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Sample Employee Benefits Survey Questionnaire

Do You Know What Is Needed To Meet Your Goals And Objectives

How To Pick The Right EMPLOYEE SURVEY QUESTIONS in 2021: The PeopleMetrics EX14 Model

Employees who have clear goals can take the steps they need to succeed.

On the other hand, when their day-to-day work feels disconnected to a meaningful goal or objective, its easy to become disconnected from the work altogether.

Goals and objectives also determine an employees career progression, pay increases, and bonuses.

If goals and objectives arent clear, and annual performance reviews are not satisfactory, this can lead to resentment and dissatisfaction among employees who feel let down by a companys evaluation system.

On the other hand, if managers clearly define goals, give employees the information and guidance they need to successfully meet them, employees can feel like in their organization.

Figuring out how involved employees feel sooner rather than later is a smart approach.

Employee Evaluation Survey Questions

Employee evaluation surveys are very different from other types of employee surveys because individuals are tasked with assessing and critiquing each others professional performance. This usually entails supervisors evaluating their reports, but thats not always the case. Craft these questions carefully to remove personal bias and promote professionalism.

Try including these questions in your employee survey:

  • How does this individual respond to feedback?
  • The ability to take and apply feedback is crucial to meeting expectations and growing professionally. The way an employee responds to feedback whether its an affirmation or constructive criticism has a notable impact on how well they work with others. After all, supervisors arent the only people who will assess and respond to their work.

  • Can you count on this person to work well under pressure?
  • No employee survey is complete without this question. Stressful and urgent situations are inevitable. You need to know exactly how confident you can be in employees when circumstances are not ideal. Ask for examples of how each individual has responded to high-pressure situations when possible.

  • Select the answer that best describes this persons approach to teamwork:
  • Everyones working style is different, so its not necessarily a problem if a person doesnt naturally gravitate toward collaboration. The key to this employee survey question is to identify how people contribute to a team and to correct negative behaviors.

    Employee Engagement Survey Questions

    Your first question might be, What is employee engagement? Essentially, employee engagement has to do with an individuals investment and sense of commitment to their work, and whether they feel valued as an employee. This could include how likely they are to exceed expectations, whether they feel confident speaking up in meetings, and how motivated they are when they come into work each day. Read these question examples for more clarification:

  • How comfortable are you contributing to meetings, projects, and problem-solving with your supervisor and peers?
  • Employees may be uncomfortable collaborating with others because they feel their contributions are not welcomed or because a particular colleague dominates group interactions. This could even involve harassment or bullying. On the other hand, participants who do feel comfortable working as a team have the opportunity to take more innovative ownership of their work. Ask about this type of engagement explicitly in your employee survey, as individuals might not feel confident bringing it up themselves.

  • Does your team/department support and encourage your best work?
  • Solid teamwork doesnt stop at collaboration. Employees should feel like their team is supportive of reaching their shared goals, even when they are working on individual tasks. When employees know they have a support system and a group of colleagues cheering them on, they are certainly more motivated to invest in their work and the department culture.

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    How Do You Assess Employee Benefits

    The answer is simple structure the employee benefit survey correctly. Remember to keep employee benefit surveys short and sweet. Choose a couple of categories, or topics that will offer you the highest quality data. In most cases, using a ranking system works best with benefit surveys since these answers can be weighted more directly than simple yes or no questions.

    Ranked questions deliver a question followed by a series of options for the employee:

    • Somewhat Disagree
    • Strongly Disagree

    The benefit of asking ranked questions is that they provide a more accurate measurement of employee interest.

    Finally, its always a good idea to end a survey by allowing the employee to write in a subjective statement. That way, they can mention things that might not be listed in the actual survey.

    Questions An Employee Wellness Survey Can Answer

    Employee Benefits Survey » Template Haven

    With the proper question structure, an employee wellness survey can give you answers to important questions like:

    • How do your team members evaluate their own health and wellness in the workplace?
    • How much stress do your employees experience on a daily basis?
    • Do your workers have access to stress management tools, mental health support, and other resources?
    • Do your employees have access to proper healthcare, and how do they manage chronic health conditions?
    • How does your team rate any ongoing wellness initiatives in your company?

    The insights you gather from answers to survey questions can help you devise solutions for improved employee wellness, like a broader benefits package, exercise and wellness programs, or ergonomic office furniture.

