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Benefits Of Employee Engagement Surveys

Take Action When It Matters

Employee Engagement Best Practices for 2021

Leaders can take action in small, cost-effective ways to engage their employees and improve morale, such as through conversation and opportunities to balance work and life.

Around 99 percent of meetings waste time, so take action as needed. Allow employees to think aloud in conferences and even be a little late, but start the session. When you have a strong work culture, employees and leaders collaborate and co-create to produce real-time, meaningful results.

Insight Into Your Workforce

Recently there has been a move away from employee satisfaction surveys and toward employee engagement surveys. Satisfied employees may be less likely to leave a company, which will result in lower hiring and training costs but engaged employees will put forth greater effort at work . So, whos on your team? Are they aligned with your mission, vision, and values? Are you likely to be getting their very best effort or the bare minimum it takes to get the job done? Questions within our survey will investigate alignment and provide concrete data about the current state of your employees hearts and minds.

How To Improve Your Employee Net Promoter Score

Taking the proper steps to understand and measure employee net promoter score has significant value, and it helps decision-makers address employees’ concerns and foster more promoters. Here are some tips that will help you to improve your employee net promoter score.

  • Collaborate with senior leaders, as teamwork always starts at the top, and everyone should be more committed to continuous improvement. Ensure you are ready to invest in your training, culture, and recruitment, which will lead you a long way.
  • Assure your employees that their feedback is completely anonymous and safe to provide. Working with a third-party company to implement an employee net promoter score helps since failure to provide anonymity leads to employees not providing the right or accurate information.
  • Track your reputation on all available platforms since employees, or former employees often write reviews on sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, , Comparably, Vault, and Careerbliss. The reviews might be an eye-opener for you!
  • Cultivate an environment where your employees provide input and comfortable sharing feedback, like anonymous employee opinion surveys, and make sure you are transparent about the results.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate your employees for going above and beyond in simple methods, such as responding to their feedback and taking appropriate actions, which are some best ways to cultivate workplace satisfaction.
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    What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Employee Surveys

    In todays fast-paced healthcare environment, it can be challenging to stay abreast of staffs evolving needs. But thats where employee surveys come in. The ability to understand and respond to these needs is just one of the major benefits of employee surveys.

    In a large business, it can be hard to get one-on-one feedback from everyone. Informal check-ins are important, but it isnt always easy to identify trends in conversations. Surveys can help you see these trends more clearly. They can offer employees a chance to freely express how they feel about management, and speak about concerns and suggestions in a confidential channel.

    Remember, a survey is just a beginning. Its important to take action from what youve learned.

    The Purpose Of An Employee Engagement Survey

    HR Law and Legislation Archives

    Do you know what Cheryl in the accounts department or Ben in sales need to feel motivated, happy and healthy at work? Probably not. However, Cheryl and Ben might not even know this themselves.

    The purpose of an employee engagement survey is to uncover exactly what those innate needs are among your people and how to help them thrive at work.

    Gather open and honest feedback

    An employee engagement survey allows open and honest feedback between employers and staff. It provides an opportunity for direct communication about where your organisation is succeeding and where more support is needed.

    But importantly, running an employee engagement survey tells your people that their voice matters. However, it is vital that you act on survey results swiftly so participants believe that their voice matters. This makes your employees feel like active participants in the development and future direction of your organisation.

    Measure key metrics

    What does an engaged employee look like in your company? The primary purpose of an employee engagement survey is to tell you i) who is meeting your engagement goal, and ii) what you need to do to help the people who arent.

    But what key metrics should you use? Maslows hierarchy of needs model tells us we must satisfy five areas to grow as a person. These areas are:

  • Physiological needs
  • Self-actualisation
  • Drive cultural change and development

    Evaluate progress

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    % Of Employees Consider Recognition The Most Important

    One study asked what would be the most important thing a manager or a company could do that would help the employee be successful and 37 percent the majority cited recognition as the most important method of support.

    Other solutions lag far behind 12 percent want more autonomy, 12 percent more inspiration, 7 percent more pay, 6 percent more training and 4 percent a promotion. This means over a third of the workforce need first and foremost to be recognized.

    According to a survey on rewarding and recognition, 43 percent prefer to receive recognition privately on a one on one with a manager, 10 percent would prefer to receive recognition publicly in front of their peers, and 9 percent would prefer recognition privately, in written form.

    Taking employees for granted is a surefire way to drop down the levels of employee engagement.

    Instead, you need to make sure that your employees feel heard and valued. Recognition leads to increased motivation, a sense of pride and to increased self-confidence at work, which in turn increase employee initiatives and taking responsibility of ones own work product.

    A recent report shows that 84% of highly engaged employees were recognized the last time they went above and beyond at work compared to only 25% of actively disengaged employees.

