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Out Of The Box Employee Benefits

Other Employee Benefits Ideas

Employ Outside the Box

Consider the following options if youre looking for other creative employee benefits beyond financial wellness and holiday parties.

23. Phone discounts

Offering discounts, free phones, or subscriptions are an excellent job perk that doesnt cost the company too much. It will help retain and attract the top talent.

24. TGIF giveaways

Everyone loves a freebie. Why not offer surprise gifts to a lucky winner each Friday? You dont have to offer huge prizes, even something small will go a long way to creating a warm environment.

25. Free breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Offering a complimentary breakfast option is an excellent way to boost your workers productivity, encourage an early start, and look after their health.

Summing up

Showing employee appreciation is the best way to boost morale and attract top talent. Offering flexible schedules and office perks will demonstrate your commitment to your workers. You could run a referral program to encourage recommendations and offer benefits to your current workers.

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Fundamental Employee Benefits Packages And Perks

For organizations looking to get their employee benefits packages and perks kick-started, there are a few fundamental ideas to keep in mind.

Volunteer Time

A recent study found that creating a company culture that encourages volunteering can help boost employee morale, workplace atmosphere, and brand perception. This goes to show just how important it is to making volunteering accessible for staff. For example, here at Outback, our employees get a pre-determined number of paid volunteer days to use in support of the causes of their choice. They simply need to submit a request and secure approval. If youre looking for ways to give back, check out our blog article: 15 Creative Volunteer Ideas to Help Your Team Make a Difference.

Paid Sick Days and Paid Vacation Time

While this might seem like a no-brainer, a staggering 32 million U.S. workers dont get paid sick days. For organizations, this is an easy place to start for drastically improving the lives of your staff. Offering paid sick days, paid vacation days, or even unlimited PTO, goes a long way in increasing your employees quality of life.

Office Events

Sometimes one of the best perks for employees is simply getting together to do something social which has nothing to do with work. Office events like parties or happy hours can do just that. This can happen in-person or virtually if your team works remotely .

Team Building Activities

Benefits Of Offering Creative Perks

Improving and updating your employee benefits program isnt just reserved for highly profitable companies. Its critical to create the best possible package regardless of whether youre a cash-strapped startup or a booming enterprise. You can always start small and add on benefits as your budget allows.

If youre wondering, Whats in it for me?, the answer is: plenty. Although employee benefits often cost money, your workers arent the only ones who reap the rewards. Employee benefits play a sizable part in forming your company culture and greatly impact an organizations success.

Creative perks can produce the following results:

  • An increase in employee recruitment
  • An increase in company morale
  • An increase in employee productivity
  • An increase in employee health and well-being
  • An increase in employee loyalty and appreciation

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Unlimited Paid Time Off

With a tight labor market, many organizations are moving from an accrual-based vacation system to unlimited PTO because of the tight labor market. This gives employees unlimited vacation time as long as they get their work done, and it doesnt impact the organization’s overall productivity.

Unlimited PTO often replaces separate systems for vacation time, sick leave, and mental health days, rolling them into a single benefit.

Providing unlimited PTO helps improve your employees quality of life, which will only come back to help your organization by reducing employee stress and improving overall productivity and culture.

Financial Information And Education

Human Resources: Benefits &  Wellness / MDLive

Financial concerns rank very highly amongst stress factors.

Yet, research shows that up to two-thirds of millennials havent received any financial education. You may not be able to increase the salaries of your employees but you might be able to offer them useful financial education. This could even include a deduction-based savings scheme, for example.

There are a lot of options and employees who stress out over financial matters will really appreciate these kinds of benefits.

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Unique Employee Benefit Ideas To Attract The Best Talent

Private chefs. Pet insurance. Fully paid sabbatical years. When it comes to employee benefits and perks, companies are pulling out all the stopsand with good reason. According to a recent Metlife report, 73% of employees believe that employers have a responsibility to address the health and well-being of their employees.

Its no surprise, then, that nearly one-fifth of HR professionals alter their benefits programs to retain employees. Experts can talk all they want about one-off benefits and trendy employee perks. But what will actually make a positive impact on an employers workforce?

A strategy that fosters total wellness. A holistic approach to employee benefits includes addresses all areas of well-being, including financial wellness , physical wellness , emotional wellness and social wellness .

There are so many possible benefits to include in holistic wellness programs. To help get you started, weve come up with 101 ideas for employee benefits and perks that appeal to a diverse, multigenerational workforce.

Out Of The Box: Rethinking Employee Benefits

Gone are the days when job seekers were happy just to be hired. Today, companies want to set themselves apart from the crowd by offering a smorgasbord of employment benefits and letting workers choose their own selections.

And not all benefits are as seemingly frivolous as free granola bars and Foosball. Theres a company thats offering parents help with autistic children. Suppose your company is located in a rather remote place and so are your employees. Having a way to get help for their autistic children in such a setting is worth a great deal to these parents.