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    Not All Benefits Come From Hr

    Its not just good HR benefits that help recruit strong prospects and retain good talent.

    Keep in touch with your employees lifestyles, preferences and needs. Work-from-home policies can mean the world to single parents and generous vacation time can seal the deal for world travelersall without breaking the bank.

    For example, one large organization had an athletic center that sat empty most days. They converted it into a daycare center after learning that employeesmany of whom are in prime child-rearing yearsneeded help with childcare.

    The company now offers a gym stipend for employees who work out. Everyone wins!

    Find out which perks are most important to employeesand which they could do withoutby using a quick pulse survey. This approach offers continuous, high-quality feedback.

    You can ask staff to rank perks in order of importance. Also include an open-ended question about their favorite perks to ensure youre not leaving something out and youre collecting good data.

    Do You Find Your Workload Reasonable

    Experts consider burnout a growing public health crisis, but employees in high-powered fields like finance, consulting, and law hesitate to seek the help they need.

    Oftentimes, this is due to a combination of workplace culture and an employees perfectionist tendencies.

    In one survey of over 450 individuals from 43 countries around the world, the majority said they felt unsupported and alienated based on their mental health.

    Two-thirds said their work had a negative impact on their mental health while 44 percent said they didnt think their company took mental health seriously.

    Even the most well-intentioned leaders cant register the individual mental health or stress levels of all their employees. Employee surveys are a helpful way to understand the level of employee stress, at the macro level.

    This larger understanding can help leaders make organizational changes to the company culture by introducing more support and resources for employees.

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    Employee Benefit Surveys In The Employment Lifecycle

    From the benefits that initially persuaded them to apply for a job with your organisation, to those that have strengthened their satisfaction and commitment to stay. The compensation package that your company offers can have a major impact throughout an employees lifecycle, from their initial recruitment and the early stages in their role, to how well they progress and how long they stay.

    Whether its your generous leave entitlement or the offer of duvet days that attract job applicants, or healthcare and flexible working arrangements taken up by many of your long-term employees, different benefits are likely to appeal to different groups at varying stages of their employment journey.

    Subsequently, the employee benefits survey is a valuable tool for gaining this insight, enabling you to see which benefits have the maximum impact at different lifecycle stages and which ones you need to improve or think about replacing.

    To gain an even deeper understanding of your employees during their employment and to be able to strengthen the support you deliver for them, you may also want to consider running more niche surveys.

    Benefits Of Running Employee Benefit Surveys

    What is Employee Satisfaction | Employee Satisfaction Surveys | Employee Feedback Forms

    The benefits your organisation offers has a major part to play in keeping your workforce satisfied and engaged, so its important to know how well they are being received if youre to get the greatest value from those you have developed and rolled out to staff.

    Some key benefits of running an employee benefit survey program include:

    Raising awareness

    Strange as it might sound unless youve promoted it well, some employees may still not be aware of all the benefits you have to offer. So, running an employee benefit survey will help inform everyone and ensure youre getting the most out of any programmes you have in place.

    Attract higher quality recruits

    Not only do better benefits typically increase your volume of job applicants, they can also help you to attract higher quality recruits.

    A boost to recruitment

    When you run surveys and gain a better insight into what benefits most attracted people to come and work for you, it enables you to develop these benefits further and help attract even more people to your business in the future.

    Increasing employee loyalty and retaining staff

    Attracting top talent is great, but you also want to retain the best of what you already have. If youre regularly issuing employee benefit surveys and acting on the feedback you receive, youre more likely to increase employee loyalty and retain your best staff.

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    Why Employee Benefit Surveys Are Crucial

    Without a universal healthcare system in place, employee benefits are one of the top factors applicants look for in a new job. Aside from healthcare, employee benefits might include other perks of working for the company like 401k contributions, paid time off, sick time, gym memberships, tuition reimbursement, and much more. Employee benefits show that you care about your employeeâs overall health and wellness as well as their future. They also provide employees with more incentive to work for your company and stay there. Employee benefits can help you attract and retain top talent and differentiate your company from competitors.

    According to a study conducted by SurveyPlanet, when combining health and retirement benefits, pay and benefits are the top two concerns among employees.

