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From an employer’s perspective, CEBS professionals can help improve the attractiveness of a workplace to employees, thereby contributing both to talent acquisition and retention. The CEBS curriculum includes various technical skills, such as how to manage the financial risks associated with different benefits plans, how to use discounted cash flow analysis to estimate the likely cost of a plan, and how to evaluate the initial pricing of a group insurance product.

CEBS professionals can also contribute significantly in regard to managing employers’ retirement plans. To prepare them for this role, the CEBS curriculum teaches retirement-related skills such as how to design employee profit-sharing plans, how to comply with financial reporting requirements, how to navigate special situations such as corporate reorganizations, and how to encourage tax efficiencies and effective corporate governance.

Understanding The Certified Employee Benefit Specialist Designation

CEBS candidates must complete five core courses drawn from two related credentials: the Group Benefits Associate and Retirement Plans Associate designations. The GBA is designed for those who will administer health and other group benefits. The RPA is a credential for those who work with defined benefit and defined contribution plans. Candidates must take a 100-question exam after completing each course. The CEBS program typically takes three years to complete.

CEBS candidates can study independently, enroll in online classes, or sign-up for in-person classes. Materials are available in print and digital formats. Because regulations differ between the U.S. and Canada, students from these respective countries will encounter different course material. For example, U.S. students will study the Affordable Care Act , whereas Canadian professionals will study their country’s system of universal healthcare coverage.

A Message From The President

Alberta Chapter Members,

During these unparalleled times, know that our chapter is here to provide you with education, networking and support. Here are some resources available to you as a Society and chapter member:

  • COVID-19 Resources – Society members have access to up-to-date information, legal and legislative information and blog posts related to the Coronavirus situation. Watch upcoming webcasts, read the latest information you need to be aware of and more.

  • ISCEBSLink – this exclusive discussion forum is for Society members only. Ask questions, share insights and more. While conversation has been dominated by COVID-19, this is a great resource throughout the year. If you haven’t visited before, you’ll be asked to agree to the community code of conduct before you can post.

  • Information Center – you’re likely tackling a LOT of different projects now. Leverage the support available to you through the Information Center. Society members have an unlimited amount of information requests they can make each year. Save your time and effort by having one of the CEBS librarians at the Society scour resources for you. Within 24-48 hours you’ll have links to articles, PDFs and other documents to help provide information to your inquiry.

  • Webcasts – both nationally and locally, you’re covered with current education! Webcasts from the Society include:


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How Can I Get A Cebs Certification

To earn a CEBS designation, you complete the five required courses either using a self-study curriculum, online learning, or in a formal classroom. To begin, you select the course and designation that most interests you, either your Retirement Plans Associate or Group Benefits Associate designation. Each course includes everything you need to take the associated exam, which you must pass to earn the designation. Today, the course requires only five modules and five subsequent exams. According to CEBS, the new curriculum allows you to finish the credential in under three years, depending on the type of study you undertake.

A Chat With Patricia Noble Cebs

Certified Employee Benefit Specialist® (CEBS) U.S.

Patricia Noble, CEBSDirector of Policy, Research and Labour Market AnalysisDepartment of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, New BrunswickInstructor:GBA/RPA 3Navigating the Plan Environment

What will benefits professionals learn from GBA/RPA 3?

This course covers a wide range of issues relevant for benefits professionals. Understanding the fundamentals of our countrys social security framework and health care system is critical for both retirement and group benefits professionals. Also, understanding how reward systems can impact the success of an organization and how they fit into the big picture facing an organization positions a benefits professional to provide value-added advice and recommendations. Choice theory and behavioural economics discussions help benefits professionals appreciate how they can influence decisions of clients, employees and beneficiaries. That is only the tip of the iceberg!

Are there any interesting current events, regulatory updates or industry trends related to concepts or issues your course explores?
What are your best study tips for CEBS students?

Learn more about CEBS and the CEBS Online Study Groups With Instructor Support.

Do you need guidance on your CEBS journey? Whether youre about to take your first step or youre getting close to reaching your designation, were here to help! Give us a call at 886-3749 or email .

by Christine Vazquez, CEBS

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What Does An Online Instructor Do

Your online instructor has many roles, including:

  • Designing all content and activities in your class to help you retain knowledge and study for your CEBS exam
  • Facilitating live review sessions
  • Monitoring the discussion forum to provide clarification and guidance to learners
  • Creating discussion questions for each module and Benefits in Action Mini Case to stimulate engagement and enhance learning about employee benefits
  • Sharing their real-world experience about being a benefits professional
  • Answering questions that students submit via the discussion forum, email and private message

The Cebs Program Can Help You

The Certified Employee Benefit Specialist program is a five course curriculum covering an entire spectrum of employee benefits. It is designed to help individuals develop a comprehensive understanding of employee benefit principles and concepts.

While online study classes are available, all CEBS courses are designed for independent study. The CEBS designation is awarded to qualified candidates upon the successful completion of the required national examinations.

