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Direct Hire Authority Announcement

Permanent Position

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla District,

Engineering and Construction Division

Position Title: Student Trainee GS-0899-04

Appointment Type: Term Appointment not to Exceed 13 months, may be extend and/or converted to career or career conditional

Promotion potential: GS-0810-11

Open Announcement Dates: Apr 22, 2019 to May 2, 2019

Duty Station: Walla Walla, Washington

Relocation Expenses Authorized: No

Who May Apply: Students who are eligible for participation in the Department of the Army Internship Program

  • Position is open to current students pursuing a qualifying degree or certificate in an accredited high school, college professional, technical, vocational, and trade school advanced degree programs or other qualifying educational institution on at least a half-time basis . Short-term training programs are not considered an academic course of study.
  • Internship for current students in good standing at an accredited education.

For this internship, you must be able to work full-time or part-time schedules.

This intern position is designed to prepare a student trainee for employment after graduation as a GS-11 Civil Engineer. Interns will be assigned tasks designed to increase familiarity with the target occupation in a real world work environment.

This opportunity follows a standard promotional path:

The application package will be submitted via email to



Conditions of Employment:

How To Join The Army Corps Of Engineers

There are active efforts to hire new employees for USACE. The jobs available are listed on the federal governments hiring site, USAJobs.gov.

Those hired by the agency may be offered education benefits, professional and leadership development, continuing education, and mentoring programs. Civilian career options in USACE include the following career field codes and job titles:

  • 1170, Realty Specialists
  • 5426, Lock and Dam Operators

The USACE official site advises job seekers to go to USAJOBS, search for jobs there, and apply by agency, job description, or location. Applicants must have a current resume in USAJOBS before applying.

Similar Designation Salaries At Indian Army Corps Of Engineers

  • Contribute and earn exciting rewards

Work Satisfaction

An honour to serve the best organization one could dream of, the bonhomie,commadire, esprit de corps, with the theme- Izzat,nam,nishan, inculcated in “every individual with punctuality,courteousness,self devotion and dedication with commitment.Trained guided and taught to be in One great family, every individual is felt as member of the team, hence- locality integrity is imbided,no one leaves this great organization till Regards,Jai Hind…”

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Army Corps Of Engineers Campgrounds & Outdoor Recreation Areas

USACE provides access to campgrounds and outdoor recreation at more than 400 lake and river projects in 43 states. Access to the recreation is open to everybody. Free or discounted access is available to active duty military, disabled veterans, retired military, seniors and others.

Activities For All Ages Include:

What Is The Army Corps Of Engineers

corps oldest employee to retire at 90 years of age u s army corps U.S. Army Corps …’ alt=’Corps’ oldest employee to retire at 90 years of age > U.S. Army Corps …’/>

USACE is a federal public engineering, design, and management agency under DoD jurisdiction. Its primary mission is related to flood protection, canals, and dams, but it also undertakes public works projects outside the United States.

USACE is a major Army command tasked with responsibility over the following areas:

  • Designing, building, and operating locks and dams
  • Design and construction management for the U.S. military and government agencies
  • Environmental regulation
  • Ecosystem restoration

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is organized into eight regions in the United States. There are also provisional organizations including a provisional region and a provisional district. The eight permanent regions include:

  • Great Lakes and Ohio River Division in Cincinnati.
  • Mississippi Valley Division in Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • North Atlantic Division at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, New York
  • Northwestern Division in Portland, Oregon
  • Pacific Ocean Division at Fort Shafter, Hawaii
  • South Atlantic Division in Atlanta
  • South Pacific Division in San Francisco
  • Southwestern Division in Dallas

There is also a Transatlantic Division in Winchester, Virginia, which supports federal programs overseas.

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A Brief History Of The Us Army Corps Of Engineers

The earliest organization of Army engineers dates all the way back to 1775, and Army engineers have served on the front lines for all American conflicts ever since. But it would be another few years until the Army established the Corps of Engineers in a formal capacity.

On March 16, 1802, the Corps of Engineers became a separate and permanent part of military service at the same time in history these engineers were tasked with building West Point, the Armys four-year federal service academy.

The Army Corps of Engineers motto is ESSAYONS which is a French phrase meaning Let us try. This is a nod French engineers who aided the Americans during the Revolutionary War.

Public Works And Mission Readiness

The Corps Of Engineers meets a need to have military construction, waterway management, disaster recovery, and expertise in these areas simultaneously with a public works-type vision supplementing mission-readiness and adding a humanitarian aspect to the mission of USACE.

From the earliest days of the Corps, public works projects and readiness went hand-in-hand. USACE mapped the western lands of early America, build lighthouses, explored and mapped waterways, and much more.

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Floods, Earthquakes, And USACE

World War Two And Beyond

The 1980s And Beyond

  • Hurricane Andrew
  • Missouri flooding
  • Northridge California earthquake

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