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Does Bj’s Hire Felons

BJ’s Wholesale Club Self-Checkout

It is unclear if BJ’s hires felons. From our research, we have found mixed reports as to whether or not BJ’s hires felons.

While the company does not ask about criminal history in the job application, it does run a background check on all prospective employees, so be sure to be honest about any criminal history you may have.

Bjs Wholesale Club Employee Benefits Indeedcom

This company has everything going for it, good 401K, accrued paid time-off, decent hourly wage for work performed, annual raises, bonus pay for working Sundays and holidays, paid holidays , birthday bonus pay, lenient write-up policy, and decent hours for retail .-view all

Bjs Wholesale Club Employment Opportunities

BJs Wholesale Club offers a variety of careers for job seekers. You can search for what positions they currently have open from the BJs Wholesale Club Careers Page. Here are the descriptions of the three most common jobs BJs Wholesale Club hires for.


Cashiers are responsible for handling customer transactions at a store. This includes ringing up purchases, handling customer payments, and answering customer questions. Cashiers typically work in retail settings, such as grocery stores, department stores, and gas stations. No formal education is required to be a cashier, but basic math skills are necessary to complete transactions accurately. Cashiers typically receive on-the-job training.

Produce Clerk

Produce clerks work in grocery stores and other retail establishments, stocking shelves and selling fruits, vegetables, and other produce items. No formal education is required, but produce clerks must have basic math skills and knowledge of produce items. They must also be able to lift and carry heavy boxes of produce.

Deli Clerk

Deli clerks are responsible for preparing and serving food in a grocery store or other food retail setting. This can include making sandwiches, slicing meat and cheese, and running the deli counter. Deli clerks typically need a high school diploma or equivalent, and some on-the-job training is usually provided.

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Additional Information About Bjs Wholesale Club

Since 1996, BJs supports multiple schools across 15 states with an Adopt-A-School program. The mission of the program includes providing adopted schools with support in order to augment existing academic and extra-curricular programs and goals. Providing almost $2 million since inception, the wholesale retailer helps provide access to low-cost, high-quality supplies as well as promote events to encourage leadership and citizenship skill growth. In 2013, the retail department chain supported over 200 public elementary schools.

Bjs Wholesale Club Employee Benefits And Perks

Stores Closed On Thanksgiving Day

This company has everything going for it, good 401K, accrued paid time-off, decent hourly wage for work performed, annual raises, bonus pay for working Sundays and holidays, paid holidays , birthday bonus pay, lenient write-up policy, and decent hours for retail .-view all

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Bjs Wholesale Club Hiring Process

The hiring process at BJs Wholesale Club is relatively straightforward. After submitting an application online or in-person, candidates will typically receive a call from a recruiter to schedule a phone interview. If the phone interview goes well, the next step is usually an in-person interview with a manager.

Overall, the interview process is not too difficult, although some candidates report that the phone interview can be a bit challenging. The most important thing is to be prepared to answer questions about your customer service experience and why you want to work for BJs Wholesale Club.

Overall, the hiring process at BJs Wholesale Club is a positive experience. The company is known for being very organized and efficient, and they do a good job of keeping candidates updated throughout the process.

Restaurant Management And Restaurant Support Center Team Members

New managers and eligible dependents are eligible to enroll in our insurance programs the first day of the month following their 30th day of employment.

Medical Aetna PPO or CDHP with HSA

Dental Aetna DMO and Aetna DPPO*Please note, the DMO plan is not available in AL, AR, & LA due to network limitations.

Vision Vision Services Plan

Vacation Managers accrue 10 days of vacation each year during the first five years of employment, and fifteen days of vacation per year after the fifth year.

Other Benefit Offerings Health Care Flexible Spending Account * Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account * 401 Retirement Savings Plan with company match* Company paid Long-Term Disability Company-paid Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Supplemental Term Life and AD& D Insurance Whole Life Insurance Identity Theft Insurance Pet Insurance* Highly compensated team members are eligible for a Deferred Compensation Plan through The Newport Group instead of the 401 Plan and are not eligible for FSAs.

Give A Slice Program This is an entirely team member-funded program designed to assist team members in a time of tragedy or crisis.

AMP Honors Recognition and Reward This rewards and recognizes AMP participants who complete training in the top 10% of graduates.

Stock Ownership Program This offers real ownership for restaurant General Managers and Executive Kitchen Managers in the form of stock awards.

