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Q: How Many Hours Are Considered Full

Vacation Pay in California — 3 Things to Know About the Law

A: The definitions of full-time and part-time can vary depending on law and policy. For example, most employers define full-time as an employee who works anywhere from 32 to 40 or more hours per week. However, the Affordable Care Act defines full-time as working, on average, at least 30 hours per week. Under the ACA, a part-time employee is any employee who works fewer than 30 hours per week on average. Other laws may define full-time using higher or lower thresholds. In addition, your company may determine the definition of full-time employment based on policy and business needs. Regardless of how your company defines full-time, you may still be subject to certain employment laws if your employees’ hours meet the laws’ definitions.

What Is Considered Part

You may wonder how many hours are considered part-time in California and how time clock laws affect your rights.

Read on to determine whether your employer violated time clock laws in determining part-time hours in California.

California employees possess a legal right to compensation in the event their employers violate time clock laws.

The Fair Labor Standards Act governs time clock laws related to work hours, overtime wages, and record keeping.

If you would like to speak with an experienced California employment lawyer, please us at Starpoint Employment Law today. We offer free consultations.

As an hourly employee, California considers you a non-exempt employee.

Hourly employees hold the right to be paid only for hours worked.

You may ask how many hours is part-time in California? California law provides that part-time employees include anyone working less than 40 hours per week. But it can be different for independent contractors, if that’s you, we decided to write a blog about those laws.

Retirement Contributions For Part

Pursuant to the Government Code, retirement deductions are required when the normal monthly rate of pay or base pay is paid for services rendered on a full-time basis during normal working hours. As applied to hourly employees with a time base of less than full-time, CalPERS retirement contributions must be withheld for all hours worked up to 40 in a work week.

The State Controllers Office has an earnings identifier to compensate part-time employees for all hours worked over their time base up to 40 hours in a work week. Departments utilizing the SCO payroll system must use the EID which will withhold the appropriate retirement contributions. Departments that use their own payroll system must establish an EID to ensure that the appropriate retirement contributions are withheld.

Part-time employees are not eligible for compensating time off until after they have been compensated in cash for all hours worked up to 40 in the work week. Otherwise, part-time employees must be compensated in cash through the payroll system for all hours worked over their time base.

Compensation for time worked over 40 hours in a work week remains unchanged and existing SCO EIDs or compensating time off is applicable.

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Are There Minimum Or Maximum Hours For Part

Although the FLSA provides no definition of part-time work, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics considers the minimum and maximum hours for part-time employment to between one and 34 hours per week. The IRS, however, created its own standards to help with Affordable Care Act compliance. They state that anyone who works 30 hours per week or 130 hours per month is a full-time employee.

Build a better employee benefits program to attract and retain talent

Health Insurance For Part Time Employees In California

Workers Compensatione: California Workers Compensation Fee Schedule

If you have any involvement in the employee benefits program at your California company, you may be aware of regulations regarding full-time and part-time employees and health care benefits. Depending on the status of the company and its part-time employees, these changes may be significant. Do part-time employees get benefits? What is considered a part-time employee, and what strategies may best benefit companies impacted by the changes? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about how California part-time employees get benefits.

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Benefit Summary For City Of Commerce Full

The following information is a brief description of benefits available for full-time employees. .

Health Benefits

City paid Medical up to a cap of the monthly premium for employees and eligible dependents. Employees may choose from the following insurance plans:

  • Blue Shield Access +
  • Health Net Salud y Mas
  • Blue Shield Trio HMO
  • UnitedHealthcare Signature Value EPO Harmony
  • Anthem Traditional HMO
  • Health Net Smart Care
  • Vision Coverage Provided by VSP

    The City pays 100% of the monthly premium for employees and eligible dependents. This benefit includes one eye exam, one pair of lenses and a one-year supply of contact lenses per year.

    Dental Coverage Provided by UMR

    The City pays 100% of the monthly premium for employees and eligible dependents. The maximum benefit per calendar year per covered person is $2,000. The lifetime maximum benefit for orthodontic expenses per covered person is $3,000.

    Life Insurance

    Every full-time employee is provided Term life insurance equal to his/her annual salary with a maximum of $150,000.

    Short-Term Disability Standard Insurance

    Full-time employees must be employed a minimum of 30 days prior to receiving short-term disability benefits. There is a 29-day waiting eligibility period, and the maximum allotted time period is 180 days.

    Long-Term Disability Standard Insurance

    Public Employers Retirement System Retirement Benefit

    Deferred Compensation

    Employee Assistance Program

    Easy Eight Trip Reduction Program

    Additional Benefits

    Speak To A Los Angeles Wage & Hour Lawyer Today

    At Workplace Rights Law Group LLP, our dedicated California employment lawyers have extensive experience handling the full range of wage & hour claims.

    If you have questions about part-time employment or if you believe that you were improperly denied benefits or your rights were violated, we are here to help.