In this vein, just having access to a doctor in the office is a benefit, as are onsite medical centers or telemedicine services that let employees consult long-distance with doctors and nurses. Also becoming popular are onsite fitness centers. Clearly, this is more than just having a web-based benefits administration solution.

How about a geriatric care manager? Or a free consultation with a geriatric care manager, plus help with coordinating services, support for respite care and flexible time off?

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Workplace Events And Outings

While events and workplace outings arent technically employee benefits, they are great perks that can create a vibrant company culture that promotes diversity and inclusion and makes everyone feel welcome.

Workplace events can occur during the workday, such as birthday celebrations, seminars, or DEI activities. But, events can also take place outside the workplace or after work hours. For example, you could throw a summer BBQ on the weekend and invite your staff or take everyone on a retreat full of team-building activities.

Employee events dont need to be in-person either. Virtual events and games can be just as rewarding!

These events give your employees a chance to get to know one another personally. After the pandemic left many people feeling isolated, creating connections is more important than ever.

Creative Employee Benefits Ideas For All Budgets

The Boxed College Tuition Benefit | Employee Benefits | Bulk Shopping Online

Looking for new ways to appreciate, reward, and attract employees? Weve got a comprehensive list of creative employee benefits ideas beyond the traditional options you already offer to your employees. Pick one or as many as you want, or survey your staff for their top choices! We have tips for all budgets and sizes, and dont forget to contact Austin for advice on implementing benefits of a traditional or non-traditional nature! Thats how were revolutionizing benefits and simplifying HR for our clients.

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Help With Professional Training

Providing free or subsidized professional training for your staff is also a big drawcard, as youre helping to set them up for their future.

Consider providing upskilling that may not be related to their job directly. While this may seem counter-intuitive, youre investing in your employees future and reducing the high cost of staff turnover.

An alternative is to help pay their student loans . Consider this during the interview when offering a package, and it will go a long way to solidifying top talent.

Unusual Employee Benefits Ideas For Your Company

Below are some especially unusual benefits. Of course, no company offers all of these, and only a few may be practical for your company. The idea is to get you thinking about what you can do to stand out:

  • Unlimited vacation days.
  • Surfing permitted during the workday.
  • Bi-monthly massages.
  • VIP treatment at sporting events.
  • A personal assistant.
  • Free mechanical bull rides at the bar across the street.
  • Free season passes to a local ski resort.
  • All the snacks you can carry.
  • Discounts on homeowners and auto insurance.
  • Free lunch daily.
  • Two hours of free housecleaning services a month.
  • Bring your dog to work.
  • Free gym membership.
  • Table tennis and other games in the office.
  • Green rewards .
  • On-site kindergarten.
  • Car incentives or alternative transportation options.
  • Concierge and laundry service.
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    Paid Leave Through Std/ltd Insurance

    Most employees dont realize that low-cost short- and long-term disability insurance can bridge the gap between unpaid and paid leaves of absence. Either plan can help employees get over the financial hurdle of time off when theyre sick or injured even if the injury didnt occur at work. Short-term disability coverage may be available to continue receiving an income after the birth of a child.

    Short-term and long-term disability coverage may be one of the most cost-effective insurance coverages.

    Of all the insurance coverages available to staff members, providing STD and LTD coverages may be one of the most cost-effective. Unfortunately, its also misunderstood and under-utilized. Make sure to outline what the benefit provides to job seekers and employees in the event theyre sick or injured.

    Financial Planning / Help With Finances


    In the past, employees only expected the companies they worked with to help them with retirement in the form of 401s or RRSPs, but now, as more and more employers have started offering financial incentives such as student loan debt repayment programs, this expectation has shifted.

    Personal finances are a great concern and source of stress for many people, even employees who receive what many would consider “a good salary”. As an employer, you can choose to offer help with finances in the form of student debt reimbursement, debt repayment assistance, or investments. Alternatively, you can also choose to provide access to information, which can be just as valuable. The reality is that not many people are as financially literate as they could be, and paying for financial planning services costs money that employees who are already stressed about finances obviously do not have. You, as an employer, can help with that by providing financial counseling or financial planning services. Thus, employees can learn about topics like debt management, identity theft protection, budget creation, home buying, etc.

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    These Are Some Of The Most Popular Job Perks That Boost Employee Morale And Reduce Turnover In Your Workforce

    Employee satisfaction is essential to a companys overall success, which is why its crucial to establish a positive company culture, and offer incentives and job perks that excite and inspire staff as well as attract top talent to the recruiting process.

    While every employee loves a salary increase, there are other ways to reward workers besides offering more money.

    Here are 16 impressive employee perks offered by large and small businesses.

