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Benefits Of Working As Tax Consultant

Former H& R Block employee accused of stealing unemployment benefits from customers

Tax will always be a part of life. This fact makes it a reliable industry to break into. If you have ever thought of expanding your career or establishing a side hustle for some extra income, you should consider enrolling in an industry recognised tax consultancy course.

Individuals and companies will always need a tax professional’s help to file their taxes accurately. Discover how tax courses can lead you directly into eight promising careers.

Key Skills For A Successful Tax Career

Before you launch into a career in tax, it’s a good idea to make sure you have these eight key skills to support you in your future role:

  • Friendly communication and people skills
  • Proficient numerical skills
  • A good attention to detail
  • Eagerness to problem solve
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Efficient time management skills
  • Another Retail Tax Firm

    Other retail tax firms like Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service offer many of the same perks and characteristics of H& R Block. One company may hold some benefits over another for youâan office may be closer to your home, or you may have a deal for a discounted service at a company, for exampleâbut in general, the pros and cons of all retail tax firms are similar.

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    Income Tax Preparation Class

    If youre interested in a job working as a tax preparer, H& R Block offers a course to teach you everything youll need to know, from tax theory and ethics to real-world tax preparation. Youll earn H& R Block certification, a certificate of completion, and qualifying education hours.

    The class is offered online in English and Spanish. Fees vary based on location.

    If you have experience, you can take the Tax Knowledge Assessment before you sign up to determine your skill level and if you need to take the class.

    H& r Block Career And Employment Information

    Realize Your Potential: H& R Block

    Alison Doyle is a job search expert and one of the industry’s most highly-regarded job search and career experts. Alison brings extensive experience in corporate human resources, management, and career development, which she has adapted for her freelance work. She is also the founder of CareerToolBelt.com, which provides simple and straightforward advice for every step of your career.

    Are you interested in a career as a tax professional, or possibly a tax office support job or corporate position? H& R Block is a leading tax services provider and financial services company, operating more than 10,000 offices worldwide and serving 8.9 million customers through its self-service app.

    H& R Block consistently wins awards as a top employer for women, new grads, and diversity, and offers opportunities for tax professionals, associates, and other support staff. But is this company the right employer for you? Learn more about H& R Block careers to see if your goals align.

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    Why There Is There A Demand For Tax Consultants

    Tax affects every person and business in society. Everyone either wants to reduce the amount of tax they pay or maximise their tax refund. Everybody also wishes that someone could take care of all the paperwork. This is where you come in.

    As a tax consultant with H& R Block, you will work with clients to prepare their tax returns and get the best outcome for the client, within the law. Here are some of the specific tasks you could ultimately help clients with as an experienced tax consultant:

    • Gathering information needed for their tax return
    • Completing, lodging or checking over their tax return
    • Calculating how much tax they might need to pay
    • Explaining a client’s options to ensure they don’t overpay tax
    • Negotiating with the Australian Taxation Office on your client’s behalf
    • Helping them understand the tax laws and regulations that are relevant to their situation

    What Does H& r Block Offer

    H& R Block states that its tax professionals have access to its Tax Institute, which is staffed primarily by certified public accountants , enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and former IRS agents. This is a good thingâthere’s lots of experience there.

    However, this may raise a question for you: What’s the expertise of the individual who will be preparing your tax return? When and why should this person reach out to the professionals who are manning the Tax Institute?

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    H& r Block Employee Benefits

    H& R Block offers a variety of benefits to full-time employees including health and wellness benefits like medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Additional benefits include an employee stock purchase plan, retirement plan, vacation, tax prep benefits, and tuition assistance.

    Depending on eligibility, seasonal employees may be able to enroll in medical coverage, retirement plans, and stock purchase plans.

    Pay Card Employee Login

    Tax Tips and Benefits for your First Job from H& R Block

    Apart from wealthscape investor paycard service, even for individuals without checking digital accounts, this reloadable card makes it become a simpler service to pay your employees via direct deposit. Follow these steps to finish your Paycard Employee login:

  • Click to access the Paycard Employee login page
  • After reading information, click Get Started button
  • Complete the form. Later, a representative from the First Horizon Bank will be in touch with you
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    New Benefits Include Surgery Support And Lgbtq+

    Kansas City, Missouri, UNITED STATES

    KANSAS CITY, Mo., June 17, 2022 — In an effort to more fully support LGBTQ+ associates, H& R Block , has added to and enhanced its robust associate health and wellbeing offerings. These benefits offer support for associates searching for culturally competent providers, and covers transition procedures for transgender associates through the medical plan.

    As part of the process to increase equity for the LGBTQ+ community, H& R Block reviewed its medical and prescription benefits and compared those to the World Professional Association of Transgender Health standards of care. While the company was well aligned with these standards as of last year, the enhancements ensure that the company is now fully aligned with WPATH.

    We care about our associates at Block and want to support them and their families with any needs they may have, said Tiffany Monroe, H& R Blocks Chief People and Culture Officer. We strive to provide programs that help create better outcomes for our associates, both mentally and physically.