The CEBS website is an independently managed website of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Industry Associations and Member Organizations

Housed at Wharton Executive Education, the CEBS Program is one of the premier educational resources of the Industry Associations and Member Organizations unit. The unit designs programs based on the latest proven business ideas and tools from world-acclaimed thought leaders. The customized programs offer members of investment associations, professional groups and other organizations the opportunity to acquire knowledge and proficiencies not only to think but also to act transformationally.

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A Chat With Bradley Churchill Cebs

Bradley Churchill, CEBSSenior Group Retirement ConsultantBelmont Health and Wealth

Could you share some insight about how pursuing your CEBS demonstrates that you are a lifelong learner and an expert in your profession?

The ability to show the world that you are continuing to strive and grow through online learning, courses and designations has become exceptionally valuable. Holding a CEBS designation brings a class of distinction you are among experts in the field of employee benefits.

Could you share a story about how you prepared for your CEBS exam and applied what you learned to your work?

Preparing for my CEBS exam began with dedicating early mornings to my studies. I would take two hours a day, five days a week to study for each exam before the regular workday began. I continue this routine today and apply this time to my professional development and growth.

Could you describe how earning your CEBS designation has supported you in your role and professional growth?

Participating in my ISCEBS local chapter events has significantly expanded my professional network as well as my knowledge in the benefits and pensions industry. Learning from some of the top experts in your field is extremely imperative. Since graduating, I have joined my local chapter board to further build relationships with members in the industry.

by Christine Vazquez, CEBS

A Chat With Elizabeth Mcburney Cebs

CEBS Study Tips | Practice Tests

Elizabeth McBurney, M.B.A., CEBS, ACHRM, SHRM-SCP, SPHRAssistant Human Resources ManagerInstructor: GBA/RPA 3Strategic Benefits Management

How has earning the CEBS designation enhanced your career?

There is no doubt that earning the CEBS designation brings with it industry recognition and value. For me, once I obtained my CEBS designation, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity for an adjunct teaching position at a local university in the fields of human resources and organizational behavior. The CEBS designation truly opened doors for me in ways that I dont believe would have happened otherwise. To me, the CEBS designation is the gold standard in the benefits industry. It brought me knowledge and the ability to act strategically within my organization. My proudest accomplishments, however, are being able to lead the GBA/RPA3 Online Study Group and being part of a great organization.

What will benefits professionals learn from GBA/RPA 3?

Benefits professionals will learn the foundations of ERISA, the value of using analytics in the healthcare arena and the legal ramifications of the benefit industry, among many other things. This course is truly the nuts and bolts of benefits. It is extremely important to understand the complexities of health and retirement plans, and this knowledge can be gained from getting the CEBS designation.

Are there any interesting current events, regulatory updates or industry trends related to concepts or issues your course explores?

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How Does A Cebs Certification Help My Career

Passing the exams and receiving your CEBS qualifications is important for any career in benefits and compensation. Not only does it guarantee your education met minimum standards, but it demonstrates your skills and knowledge in designing and distributing benefits programs. The CEBS certification also opens up doors to you as a new benefits specialist or HR employee, as the CEBS designation is the credential employers hiring in the field desire most from their candidates. It helps you meet your duties and responsibilities on the job, and you can apply for more jobs with higher salaries and greater growth potential all at once.

Costs Of Becoming A Cebs

Candidates must complete eight courses and pass their respective exams to become designated a CEBS. Course materials through the IFEBP range between $150 and $350, and students receive a $20 exam discount if they register simultaneously for the exam and the course. Each exam costs $315 and students must pay an initial registration fee of $125.

Classroom instruction is available at additional cost that will vary according to the provider. Those who opt for online courses through the IFEBP will pay $175 for each course and just over $4,000 for the entire curriculum including initial registration and exam fees. This does not include testing center fees. Certain other designations, such as the CFP or CLU, can satisfy the exam requirement for up to two courses, depending on the designation.

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Certified Employee Benefit Specialist Explained

The Certified Employee Benefit Specialist designation is a designation that is typically earned by those that negotiate and administer employee benefits packages. This is a symbol of professional knowledge and integrity in the space. Obtaining a CEBS designation typically takes years of work and study as the process requires both testing and educational requirements.

The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans , which sponsors CEBS, considers it the premier designation in its field. Part of its luster comes from having The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania conduct its courses. For Canadian students, Dalhousie University performs the same function.

The IEFPB is a non-profit education and research organization based in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Though the IEFPB was founded in 1974, the CEBS certification program was started in 1977. About 14,000 people have earned the designation since then.

Career-minded employee benefits professionals seek the CEBS designation to distinguish themselves from colleagues with extra financial training. However, it doesnt confer any exclusive powers or privileges.

Certified Employee Benefits Specialist

Certified Employee Benefit Specialist
Since the CEBS program began, more than 14,000 individuals have earned the CEBS designation. The CEBS meets the demands of an evolving benefits industry while elevating the stature of designation holders.As champions of the designation, graduates are a symbol of the bold statement “I am a CEBS.” Having worked hard to achieve this level, they lead by example and inspire those following in their footsteps. They are the difference makers, the elevated stars, they are CEBS. Interested in the CEBS program? Click here to get an at a glance overview.