    Attract And Retain Great Employees With Shareable For Hires

    While offering unique employee benefits is a great way to attract new talent and keep existing employees productive, employers must also do their best to bring in highly qualified candidates in the first place by creating a robust screening policy. After all, all your great perks will be wasted on an employee who fibbed on their resume, has a relevant criminal history, oreven worseeats all of the breakroom treats before anyone else has even had a chance to see them.

    Dont let sub-par employees take advantage of your great benefits know who youre really hiring with comprehensive employment background checks through ShareAble for Hires. Created specifically for small businesses, ShareAble for Hires makes it easy to vet job candidates and get detailed, easy-to-read reports within minutes

    Confirm that your candidate is who they say they are with identity verification. Running a candidates personal information can help prevent employee fraud and identity theftcrimes that could devastate your small business. With an in-depth criminal history check, your job candidates information is compared to national and state-wide criminal databases to see if there are any matches. Knowing that your candidate has been a responsible person in the past can make you more confident that they can be trusted with perks like flex time and remote work.

    Senior Marketing Analyst, TransUnion ShareAble

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    Holiday And Summer Scheduling

    It may seem like a small benefit, but summers and holidays are hectic and pressure-filled for workers. Some organizations close down completely for a week or two in the summer to give all their staff members a chance to plan vacations without fear of getting bumped. Others create summer hours half-days or off on Mondays or Fridays.

    If possible, consider closing down the office for the week between Christmas and New Year.

    Still other close the week between Christmas and New Year to let staffers enjoy time with family and come back for the new year refreshed. Whether its a bonus shopping day in December, or two weeks off in the summer, holiday scheduling is a perk most job seekers dont look for, but like it when they see it.

    Additional Training Programs Or A Professional Development Fund

    Webinar Out of the box HR Trends 2022 with Tom Haak and Marc Albert

    Training and professional development are great ways for your workforce to improve their skills so they can thrive in their careers. However, many employees don’t have the resources to invest in their own professional development.

    Offering training programs or a professional development fund to your employees is a great way to help them reach their goals. It can also help you attract and retain top talent, as employees who are given opportunities to improve their skills and pursue their career goals are often more satisfied in their jobs.

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    Improve Company Culture And Morale

    Giving employees more perks boosts productivity and improves employee morale. When your employees are taken care of, theyll feel valued and appreciated. This results in employees working harder and supporting your organizations goals.

    Employees who enjoy working for you and have a high job satisfaction help improve the work atmosphere, contributing to a welcoming and positive company culture. Plus, employees who love their work are more willing to recruit friends and family to work at your organization when a job opens up, helping you reduce your talent acquisition costs.

    Employee Perks: Family Events

    For many employees, family comes first. Show your employees that you value their family time with a variety of parental and familial policies.

    Parents who have children 18 years of age and under are likely to feel pressure due to time constraints, according to a Gallup study. If your employees have young children who need more intensive supervision and care, then comprehensive family support perks can make a huge difference in the happiness of the mothers and fathers in your organization.

    Family support perks to consider:

    • On-site childcare: Providing an onsite daycare program helps improve work-life integration for busy parents who want to be near their family while staying productive. It can also make a huge difference in commuting time and help prevent tardiness.
    • Paternity and maternity leave: While maternity leave is usually expected, offering parental leave policies that can cover both parents may boost morale.
    • Support for nursing and new mothers: Offer places and breaks for breastfeeding mothers to nurse or pump milk. In addition to being a nice perk, this is also often a legal requirement.

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    Flexible Scheduling And Remote Work

    While working in an office environment can be great for bringing your employees together face-to-face, many employees want flexible scheduling or work-from-home opportunities. You might find that many employees are much more productive on their own schedule, rather than the traditional 9-5!

    This is something you can ease into. Giving employees the ability to work from home a few times a weekor even every workdaycan help promote flexibility and demonstrate your trust in your employees.

    Whats In It For Employers


    Going beyond the basic health and dental benefits will make your employees feel that their needs are being met, which will then make them happier. Its no secret that your happiest employees are usually also the most productive ones. Happy employees who feel supported and satisfied are more engaged and tend to be more loyal to the company. So, if you want to ensure that your employees are motivated and working to the best of their ability, then you need to make sure that they feel looked after. Offering a competitive salary is no longer enough to stand out because employees are looking for companies willing to support them and invest in them. This is especially important for saturated industries. Furthermore, the reality is that life is getting more expensive, and even the most attractive salaries aren’t always enough to cover an employee’s expenses. So offering non-monetary benefits that allow them to cut costs or take care of these expenses is not only a great way to attract potential employees, but is also one of the best employee retention strategies.

    For context, here is an example: Let’s say that you are looking for content writer jobs, and three companies have offered you a position. All three companies have missions you believe in and appear to have a great workplace culture. The main difference between them is the compensation package that they are offering:

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