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Banner Health Employee Benefits 2022

Our Plan Options Mean Employers Save More

UT System 2022-23 Employee Benefits Guide for New Employees

If youre a Small Group employer, you could save your employees up to 17 percent* a year over Aetna Funding Advantage® broad network plans.

If youre a Large Group employer, you could save your employees up to 14 percent* a year over broad network plans.

*Actual results may vary. Comparison is to Aetnas broad network plans. Actual savings may be less.

The Scope Of Banner Health Services

Banner Health also provides athletes with their particular conditions and needs as their individual program called Banner Orthopedics & Sports Medicine: Caring for Professional and Collegiate Athletes. Under the athlete program, sportspeople are inspected and diagnosed by world-class doctors and caregivers to have their chance at excelling. Whether it is the case of overcoming an injury or surviving a rigorous season, Banner Health Sports Medicine Service and Orthopedics Team can offer supreme service.

Especially Banner Health provides quality services like Telehealth and gives patients access to healthcare online from doctors. They can have their symptoms diagnosed online. On another note, Banner Health has also offered special care and services during the COVID-19 Pandemic, from doing tests, and serving patients to vaccination.

Work Tools For Banner Health Employees:

For the comfort of their employees, Banner Health offers them specific tools to ease their work and improve their productivity. These tools greatly help the employees and are easy to use and contribute to the smooth-running of Banner Health, and they can be found on the Employees Resources Page.

Some of the frequent and efficient work tools used by Banner Health Employees are-

  • Banner Email:Banner Email services help employees connect with each other and the patients and the customers. They can access their company email containing their companys domain from the official website at Banner Email.
  • Employee Website:Employee Website or intranet of their employees establishes a safe and secure way for them to contact each other and share work information. Also, for a particular situation like wellness or sickness, they can get the support and help they need from their co-workers and colleagues with the help of a secure network. To access the intranet of Banner Health employees, they can visit at Employee Website.
  • Workforce Central:Employees can access their scheduling information and time cards here. To access this tool, visit- Workforce Central.
  • MyHR-Workday:The website, which records and tracks every employees personal record for them, gives the employees a great advantage of accessing their data from anywhere and anyhow. To log in to this work tool, visit MyHR-Workday.

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Employee Benefits Law Definition

Employee Sick Leave High Res Illustrations

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Advantages And Benefits Of Being A Banner Health Employee:

If you are already a Banner Health Employee, then congratulations! Banner Health believes that its employees are the main force behind its excellent patient caregiving and awards its employees various advantages within the company and marvelous career opportunities.

Banner Health believes in the welfare of its employees as they implore them to work their best, stay connected, and flourish their skills all at once. They also encourage them to gain field experience as much as possible. Banner Health sponsors and runs a research center for cancer in Arizona, so they welcome innovative talent from their employees to make healthcare easy and accessible to all.

If you are a Banner Health employee, you will get the resources mentioned below-

Take Advantage Of The Perks Of Being A Partner Employee

Reduced Tuition

University of Arizona Application fee waiver and special tuition reduction for all employees

Tuition Reimbursement

Ability to utilize tuition reimbursement through ‘s education assistance program

Based on Your Schedule

Take classes based on your schedule from any location

Same Degree

Same University of Arizona degree as on-campus students

Same Resources

Access to campus resources including the library, tutors, and academic skills coaching

Dedicated Support

A dedicated Corporate Academic Partner for all employees

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Your Education Partnership With Arizona Online

Arizona Online education benefits

to spouses, domestic partners and dependents.

Best Online Bachelor’s Program in the Nation

– U.S. News & World Report, 2022

Fill out the form below to verify your employment or dependent status, unlock your exclusive partnership benefits and connect with your dedicated enrollment counselor.

Our Virtual Care Solution

2022 Future of Benefits Study | The Hartford

Health care is complicated. Banner|Aetna members want health care options that support their busy and connected lives leveraging technology and innovation is important to meeting these changing expectations. That’s why Banner|Aetna has introduced a new virtual care solution, delivered by 98point6. Integrated with your employee’s health plan, 98point6 is on-demand, text-based primary care thats delivered via secure, in-app messaging.

With 98point6, your employees have 24/7 access to U.S.-based, board-certified doctors who can answer questions, diagnose and treat, outline care options, order prescriptions and labs as appropriate and refer members to specialists and resources in their Banner|Aetna network, all through the convenience of one app.

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Choosing Banner Health To Kickstart Your Career:

Banner Health believes that to provide first-class services to its customers, first, they need to take care of its employees to ensure the smooth running of the company. Thats why Banner Health offers its employees three main advantages of working in this non-profit organization-

  • Employee Amenities-Flexible hours, competitive pay, and benefits that meet their individual needs.
  • Flexible Locations-Banner Health stretches its territory across six states of the western USA, so employees can choose from an extended range of locations to work at.
  • Career Profiles- Banner Health has different positions for individuals starting at any form of their careers. No matter if you are a professional partitionist or at entry-level in caregiving, Banner Health wants you.

For more information on Banner Health Careers, visit Banner Health Careers.

Our Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program

Type 2 diabetes is a major health concern for a growing number of individuals and were here to help you address it. Banner|Aetna is now including the Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program through Virta Health in fully insured group plans. This offering has the potential to change your companys total cost of care and the health of your employees.

Among the services offered by Virta is a Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program, which includes support from a provider-based care team, nutritional therapy and coaching, and app-based resources. This protocol reduces blood sugar and A1c, supports weight loss, and eliminates diabetic medications. Self-Insured groups can also opt-in to these Banner|Aetna transformative treatment programs through Virta. Please contact your Banner|Aetna Account Manager to discuss options.

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What Is Banner Health

Banner Health is a non-profit health organization based in Arizona in the USA. Banner Health has over 30hospitals in the sixstates of the USA, employing around 50,000people and thus becoming the largest employer company in the USA.

In 1999, Banner Health was created due to a merger between Lutheran Health Systems and Samaritan Health System. It reported assets of $11.6billion and revenues of $7.8 billion for the previous year in 2018.Banner Health offers services like-

  • Emergency and hospital care

Banner Health has a vast area of expertise in the area of healthcare. It has branches of the hospital all over six states, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota, and it has its sole headquarters in Pheonix. Banner Health has a $90 million Cancer Center in Gilbert, Arizona. For more, visit Banner Healths official website Banner Health.

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