    To get a free, confidential review of your case, please contact our law firm today.

    We have offices in Riverside and Glendale , and we represent employees all over Southern California.

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    Laws And Regulations: What You Need To Know

    Regulations are pretty loose when it comes to defining the limiting hours of part-time and full-time employment. Still, employers need to obey certain laws and acts that determine their obligations towards their employees.

    The Affordable Care Act dictates that employers who employ more than 50 full-time employees or equivalents must provide the option of having essential health insurance benefits to all their employees. Those employers are classified as Applicable Large Employers. They also need to file Form 1095-C to the IRS, reporting about the healthcare benefits offered to all their employees during the calendar year.

    If you are unsure about what it means to have 50 full-time employees or equivalents, heres a brief explanation. The easiest way to calculate how many full-time employees you have is to divide the total number of hours all your employees worked during one calendar year by the average full-time annual work hours for one employee.

    The formula for calculating full-time equivalents is slightly different. You need to add up the number of hours all your part-time employees put in during one month and divide that number by 120. That will give you the number of your full-time equivalent employees.

    Another applicable law is the Fair Labor Standards Act. The FLSA determines the minimum wages, overtime pay, and recordkeeping for all private-sector and government employees. It doesnt differentiate between part-time and full-time employees, and its rules apply to all.

    Definition Of A Part Time Employee In California

    California Retirement Plan Requirements & QuickBooks: 5 – 50 Employees

    Part-time employees in California enjoy the flexibility of part-time hours while having the opportunity to work alongside full-time workers. Employees who choose to work part-time do not have access to the same amount of benefits as full-time employees. The lack of medical insurance can outweigh the benefits of working part-time for employees who want to gain valuable work experience for future full-time employment.

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    Carriers Will Have Different Requirements But As A Rule Of Thumb It’s Based On Hours Worked For 1/2 Of Prior Calendar Quarter

    Let’s assume we have our employees that are clearly under 30 hours per week on average.

    These are w2 employees, not contract or 1099 labor. Contractors or 1099 do not figure into any calculation due to their status.

    An employer is not responsible for offering health insurance to these individuals.

    Advantages Of Offering Part

    Employers with tight budgets might balk at the idea of spending more on something thats usually not required, but part-time employee benefits can have a solid return on investment. Those who offer them may be able to:

    • Stand out from competitors in the market
    • Recruit more talented individuals
    • Retain valued employees and reduce turnover
    • Improve engagement and productivity

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    How Many Hours In Part

    What is considered full time in California?

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    Generally, working forty hours per week is considered full time in California. But, what is considered part time in California?

    Part-time workers make up a large part of the American economy. By how many hours is part-time work?

    What is considered part time hours per week in California depends on several factors. There are a lot of different definitions of part-time work and the hours involved. In California, any workers that work less than 40 hours a week could be classified as part-time. But the employer could call them full-time on less than 40 hour weeks if they wish.

    In this article, our California wage and hour lawyer explains what is considered part time in California.

    What Are The Most Common Benefits For Part


    Employers who are looking to incentivize their part-time workers commonly offer them benefits such as these:

    • Health insuranceMedical benefits can help keep workers on the job, thereby preventing staffing shortages and productivity lost due to sick days. Insurance companies generally require employees to work a minimum of 20 hours per week to be eligible for their plans, but this is subject to the individual carrier and state jurisdictions.
    • Retirement plansWhen employees worry about their financial future, theyre often distracted at work. Employers can alleviate this stress and improve engagement by allowing part-time workers to participate in a retirement savings plan, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.
    • Fringe benefitsPaid holidays and vacations, tuition assistance, telecommuting, flexible work schedules and other ancillary benefits let part-time workers know theyre appreciated and may make them more loyal to their employer.

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    If You’re Looking For A Part

    Today, many workers work part time while balancing other money-making opportunities, like creative work or freelance gigs. Part-time employment typically consists of a minimum of 20 hours of work per week. This convenient schedule is attractive to many, especially those who earn a decent profit in contract work on the side.

    However, its difficult to achieve stability without a full-time position. At many companies, only full-timers are eligible for employee benefits such as medical or dental insurance and a 401 plan. That leaves part-time workers to fend for themselves, spending valuable funds on low-quality medical and dental insurance or trying to set money aside for retirement. Thankfully, some large employers extend benefits to their part-time staff, an initiative that is becoming more conventional.

    What Kinds Of Employee Benefits Are Required In California

    California law requires employers to provide certain types of benefits to employees. Other benefits are not required by law but may have been guaranteed in the employment contract. Benefits are an important part of an employees overall compensation package, just like income and bonuses, and employers can be held accountable if they run afoul of state law by omitting required benefits. Continue reading for a summary of several common types of benefits California employers are required to provide, and contact an experienced California labor and employment lawyer with any questions about how these laws could affect you or your organization.