    A company that actively recognizes and rewards their employees is more likely to see increased levels of accountability, responsibility and leadership initiatives.

    About The Global Employee Engagement Index

    The Global Employee Engagement Index is an extensive longitudinal employee survey conducted across 56 countries with over 18,000 respondents. Employees answer numerous questions related to engagement including commitment well-being, alignment to organizational goals, leadership, future intentions and role clarity. It provides a comprehensive benchmark for multinationals and solves the dependency that organizations currently have on reference company benchmarks. It does this by ensuring the data remains accurate and a uniform point of reference for the entire survey journey.

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    Do Surveys Improve Employee Engagement

    Conducting employee engagement surveys shows you care about your peopleâs workplace experience and helps uncover valuable insights. But improving engagement doesnât end with surveys you must turn survey results into action.

    Leapsomeâs employee engagement surveys simplify the setup process and help you put results into action with state-of-the-art analytics, data-backed insights, and an easy-to-understand dashboard.

    ð Want to uncover hidden drivers of employee engagement?Leapsomeâs employee engagement survey tool helps businesses take the pulse of their company culture with its easy-to-set-up surveys and powerful insights.

    Exactly What You Need To Achieve Your Employee Engagement Goals

    The Benefits of Employee Engagement

    Own employee engagement

    A consolidated system lets you save on costs and streamline your approach to employee feedback.

    Turn insights into actions

    Visualize where your organization needs help, and deploy the resources needed to improve productivity and culture.

    Empower employees

    Proven, pre-populated templates let you build, communicate and send surveys to give employees a voice with just a few clicks.

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    What Is An Employee Survey

    An employee survey is a tool that employers can use to measure workers satisfaction, identify problems, or predict turnover rates. One of the benefits of employee surveys is that they are endlessly customizable. You can utilize them in different ways to understand different aspects of your employees and company.

    Improved Hiring Practices One Of The Top Benefits Of Engagement Surveys

    Department managers and Human Resources departments sometimes assume that employees who do not perform to their capabilities represent an engagement problem when it truly represents a hiring issue. A common mistake during the interview process is for the recruiter or manager to place too much emphasis on the candidates experience, education, and relevant skills for the position. However, interviewees can check all the right boxes and still be a poor fit for the position and company.

    Employees whose values and work ethic align closely with the employers vision typically demonstrate certain behavioral and personality traits early in the interview process. Small and mid-sized businesses can obtain valuable data from employee engagement surveys by detecting patterns among the responses of top performers. The company can then use this information to help structure the interview process and facilitate future hiring practices. The result is candidates that fit in well with the company culture.

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    Satisfied Employees Become Ambassadors/advocates

    Happy employees become great marketers for your company. By using employee satisfaction surveys, it is possible to measure the eNPS of the employees in the company. If the eNPS is high, chances are that the workers are doing a fair bit of marketing for your company, for free!

    This is great in more than one way. Satisfied employees are more likely to share company content on their personal social media pages during out-of-office hours and talk favorably about their workplace, which will increase the chances of attracting both new customers and new, top-tier talent that can help propel your company forward.

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    Best Questions To Ask

    EXCLUSIVE: 66% measure employee engagement through annual surveys

    As we mentioned in our post on employee engagement surveys, how you phrase questions is equally as important as the topic. But what exactly do I mean by this? Well…

  • Keep questions short and concise: Avoid long-winded questions with multiple parts. Keep it short so people understand exactly what they are being asked.
  • Avoid irrelevant questions: This should go without saying but remember this is about benefits, so keep it on topic.
  • Add in some open-ended questions: Scales and ratings are great but asking people for their honest opinion can turn out to be a treasure trove of good information.
  • Remember you dont have to use these examples word for word if you dont feel they are applicable to your situation. Feel free to adjust them as needed.

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    What Is The Purpose Of An Employee Engagement Survey

    Megan Thompson · September 9, 2021

    Its very likely that at some point in your career youve participated in one, but have you wondered what is the purpose of an employee engagement survey? Unfortunately, it is rarely made clear to employees, and often results in lower participation rates and a lack of confidence in their organisation.

    The importance of employee engagement in a hybrid working environment is clear. But while mental health first-aiders, wellbeing initiatives and EAPs can be of great help to employees, they often treat the symptoms not the cause of disengagement.

    Benefits Of Engagement Surveys

    Regularly measuring employee satisfaction and collecting feedback empowers your company to make more informed decisions about how to attract, develop, and keep top-performing talent. By prioritizing engagement and constantly working to improve it, your team can build a workplace where happy employees feel supported and set up for success. Here are seven reasons employee engagement surveys are so critical to your business.

    Engagement surveys can help:

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    Be Mindful Of Your Survey Length

    The length of your survey usually determines the time it will take your employees to complete it. It also sets the tone for how much feedback youll need to act on.

