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First Republic Bank Employee Benefits

Full Time Employee Benefits

First Republic Bank Raises Minimum Wage for All Employees!
The following benefits are available the first of the month following the initial 30 days of employment:
  • Health Insurance*
  • Health Savings Account
  • A.D. & D. Insurance
The following benefits are available to employees on the date of hire:
  • Free and/or Discounted Bank Products*
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Employee Referral Incentive
  • 401 PlanFor employees 21 years of age & older. Employer match is discretionary.
The following benefits are available to eligible full and part-time employees the 1st of the month following the initial 30 days of employment:
  • Short Term Disability Insurance

Tips For Getting Hired

1. Showcase your customer service skillsFirst Republic Bank places a high importance on providing excellent customer service. If you have experience working in customer service, be sure to highlight this on your resume or in your cover letter.

2. Demonstrate your ability to work independentlyFirst Republic Bank is looking for individuals who are able to work independently and take initiative. If you can show that you are a self-starter who is able to take initiative, you will be more likely to be hired.

3. Be detail-orientedWhen it comes to banking and financial services, attention to detail is crucial. First Republic Bank is looking for individuals who are detail-oriented and able to pay close attention to details.

4. Have strong communication skillsStrong communication skills are important in any job, but especially in a customer-facing role. First Republic Bank is looking for individuals who are able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.

Where You Can Make A Difference

The employees at First Republic are empowered every day to take ownership of their work, have a meaningful impact and support each other. Many employees say that being able to work alongside others who are super passionate about their work makes coming into work every day easy. It’s this that makes working at First Republic seem like a family.

In addition, the work makes a huge impact on people’s lives so it’s meaningful. Every day, you’re apart of a pivotal moment in someone’s life, and you get to make the difference. That’s something that is truly special and not seen in a lot of other careers. The First Republic team is always doing great things for their clients and that truly gives the bank a sense of community.

“We’re an organization full of people trying to do the right thing for their clients. Nobody really considers banks to be these great entrepreneurial, fun, vibrant working environments, but it is at First Republic,” said Erik, a longtime team member.

The bank places an emphasis on responsibility, reward and opportunity because it doesn’t want the team restricting themselves to a job description. First and foremost, First Republic is a mentoring organization. Everyone who works there has the opportunities available to grow personally and professionally. Since everyone is so supportive of one another, many team members are empowered to grow and speak up. At First Republic, your voice will be heard.

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Working At First Republic Bank

Since 1985, First Republic Bank has prided itself on delivering outstanding service that is based on making relationships with the clients. That’s why employees say working there feels like a community. The bank specializes in private banking, private business banking and private wealth management. Because it’s been around for so long, the bank knows the best way to build lasting relationships is through customized solutions and a personalized one-on-one approach.

Galen College Of Nursing

Perks repackaged: Banks use own employee benefits as marketing tool ...

Galen College of Nursing and HCA Healthcare have joined to make quality nursing education more accessible than ever. The HCA Healthcare-Galen grant significantly reduces tuition costs for the Online RN to BSN and two Online MSN options of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership, and Nursing Education. Additionally, eligible employees* may opt into a Direct Bill Option which could limit upfront tuition costs.

*Certain colleagues are not eligible to participate in these programs. This includes colleagues covered by a collective bargaining agreement , unless their CBA permits participation. These colleagues should go to HCAhrAnswers.com and view the program that applies.

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Administration Of The Plan

The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Administration Corporation will begin contacting Ontario employers in early 2016 toverify their existing pension plans and assess the coverage offeredto employees.


1 Ontario Bill 56, Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Act,received Royal Assent on May 5, 2015.

2 As part of its federal election platform, the Liberalshad noted that the government intended to work with the provincesto “enhance” the CPP.

3 Such that benefits equal or exceed the benefits beingoffered under the ORPP.

The content of this article is intended to provide a generalguide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be soughtabout your specific circumstances.

How Will It Work

The ORPP will be a supplement, and very similar in design, tothe existing CPP. When fully phased in, it will require equalcontributions from employees and employers . This compares to thecurrent CPP regime which requires employer and employeecontributions of 4.95 percent each . The biggestdifference between the ORPP and the CPP is that CPP contributionscurrently max out at an income level of $54,900 , whereasthe ORPP will max out at an income level of $90,000, subject toindexation for inflation.

For both the CPP and ORPP, the basic exemption amount is set at$3,500 .