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Business Schools For Certified Employee Benefit Specialists

There are a number of business schools where participants and successful applicants can attend to earn the Certified Employee Benefit Specialists designation. Some of the renowned business schools include the following Herzing University, Strayer University, Colorado State University Global, Southern New Hampshire University, and Capella University. All the eight courses that students must take and pass their exams to earn this professional designation are offered in the above named schools.

Benefits Of Becoming A Cebs

EBS certificants have the knowledge and training to understand complex issues related to employee benefits and how to deal with them. Those who carry this credential are attractive candidates for management and supervisory positions, as well as teaching and administrative positions.

average return of 397%

Many employers in the benefits industry now require that new hires either carry this credential or earn it within a certain period of time after employment begins.

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Insuranceopedia Explains Certified Employee Benefit Specialist

Employers often use employee benefit programs to provide benefits to their employees, whether they’re small businesses with a dozen staff members or a large corporation that employs thousands of workers.

These programs can be extremely complex and can also have very important implications for the employees and their families and dependents. For this reason, many companies choose to have certified employee benefit specialists on their payroll to ensure that the administering of employee benefits goes smoothly and that everything is accounted for. They can also help resolve issues that arise with benefits.

Related Question

What Does Certified Employee Benefit Specialist Mean

CEBS Study Tips | Learning Guide

A certified employee benefit specialist is a human resources employee who has completed the necessary training and received the required certification to be an expert in employee benefits. This includes being able to manage their disbursement and provide knowledgeable answers to employee questions about them.

Being a CEBS requires some knowledge of the insurance industry since health and life insurance are commonly offered as employee benefits.

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Cebs Jobs In Richmond Hill On


  • Hybrid remote in Toronto, ONFull-time
  • Competitive, 100% company-paid extended health and dental benefits for permanent employees with recent additions to promote inclusive coverage to a diverse
  • Toronto, ONTemporary +1
  • Reporting to the Manager of Audit, the Claims Auditor is responsible for conducting claims audits on behalf of our customers to validate claims submitted by
  • Estimated at $49.6K$62.8K a yearFull-time
  • As a Service Specialist, you will be responsible for managing assigned cases, which are generally complex in scope from a plan administration perspective.
  • Toronto, ONFull-time
  • Our innovative programs have a lasting impact on the health, financial security and productivity of 24,000 workplaces.
  • Hybrid remote in Toronto, ONEstimated at $67.8K$85.8K a yearFixed term contract
  • We are currently looking for a Specialist, Pension& Benefits reporting to the Manager, Pension & Benefits to join our IGM Human Resources department in a 12
  • A Chat With Christine Sebranek Cebs

    Christine Sebranek, CEBSDirector, Employee Benefits and Well-BeingChildrens Hospital and Health System

    Could you describe how expanding your professional network has helped you attain success?

    When I obtained my CEBS designation, I was a few years out of college and did not know many people in the benefits field. Having my CEBS, being involved in the Milwaukee Chapter of ISCEBS through the monthly meetings and participating in the local chapter as a newsletter editor, secretary, vice president and then president allowed me to work with people in the field from many of the employers in Milwaukee. It enabled me to expand my professional network and make many lifelong friends.

    Could you share some insight about how pursuing your CEBS demonstrates that you are a lifelong learner and an expert in your profession?

    When I pursued the designation, ten tests were required and two were very focused on areas of benefits I was not working in initiallypensions and investments. Learning about all benefits formed a very strong foundation for my career. That foundation allowed flexibility for me to be employed as a broker, a consultant and a benefits director. It gave me the credibility to be seen as an expert in the field of benefits and showed my commitment to lifelong learning in that field. It gave me greater confidenceespecially when I was new in my career to operate in a benefits position in either welfare or retirement.

    by Christine Vazquez, CEBS

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    A Chat With Elizabeth Allen Cebs

    Elizabeth Allen, J.D., CEBSVice President, Benefits Compliance and CounselNFPInstructor: RPA 1Directing Retirement Plans Part 1

    How has earning the CEBS designation enhanced your career?

    Earning my CEBS designation has allowed me to bring a more comprehensive context to discussions with plan sponsors and their service providers. Learning the ins and outs of plan design and administration on both the retirement and health sides has proven valuable in helping employers understand how their benefit strategy and compliance obligations allow them to be the best plan sponsors they can be.

    What will benefits professionals learn from RPA 1?

    Benefits professionals taking RPA 1 will come away with an understanding of how retirement plans began in this country, the laws that were passed to encourage corporate-sponsored retirement savings, the different types of retirement plan vehicles that are available and the requirements employers must meet to sponsor qualified plans.

    Are there any interesting current events, regulatory updates or industry trends related to concepts or issues your course explores?
    What are your best study tips for CEBS students?
    What sort of success stories have you heard from your students? Why would you encourage people to earn their CEBS designation?

    Learn more about CEBS and the CEBS Online Study Groups With Instructor Support.

    by Rachel Oliver, CEBS

    Make Sure Your Computer Is Good to Go
    Your ID Is Essential
    Taking the Exam

    by Christine Vazquez, CEBS

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