offering paid parental leave, gym stipends, fertility benefits, student loan assistance and more.

While startups and small businesses dont have the budgets to offer every perk under the sun, they know benefits drive workplace satisfaction and retention. That means its critical to provide robust benefits to your current employees and to lay the foundation for future growth. Your company’s benefits package should include three pillars: health care, a retirement plan and paid time off.

Monetary And Material Employee Benefits Packages And Perks

Sometimes, the most valuable employee benefits packages and perks come in the form of monetary compensation or material items.

Recognition, Gifts, and Rewards

After a tough year, its more important than ever to reinforce your appreciation for your staff and all of their hard work. One great way to do this is to focus on employee recognition, gifts, and rewards. If youd like to learn more about how to do this, we created a comprehensive Online Guide: Why Employee Recognition Matters and How You Can Provide It.

Retirement Savings Plan Matching

As full pensions continue to become a rarity in the North American work force, more and more employees are contending with the idea of having to fund their own retirement. As an employer, anything you can do to help them get there will go a long way in retaining your people. For example, a tax-advantaged 401 plan can be an excellent way to motivate employees to save for retirement. Offering to match contributions up to a certain amount is a big plus in the eyes of workers and can encourage them to stick with your firm.

Student Loan Repayment Assistance

Performance Bonuses

Stock, Stock Options, or Equity

While this may not be applicable for all organizations, its extremely beneficial to those that can. Thats because offering stock options and equity give employees a sense of ownership in the success of the business and bolsters the emotional connection between your team and their work.

What Is It Like To Work At American Express

At American Express, colleagues have access to world-class leadership and learning experiences, the opportunity to create a unique career shaped by their talent and curiosity, and the ability to connect with great leaders and employees.

All of this, combined with extensive benefits, makes American Express a unique place to join, stay and develop professionally.

Whether someone is a technical software engineer, a sales or service professional, or a creative marketer, American Express offers a variety of positions in many different career areas.

American Express Employee Benefits Perks Review American Express Employee Discounts 2022

American Express Employee Discounts 2022 American Express is considered one of the finest places to work worldwide as they want to satisfy its employees providing support in every aspect of their life. Check Amex Confirm Card guide.

In order to do so, AMEX offers an attractive range of comprehensive American Express Employee Benefits and Perks for its staff to enjoy while working for the company.

AMEX offers great AMEX Employee Discounts, AMEX Employee 401 K Benefits, several retiree plans, and many other perks which are explained below.

AMEX employees can access all company offered American Express Employee Benefits by registering at the AMEX network, official AMEX employee portal with other business data on their fingertips

Popular Employee Benefits:

So, if youre an employee at American Express, check below what Employee Discount benefits do American Express employees get?

What Is American Express

American Express Platinum Card Unboxing and Benefits 2021

American Express is a global service company that offers its customers exceptional access to products, insights, and experiences that enrich life and increase business success.

American Express Co. is one of the leading financial services companies in America known for providing great financial services including credit cards, travelers checks, etc.

It was founded in 1850 and is now headquartered at 200 Vesey Street in New York City.

American Express Co. employs around 59,000 people worldwide to keep its business running.

American Express Employee Discounts 2022

American Express Offers is a program that saves you money or redeems you points on shopping, dining and more.

You can select offers from brands you love and gain discounts in the form of statement credits on your account or as extra points counted to the rewards to the account associated with your Card account.

American Express Offers is available on your americanexpress.com account or within the Amex app for Android and iPhones.

Select the Amex offers you like to add to your Card, then use your Card to pay and see the savings or points add up on your statement. Its simple and free. Check Here Amex Discount & Offers.

Reasons Why It Might Not Be Right For Everyone

The primary reason why working for American Express might not work for you is if theres a geography requirement that you cant meet. As with most employee positions, there are usually some state restrictions. That being said, each position may have different location or time zone requirements so please read through the listings carefully.

If youre absolutely opposed to sales of any sort, you may hesitate at this opportunity. You may also be required to meet specific metrics each week or month, so if you dont like accountability, you might not like this.

The trade-off of the great employee benefits package is that this is a true full-time job. Schedules are fixed and youll need to have availability at any time of day, including nights and weekends. Your schedule will be fixed until the next shift bid opens, at which time you may be able to land a shift that works better for you.

The other trade-off youll need to make for working at home as a full-time employee is that you may end up working some weekends and holidays. Customers need assistance every day, after all, and American Express is committed to being there for them.

Your home office will be audited by American Express before you can begin working, so if you truly arent set up with an appropriate work area that can be distraction-free, this wont be the right job for you.

Work At Home As A Travel Agent With American Express

Officially the job title for American Express travel agents is the American Express Travel Counselor. The travel agent positions are a fairly typical at-home travel agent position, but within the framework of American Expresss standards and structure.

The first thing you should know about being an American Express Travel Counselor specifically is that youll be required to live in the Mountain, Pacific, or Hawaii time zones.

As an American Express Travel Counselor, your job is to take customer calls and help them create their dream travel experiences. Youll be booking hotels, rentals, and flights, but youll also be working one-on-one with each customer to help them make fantastic vacation plans that they might not be able to coordinate themselves.

Because American Express offers such high-end travel services to their members, their requirements for getting started arent entry-level. Youll need some travel work history to qualify the preferred qualification is two years of experience, minimum. Other qualifications include previous call center experience, sales experience, and familiarity with programs like Sabre and GDS. Youll also need to be able to connect with your callers and build rapport with them. Its part of the brand!

This job is ideal for someone who loves travel. If you have travel experience, love reading travel blogs and magazines, and are interested in being able to take your own trips as often as possible , this job is practically made for you.

Paid Time Off Gives Employees Valuable Time Away

American Express Employee Benefits and Perks (Complete Guide)

The third pillar in your benefits package is vacation time, or simply paid time off. This benefit can take many forms and is not required by the federal or state governments, but it can have a huge impact on employees mental health and job performance.

The most traditional method is to offer each employee a certain amount of vacation days, sick days and personal days. This tends to leave some unused days on the table, which is why some companies have decided to lump them all together under the umbrella term paid time off. This option gives employees a little more flexibility in how they spend their paid days away from the office. An increasingly popular variation of this is unlimited paid time off. This option can empower employees to manage their personal workload, and can be yet another recruitment and retention tool for employers.

No matter what type of PTO policy you implement, the most important thing is to encourage employees to use it. Leading by example, implementing company-wide breaks and incentivizing employees can all help people take much needed breaks. After all, if people arent taking time off to unplug and recharge, then neither your company or your employees are benefiting.

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