ORPP contributions will be phased in. For large employers with500 or more employees, contributions will start January 1, 2017,and will be increased each year until 2019. For medium-sizedemployers, contributions will begin January 1, 2018, withcontributions phased in to their maximum by 2020. Small employerswith fewer than 50 workers will start contributing on January 1,2019, with contributions phased in to their maximum by 2021. Othersemployers will start to make contributions on January 1, 2020.These phase-in rules are summarized in the table below.

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First Republic Bank Invests In Community Ups Minimum Wage To $20 Per Hour

San Francisco-based bank also giving fully paid parental leave to employees

Recently, the state of California announced that it planned to increase its minimum wage to $15 per hour , but thats not soon enough and not nearly enough money, according to one San Francisco-based bank.

First Republic Bank announced this week that it plans to raise its minimum wage to $20 per hour this year, rather than by 2023.

The increase is part of a widespread effort by the bank to invest in both its employees and its community.

In addition to increasing its minimum wage to $20, the bank also now offers fully paid six-week parental leave for all of its employees, which it began doing in the fourth quarter of 2015.

But thats not all that First Republic is doing for its employees.

The bank also plans to offer a new fitness stipend for employees to promote good health. According to a statement from the bank, more than 650 of First Republic’s employees have already taken advantage of the new benefit, which helps offset the cost of gym memberships.

The bank is also expanding its subsidized meal program for employees, which is available at the banks employee cafés in San Francisco, Century City and New York. The bank also plans to open a new employee café in Boston.

And the bank is doing more than taking steps to improve the lives of its employees, its also going to work towards improving its local communities.

About First Republic Bank

Culture and Values: First Republic Bank

Researched & Written by Kara Lidberg on the FlexJobs Team

First Republic Bank is on a mission to provide excellent service to its customers in regards to their financial needs. Since its establishment in 1985, the company has delivered high-quality services within the private sector, including banking, business banking, and wealth management. First Republic Bank is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and works with customers in various locations throughout the state, as well as in Oregon, Wyoming, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.

First Republic Bank credits its success to the way its team forms personal connections with each other and with customers. As an employer, the company strives to make sure each staff member feels empowered and valued, believing that incredible teams do exceptional work. To reward its team, First Republic Bank provides eligible staffers with a competitive salary and benefits package that includes medical coverage, dental and vision plans, a 401, flexible spending accounts , a commuter stipend, life and disability insurance, paid time off, family care leave, and more.

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People Bringing Our Power Philosophy To Our Communities

Our people are a diverse group of professionals with the right attitude and a desire to learn. We believe that through the inclusion of ideas, personalities, and people, our teams are stronger. Our unique culture thrives on unique, positive personalities- so be yourself! Banking is serious business, but we still find a spirit of FUN in almost everything we do.

Our customers are guaranteed to see the community reflected in our people and local offices mean easy, quick decisions, by leadership who know your name and the name of your customer.

Were eager to invest in your success and watch you reach your fullest potential with our dynamic training and development opportunities. Whether its basic job skills, the Red Key Development Program, Visionary Leadership, or R-Vision, or more we have learning opportunities that will enhance your success. Come in with a Fanatic attitude and watch your career soar the Republic way.

Our POWER Philosophy Youll be emPOWERed to always achieve an unparalleled level of customer service!

Promises are always kept.One to say Yes, two to say No. Bump it up!Welcome everyone, make them feel special.Exceed customer expectations, every time.Recover the Republic way, make every wrong, right.

First Republic Bank Hiring Process

The hiring process at First Republic Bank is lengthy and involves multiple steps. You will meet with a variety of people from different departments throughout the process. The focus is on understanding the business model and culture to be successful. The interviews are mostly conversational and focus on your experience. There may be some technical questions depending on the role you are applying for.

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Is First Republic Bank A Good Company To Work For

The company is said to have a deep commitment to client satisfaction, with everyone working diligently to ensure the client is taken care of. The pay is also said to be very competitive, and there is room for career progression. Additionally, the culture is said to be great, with a supportive management team and plenty of social gatherings. However, some employees note that the work/life balance can be poor and that the company is very political.

First Republic Bank Employment Opportunities

First Republic Bank Careers &  Jobs

First Republic Bank offers a variety of careers for job seekers. You can search for what positions they currently have open from the First Republic Bank Careers Page. Here are the descriptions of the three most common jobs First Republic Bank hires for.

Client Service Associate

Client service associates provide support to the client service team in a financial institution. They may be responsible for a variety of tasks, such as handling customer inquiries, processing account changes, and providing general information about products and services. A client service associate may also be responsible for opening and closing accounts, as well as assisting with account maintenance.