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Tips For Getting Hired

1. Showcase your customer service skillsBJs Wholesale Club places a high importance on excellent customer service. When applying for a job, be sure to highlight any customer service experience you have, whether it is from previous jobs or from other areas of your life.

2. Be able to lift heavy objectsMany of the positions at BJs Wholesale Club require the ability to lift heavy objects. If you are not physically able to lift heavy objects, you may not be able to be hired for the role you are interested in.

3. Have a flexible scheduleBJs Wholesale Club operates on a 24/7 basis, which means that there are always shifts available. The more flexible you are with your schedule, the more likely you are to be hired.

4. Highlight your teamwork skillsBJs Wholesale Club is a team-oriented environment, so it is important to highlight your teamwork skills when applying for a job. Be sure to mention any previous experience you have working as part of a team, and why you enjoyed it.

Does Bj’s Drug Test

Hiring Hampton Roads: BJ’s Wholesale Club

Yes, BJ’s drug tests. However, whether you are asked to do a pre-employment drug test largely depends on the position.

There is usually no pre-employment drug test, unless you’re applying to a management role, or warehouse position where you will need to operate a forklift. BJ’s uses a five-panel mouth-swab test, done on site or at a testing center.

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This Report Analyzes And Compares Bj’s Wholesale Club’s Employee Health Insurance And Employee Benefits With Its Industry And In Massachusetts State

Providing a smart employee benefits package is critical for attracting top talent and retaining valuable employees. Today, employee benefits play a vital role when candidates consider accepting a job offer.

Many companies offer today over-the-top perks, like yoga classes, haircuts, catered meals, and acupuncture. In this report, we focus however on traditional benefits. It’s a work in progress that we will expand and update on a regular basis.

Employee Benefits Law Definition

Pension and employee benefits law is a practice area for lawyers who counsel employers, boards of trustees, unions, and others on legal questions related to several different types of retirement and employee group benefit plans. The largest area of emphasis is on registered pension plans.

This area of law encompasses a wide spectrum of matters, including planning, drafting, and interpreting retirement plan documents, and assisting clients with ongoing administrative and compliance matters as well as litigation and dispute management. Lawyers also work closely with plan sponsors and administrators on fiduciary duties, tax compliance issues, and various issues related to plan investments. All of this requires working in the human resources area, but also dealing regularly with corporate finance and investment professionals and with government agencies, including the Canada Revenue Agency and various federal and provincial pension regulators.

Some lawyers focus on the litigation and dispute resolution side of pension and employee benefits law, specifically dealing with statutory, common law, and fiduciary duty claims affecting pension and employee benefit plans. They may act for plan members, unions, plan sponsors, administrators, trustees, or service providers. Some claims are framed as class actions or representative proceedings.

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Bjs Wholesale Club Job Opportunities

Entry-level employees enjoy competitive wages, flexible scheduling, and fast-paced work environments. BJs Wholesale Club seeks energetic, friendly, and team-oriented individuals to fill various customer-service positions at each location. Employees should display knowledge in basic math skills, show attention to detail, and prove adaptability in scheduling. While entry-level jobs require minimal hiring requirements, the warehouse retailer generally prefers candidates possess at least a high school diploma or equivalent and some experience working with the public.

Working at BJs requires excellent interpersonal skills as well as a dedication to corporate goals, standards, and ideology. Applicants seeking careers in the retail industry, who show initiative, desire to lead, and exhibit excellent customer service skills, should consider applying with the wholesale retailer. The retailer regularly hires on entire management teams in order to provide consistent, consumer-oriented, and goal-driven service. Managers should possess at least one to three years of prior retail experience as well as a minimum of a high school education, with further education a definitive advantage.

What Are The Benefits Offered By Bj’s Wholesale Club

How Can BJs Careers Streamline Your Professional Growth?

Benefit Plans provide coverage for your changing needs. Work/Life Benefits provide additional programs to support your health and wellness. Which benefits does BJ’s Wholesale Club provide? Current and former employees report that BJ’s Wholesale Club provides the following benefits. It may not be complete. Work at BJ’s Wholesale Club?

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How Much Does Bj’s Pay

With more than 200 clubs in 14 states on the U.S. east coast and in the state of Ohio, BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a wide range of career opportunities, including retail, customer service, merchandising and human resources. Knowing how much BJ’s pays employees in different positions helps you figure out what job opening appeals to you the most and meets your financial needs.