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    How Many Hours Is Considered Part

    Is 32 hours full-time in California? What about 40? Is there a limit at all? Generally, part-time means less than 40 hours per week in California.

    That said, there really isnt a California law that sets a hard line for full-time employment. The California Labor Market Review refers to 35 hours or less as part-time, but again, this is more of a guide than a rule.

    On the Federal side, the Affordable Care Act defines full-time as at least 30 hours. Part-time hours in California usually vary by employer.

    Many employers make an honest effort to properly classify their employees, but some dont.

    How Many Hours Is Full

    Your Retirement Estimate and Payment Options

    The IRS and the Affordable Care Act define full time as anyone working 30 or more hours per week, or 130 hours or more per month. The U.S. Department of Labor does not give a definition of full-time employment.

    These definitions may not affect you if your company is not considered an Applicable Large Employer by the IRS. Generally, companies with fewer than 50 employees are not considered ALEs, but this can vary for a number of reasons.

    State laws may also describe full-time for the purposes of receiving specific benefits, and laws such as COBRA may have an effect as well.

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    How Many Hours Must A Full

    The U.S. Department of Labor does not give a definition of what a full-time employee is, but the IRS and the Affordable Care Act define it as anyone working 30 or more hours per week, or 130 hours or more per month.

    These definitions may not affect you if your company is not considered an Applicable Large Employer by the IRS. Generally, companies with fewer than 50 employees are not considered ALEs, but this can vary for a number of reasons.

    State laws may also describe full-time for the purposes of receiving specific benefits, and laws such as COBRA may have an effect as well.

    How A California Employment Lawyer Can Help

    Many workers are told that they are not eligible for the same benefits and rights as their full-time companions, but we want you to know that this is false.

    You still have most of the same rights as other employees when you work part-time hours in California. If your employer is using your part-time status to cheat you out of your pay and benefits, give us a call.

    Ottinger Employment Lawyers know how important workers are. Our employment attorneys have decades of employment law experience. We want to help you fight back against unfair employers.

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    How Do Employers Use Part

    You may have heard that part-time employees do not get the same protection against discrimination as full-time workers but this is false.

    California takes discrimination seriously. Know your rights and keep a lookout for attempts to use your part-time status as a reason to discriminate against you.

    Lets go over some common ways part-time employees are taken advantage of.

    Regulations Affecting California Health Care Benefits


    The first part of the regulations requires Californians to obtain health care coverage at minimum standards. Coverage must be secured for individuals, spouses and partners, and children residing in California. Those not complying could face additional state taxes. Additional subsidies are available to help cover the cost of health care when purchased from CoveredCA.com.

    Regulations also mandate that employers with 50 or more employees working full-time are required to provide at least minimal levels of healthcare insurance. Employers with 50 or more employees are referred to as “Applicable Large Employers”, ALE.

    Employers with fewer than 50 full-time employees are not required to provide healthcare coverage. While small employers with 50 or fewer employees are not required to offer coverage, if they decide to offer it, coverage must meet ACA minimum standards.

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    How Does Being A Part

    The rights of part-time workers must be protected.

    As explained by the United States Department of Labor , part-time employees are still protected by labor regulations in much the same way that full-time workers are.

    For example, the Fair Labor Standards Act simply does not consider whether a worker is part-time or full-time.

    Part-time workers are still owed a minimum wage, and, should a part-time worker be scheduled for more than 40 hours in a single week during a busy time of the year, they may be entitled to overtime pay.

    To be clear, employers are under no obligation to offer part-time workers general benefits.

    California companies typically have the right to award benefits only to their full-time staff members.

    Though, employers should treat workers fairly and consistently.

    If you are a part-time worker who has been denied benefits while other similarly situated part-time workers are receiving benefits, it is possible that you have been the victim of unlawful discrimination.

    To learn more about your rights and your options, you should discuss your case with an employment attorney immediately.

    Whats Considered A Part

    In the simplest terms, part-time employees work fewer hours per week than individuals in full-time roles. That said, defining a part-time employee can be a little tricky because there isnt an official classification established by the federal government or clear-cut guidelines for employers to follow. We can get closer to an actual figure by zeroing in on what some agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor say on the subject:

    • The DOL defines a part-time employee as someone who works between one to 34 hours per week or less than 35 hours per week. But this is not a law.
    • The IRS defines a full-time employee as someone working more than 30 hours in a workweek or 130 hours per month. Uncle Sam usually defers to employers on what they consider part-time, which varies from business to business.
    • We should also point out that the Fair Labor and Standards Act doesnt weigh in on the definition of part-time employees.
    • Last but not least, insurance companies usually have their own definitions specific to full-time employees for underwriting purposes. According to OnPays Vice President of Insurance, Paul Foery, When it comes to insurance coverage, almost all carriers define a full-time employee as someone working 30 hours or more during a workweek.

    In addition to the bullet points listed above, you can use the table below for reference:

    Employee working more than 30 hours in a workweek No official definition

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