In order to be a successful client service associate, you must have excellent customer service skills and be able to handle a high volume of customer inquiries. You should also be able to work well under pressure and have a basic understanding of banking products and services. A high school diploma or equivalent is required for this position, and some banks may require additional education or training.


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What Is A Comparable Plan

  • Defined Benefit PensionPlans an earnings-based DB registered pension planthat has an annual accrual rate of at least 0.5% of earnings willqualify as a Comparable Plan
  • DC Registered Pension Plans a DC registered pension plan which has mandatorycontributions of at least 8% of base salary earnings will beconsidered a Comparable Plan if the employer funds at least 50% ofthe total minimum contribution. Neither employee voluntarycontributions, nor any related employer matching contributions,will be taken into account in determining Comparable Planstatus.
  • Group RRSP/DPSP no,they will not qualify as Comparable Plans, regardless of thebenefit level.
  • Flat-Benefit DB Plans Flat-Dollar DC Plans Hybrid DB/DC Plans theseregistered pension plans will qualify as a Comparable Plan if theymeet requirements prescribed by regulations .
  • MEPPs certainmulti-employer registered pension plans will qualify where thebenefit level or contribution level matches those for DB or DCregistered pension plans
  • PRPPs certain pooledregistered pension plans will qualify, however the details will beset out in regulations.

Phase In Of Contribution Rate By Type Of Employer

Benefits will be indexed to increases in wages and the cost ofliving, and will start to be paid in 2022. Benefits will generallystart at age 65 however, similar to the CPP, individuals will havethe option to receive adjusted retirement income as early as 60 oras late as 70.

Note: The ORPP cannot cover self-employed workers because thefederal Income Tax Act does not allow self-employed people toparticipate in a registered pension plan. Ontario has asked thefederal government to consider changing the Act to allowself-employed workers to join the ORPP.

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When Will This All Happen

Employers will be rolled into the ORPP in”waves.”

  • Medium employers and large employers without registeredworkplace plans are scheduled to begin contributions to the ORPPeffective January 1, 2018.
  • Small employers without registered workplace pension plans are scheduledto begin contributions to the ORPP effective January 1, 2019.
  • Employers who have a registeredworkplace pension plan effective August 11, 2015 that either doesnot cover all employees or does not meet the requirements for aComparable Plan are to begin contributions to the ORPP effectiveJanuary 1, 2020.

If an employer who does not have a workplace pension planestablishes a Comparable Plan for all of its employees prior to itsrequired enrolment date, that employer will not be required toenrol in the ORPP.

Who Will Be Covered By The Orpp

How to Access RepublicOnline: First time log in.

Most employees who report to a workplace of an employer inOntario will be covered by the ORPP. This includes: individualswho report to work at an employer establishment in Ontario and individuals who do not report to such an establishment, but who arepaid from such an establishment. The term “employee”includes directors of a corporation. Various exemptions apply, including for employees who participate in a”Comparable Plan”.

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Hca Healthcare Hope Fund

As HCA Healthcare employees, it is our top priority to take excellent care of our patients. But we also take care of each other. In 2004 this was more evident than ever as hundreds of our colleagues were affected by the Florida hurricanes. Immediately following the storms, HCA Healthcare employees throughout the United States wanted to know how they could help. Contributions came in and were disbursed out to HCA Healthcare families that had been impacted. To these families, the contributions from their fellow employees represented much more than financial relief. They represented hope that life might soon return to normal. What started as an informal way to help one another soon evolved into a nonprofit organization, the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund, was officially formalized in July 2005.

Background On The Orpp

The ORPP is a mandatory pension plan for residents of Ontariowho are employees, but who don’t have “comparable”workplace pension plans. A “comparable plan” is definedas a registered pension plan, subject to federal and provincialregulation, that meets the following minimum thresholds:

  • provides people with a predictable stream of income inretirement for life
  • provides people with security
  • requires contributions by employers to ensure fairness
  • aims to replace up to 15 percent of a person’spre-retirement income

Workplace defined benefit or defined contribution pension planswill meet the comparability test, provided that certain specificconditions are first met.3 Group Registered RetirementSavings Plans and Deferred Profit Sharing Plans will not beconsidered comparable plans for this purpose.

Employers that offer a registered workplace plan thatdoesn’t meet the above minimum thresholds will have until 2020to decide if they want to adjust their plans or enrol theiremployees in the ORPP.

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