    The most effective employee engagement surveys include 30-40 questions. This length allows you to cover all necessary topics without taking up too much of your employees time.

    The Role Of Internal Communications In Employee Engagement

    Employee Satisfaction Survey | Employee experience survey | Employee survey | Engagement survey

    The very first thing you need to take a look at when it comes to improving employee engagement is your internal communication.

    Indeed, your internal communication strategy is one of the key drivers of employee engagement.

    When a company has a great internal communications strategy in place, employees feel more informed, secure and motivated to achieve the companys goals.

    Whats more, effective internal communications lower frustration in the workplace, which is strongly connected with employee engagement.

    Think about it: the typical knowledge worker spends 2.5 hours a day searching for information. When key information is missing, employees need to look for it by themselves. They end up browsing their Intranets and G-Drives for hours and calling their colleagues for help.

    At the end of the end, poor internal communication leads to employee frustration and lower productivity in the workplace. So, before you start planning your next employee engagement strategy, start with your internal communication!

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    The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Employee Engagement Surveys

    As an employee, filling out employee engagement surveys can feel a lot like engaging in a heavy hint session with your significant other in the lead up to a big birthday or an important anniversary.

    You keep pointing them in the right direction of that thing you really, really want, but you can never quite be sure if you will wake up on the day to find that #blessed gift youve been eyeing, or something else entirely.

    If only there was a way to just, like, tell them, right?

    As an employer, your goal should be to tailor employee engagement surveys that provide your team with the opportunity to do just that. It can be awkward to point out issues in the workplace, and there are still many employees who dont feel empowered to ask for what they need, so a survey is a great way to open the floor for honest feedback.

    Check out our YouTube channel for awesome videos on everything from the science of employee recognition to creating an internal communications strategy for enhanced engagement.

    The payoffs can be huge when you get it right.

    For instance, American credit union GTE Financial was able to improve the companys overall billing accuracy by 22% in the mid-1990s when a workplace survey revealed that the performance of its different billing operations was closely tied to the leadership style of each unit manager.

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    Request A Consultation With Axcet Hr Solutions Today

    Employee surveys are just one of many services our professional employer organization offers as part of organizational development and strategic planning. From helping small and mid-sized businesses create mission, value, and vision statements to compensation analysis and succession planning, our team is here to help smaller organizations in the Kansas City area grow and thrive. Please schedule a consultation to learn more about these and other Human Resources administrative support offered by Axcet HR Solutions.

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    What Is Employee Engagement

    Employee engagement is defined as the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel toward their work, team, and organization. Employee engagement measures how employees feel about their organization.

    Employee engagement is important to employee, team, and business success. It impacts key business metrics like employee retention, recruitment, productivity, and profitability.

    Responsive Customer Service And Tech Support

    Free Employee Engagement Surveys

    Your employee engagement survey vendor should be clear and responsive about progress on your launch, timeline, and questions or concerns along the way.

    Here are a few questions to use to evaluate your partner:

    • What kind of tech support do we receive?
    • Can we upgrade to additional support if we need it?
    • When I have a question, when should I expect a response?
    • Can my employees contact your support line if needed?

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    What To Do With The Results

    Your employee engagement survey has been sent out, the results are in. Now what? The next step in this employee engagement puzzle to analysis the results. Take a look at what people have said, any suggestions theyve made and if there are trends across the business. There might be something that multiple employees have mentioned in their survey. This will indicate either something youve done well or which things might need a little work. Prioritise any quick fixes within the business first that will help increase employee engagement and set up a plan of action for anything thats slightly more complicated or time-consuming.

    What Is The Purpose Of Employee Surveys

    Above all, the purpose of employee engagement surveys is to determine employee sentiment and attitude: their levels of motivation for and commitment to their work with you and their satisfaction with your organization and the environment it provides.

    Officevibe Pulse Surveys on feedback found that:

    • 37% of employees said they dont feel close with their manager
    • 31% of employees wish their manager communicated more frequently with them, and
    • a whopping 96% of employees said receiving regular feedback is a good thing

    Other Officevibe data shows that many workers want open communication with their companies leaders but dont often receive it, maybe because their supervisors are unaware of their communication needs.

    The results of anonymous feedback from employee engagement surveys can open managers eyes about how to establish quality communication with and between their team members.

    Think of these surveys as market research for your workplace, encouraging your workers to respond personally. Youll find that your employees feel heard, and youll be able to spot any potential discomfort before it becomes a problem.

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    Employee Engagement Survey Examples

    If youre looking for examples of the best employee engagement survey questions, check out the following resources:

    • Gallup5 has created a survey with 12 questions.
    • Gartner6 has identified nine questions to include in every employee engagement survey.
    • Survey Monkey7 has an employee engagement template.

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