Hourly Restaurant Team Members

New team members and eligible dependents are eligible to enroll in our insurance programs if:

  • They have been designated as a full-time team member by their General Manager at the time of hire after a 60-day waiting period or
  • They have worked an average of at least 30 hours per week during the first six months of their employment, measured from the first day of the month following their hire date through 6 months or
  • They have worked an average of at least 30 hours per week during a specified six-month look-back period .


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What Is The Dress Code At Bj’s

The dress code at BJ’s is a partial uniform paired with casual wear. For managers and corporate employees, the dress code is business casual.

For those working in stores, BJ’s provides a red shirt and red hat with company logo. You are allowed to wear your own jeans and slip-resistant shoes or sneakers. Some store locations are strict about the color of jeans, requiring them to be dark, while others allow blue jeans to be worn as well.

What Is Bj’s Warehouse Club

BJ’s: New Mobile App

BJ’s, which began in 1984 in Massachusetts, was the first retailer to introduce the membership-only warehouse club concept in the northeastern United States. The warehouse club idea is based on a retail store selling a wide variety of merchandise to customers in wholesale quantities at discounted prices. The name BJ’s came from the initials of Beverly Jean Weich, the daughter of the then-president of the company, Mervyn Weich. BJ’s members save up to 30 percent on their grocery prices.

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Benefits Of Working At Bjs Wholesale Club

BJs Wholesale workers enjoy paid training opportunities, flexible work environments, and career growth potential. The wholesale retailer also offers competitive pay scales and employment benefits to eligible employees.

  • Qualifying workers enjoy paid holidays, sick time, and paid personal days.
  • Future-planning benefits include enrollment in 401 retirement plans, employee stock options, and insurance plans.

How Do You Answer Why Are You Interested In Working For Bj’s

You answer, “Why are you interested in working for BJ’s?” by focusing on the company and its culture, wide range of membership products and services, and opportunities to develop your skills. We recommend coming up with three reasons why you want to work there that reflect your own interests and personality.

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Bjs Wholesale Club Employee Benefits

BJs Wholesale Club offers a variety of employee benefits, including paid time off, health insurance, dental insurance, and a 401k plan. Employees also receive tuition reimbursement and access to a gym on site. The companys health insurance is expensive, but employees appreciate the other benefits offered.

Bjs Wholesale Club Employment And Salary Information

Membership Renewal

BJs Wholesale Club offers work environments dedicated to customer satisfaction. The minimum age requirement rests at 16 years old for most entry-level positions, though some specific jobs require candidates to at least stand at 18 years old. The following lists current positions available with the department store: clerk, cashier, member services, and manager.


Job Description and Duties
  • As a Fortune 500 corporation operating over 190 membership retail warehouses, BJs Wholesale Club regularly hires job seekers to work as stock clerks and ensure streamlined store operations.
  • An entry-level position, stock clerks primarily transfer merchandise from stockrooms and storage areas to store shelves.
  • Other responsibilities include assembling product displays, directing customers to merchandise, and maintaining store cleanliness.
  • Although BJs stock clerk jobs generally carry few formal requirements for employment, applicants may need to possess the ability to lift significant amounts of weight and stand for extended periods of time.
  • Friendly, professional demeanors and a genuine willingness to help and work with others may also advance prospective employees through the hiring process.
  • BJs managers typically prefer workers with open schedule availabilities and impose a minimum hiring age of 16 years old.
Salary and Compensation


Job Description and Duties
Salary and Compensation

Member Services

Job Description and Duties
Salary and Compensation



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Looking For Wholesale Club Shops In Richmond Hill

Find all Wholesale Club shops in Richmond Hill. Click on the one that interests you to see the location, opening hours and telephone of this store and all the offers available online. Also, browse the latest Wholesale Club catalogue in Richmond Hill “Wholesale Club Weekly ad” valid from 2022/10/27 to 2022/11/02 and start saving now!

Benefits Of Working At Bj’s

Working at BJ’s comes with some benefits, including health and dental benefits, group life insurance, short-term and long-term disability insurance and death benefits. Eligible employees get paid sick leave and paid vacations, and the chance to join an employer-funded retirement plan.

BJ’s employees don’t get discounts at BJ’s, but they may get a free BJ’s membership, potentially saving them over $500 on their groceries a year.

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