    Additional Commitments to Inclusivity

    H& r Block Professional Expertise

    While it doesn’t rise to the level of what’s required of Tax Institute staffers, H& R Block tax professionals do go through rigorous training. Tax professionals at H& R Block have an average of 10 years of filing experience and more than 100 hours of tax training.

    Therefore, these tax professionals only reach out to the Tax Institute when they have questions that their training has not prepared them to answer. For many filers with fairly simple returns, H& R Block’s tax professionals will likely have the competence required to handle your taxes on their own.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Professional Tax Service

    Your fees will depend on the complexity of your tax situation and the level of help you receive. On the lower end, you may be able to hire a CPA or an independent preparer for a flat fee or their hourly rate to file a simple 1040. At H& R Block, it can start for as little as $80 and work up from there. However, if you run a small business, plan to itemize deductions, or wish to add bonus features like audit support, you will likely have to pay more.

    H& r Block Job Options

    H& r Block Call Center Jobs

    H& R Block hires both full-time year-round and temporary employees for tax season. Over 60,000 tax professionals work at corporate headquarters and at local offices throughout the United States. Jobs are continuously available, and thousands of seasonal employees are added during the busy tax season.

    Office positions include tax professional, office leader, and tax office support. Tax operations field management jobs include district, regional, and divisional leadership roles. Corporate positions are available in information technology, retail sales, field management, client service and support, communications, financial services, government relations, human resources, legal, and marketing.

    H& R Block looks for candidates with effective communication skills, the ability to grow business, interpersonal skills, and the ability to work a flexible schedule.

    Successful completion of the H& R Block Income Tax Course or Tax Knowledge Assessment will qualify you for consideration for career opportunities that require advanced knowledge of tax preparation or bookkeeping.

    For administration jobs, preferred qualifications are one year of clerical or administrative experience, one year of H& R Block tax office experience or quality control experience, good reading and math skills, strong verbal and written communication skills.

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    Should You Use H& r Block

    When it comes to doing your taxes, you have many options to choose from. One of them is H& R Block, a retail tax firm similar to competitors like Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service. If your tax situation is basic and uncomplicated, you will likely be fine with any tax service option, including filing with an H& R Block tax professional. However, if your taxes are complicated or you want to fully explore your options, it may be worthwhile to carefully compare H& R Block to competing tax services.

    Keep reading for a brief explanation of how H& R Block stacks up against alternative options.

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    The Top Five Benefits Of Working As Tax Consultant

    Choosing a career as a tax consultant can be more rewarding than you might think. Consider these five ways in which a career in tax could improve your working life:

  • Regular career progression opportunitiesEvery new client you work with presents an opportunity to learn and achieve a unique successful outcome.
  • Complementary career choice to your existing qualitiesIf you pride yourself on being good with people, numbers and problem solving, a career in tax will be a natural fit for the skills you already possess.
  • Never ending learning processTax applies to every industry and tax laws can change every year. There will always be something for you to learn and ways to expand your capabilities.
  • Constant new and interesting challengesIt’s unlikely you will ever feel like you are doing the same thing every day.Each client you work with will be unique. Their problems or tax questions may seem similar to another client but depending on their background, intentions and desires they will need a unique and customised plan from you.
  • A side hustle as a stay at home mum, student or retired professionalIf you are looking for a change of pace, an extra challenge or way to make some money on the side of another career or life role, completing a tax course can land you a flexible, people-facing role with H& R Block or other large tax preparation firm.
  • H& r Block Seasonal Positions

    Working as a team leader at H& R Block

    Temporary tax season jobs offer flexible hours, the opportunity to utilize and gain professional experience, and to learn new skills in both tax and support roles.

    Seasonal tax preparer responsibilities include conducting tax interviews, preparing tax returns, ensuring client confidentiality and privacy, increasing client retention, and offering additional products and services.

    Seasonal office position responsibilities include greeting clients in a personalized, friendly and inviting manner, matching clients with tax professionals, scheduling, maintaining office cleanliness, and overseeing office organization.

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    Employee Benefits Law Definition

    Pension and employee benefits law is a practice area for lawyers who counsel employers, boards of trustees, unions, and others on legal questions related to several different types of retirement and employee group benefit plans. The largest area of emphasis is on registered pension plans.

    This area of law encompasses a wide spectrum of matters, including planning, drafting, and interpreting retirement plan documents, and assisting clients with ongoing administrative and compliance matters as well as litigation and dispute management. Lawyers also work closely with plan sponsors and administrators on fiduciary duties, tax compliance issues, and various issues related to plan investments. All of this requires working in the human resources area, but also dealing regularly with corporate finance and investment professionals and with government agencies, including the Canada Revenue Agency and various federal and provincial pension regulators.

    Some lawyers focus on the litigation and dispute resolution side of pension and employee benefits law, specifically dealing with statutory, common law, and fiduciary duty claims affecting pension and employee benefit plans. They may act for plan members, unions, plan sponsors, administrators, trustees, or service providers. Some claims are framed as class actions or representative proceedings.

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