    Companies offering employee benefits often experience a ripple effect. For example, if their employees feel happy with their benefits, theyâre likely to feel happier and more satisfied with their job. With more happiness at work, theyâre less likely to get sick and use their sick time. Happier employees are also less likely to leave their job, especially if they canât get the same benefits somewhere else. If employee happiness and retention is important to your company, an employee benefits survey can help you determine the best benefits for your employees.

    Final Thoughts & Free Employee Benefits Survey Template

    Employees expect certain items in their benefits package with health insurance being at the top of the list. Post-pandemic demand for health-related benefits has skyrocketed. Almost half of employees in the workforce have researched their health insurance benefits to make sure they are getting the best possible coverage in their industry.

    Dont ignore other benefits though! Childcare is another big one that struggling parents will absolutely love. Add value to your benefits package by sending out an employee benefit survey regularly so that you stay up-to-date with shifts in demand.

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    What Is Employee Wellness Survey

    Employee wellness survey is a set of survey questions primarily asked to establish a direct correlation to their happiness, productivity, and rate of retention.

    It is used to gauge and understand how much importance employees give to their wellness and wellbeing at the workplace.

    Let me share a little secret with you, which most people will hesitate to share. If you inspire your employees, they will work harder for you and set your company on the path of success. Pretty simple right?

    But, do you know what is the game changer here? It is the employee wellness survey.

    Use An Employee Benefits Survey Template Or Create Your Own Today

    Employee Benefits Satisfaction Survey Template

    If you want to find out how your employees really feel about your employee benefits, SurveyPlanet is here to help. We make it easy to create a beautiful and easy-to-use survey to send to your employees. Create your own survey or save time and use one of our employee benefits survey templates. Start collecting the answers you need to improve your workplace today. All users gain access to unlimited surveys, unlimited questions and unlimited responses. Create a free account or take advantage of our Pro features when you upgrade. for SurveyPlanet today.

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    Other Information To Gather In Your Employee Benefits Survey

    It’s typically very helpful to also capture employee specific information in your employee benefits survey so that you can better segment and analyze your survey data. You can do this by incorporating some combination of questions for these pieces of information:

    • Age group: Which age group do you belong to? Under 25 / 26 34 / 35 44 / 45 54 / 55 or older
    • Department: Which department do you belong to? Drop-down list
    • Location: Which office are you based at? Drop-down list of company offices and include a remote-working entry if applicable to your company
    • Employment status: What is your employment status at ? Full-time, part-time, contractor, intern
    • How long theyve been with the company: “How long have you been an employee at ?” Less than 1 year, 2-3 years, 4-5 years, 6 years or more

    Information And Employee Satisfaction Survey

    This part often goes unnoticed in organizations especially when the employee is a recent hire they depend highly on the information.

    9. Do you struggle to get information to make better decisions at work?

    10. If something unusual comes up, do you know who to go for a solution?

    11. Does the organization inform you about all the resources and tools to perform your duties well?

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    Would You Recommend Our Company To Friends And Family

    Your companys success relies on its ability to attract skilled workers in a tight job market.

    And if youve already hired the best and the brightest, homophily in social networks increases the likelihood that they know other talented high achievers.

    If your current employees arent happy in their role, theyll share their experience with their friends and family who wont want to join them.

    Understanding whether your employees would recommend your company is not only important for your retention effortsits important for your recruitment efforts, too.

    Questions About Benefits In General

    Top 5 Benefits of an Employee Survey

    General questions about your employee benefits can help you determine whether your employees are satisfied with what you provide them. These questions can also inform whether the need to update benefits according to employee needs.

    Here are some example questions to get you started:

    • Is it easy for you to access s benefits program?
    • Do you agree with this statement: I am satisfied with the benefits provides me.
    • Does a companys benefits program influence your decision to work there?
    • On a scale of 0-5, do you feel s employee benefits plan fulfills your needs?
    • Which benefits do you feel are the most important?

    Use a combination of questions from each of these categories to develop a comprehensive employee benefits survey.

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    What An Employee Well

    Employee wellness surveys need to be simple, clear, and detailed to provide useful feedback. Surveys should focus on specific data that can help you get to the root of problems like high turnover or conflicts within your company.

    Here are some tips to achieve better wellness survey results and higher survey participation rates:

    • Include both open-ended and close-ended questions in your survey. Close-ended questions give measurable data , while open-ended survey questions provide personal insights .
    • Keep the employee surveys short and the questions concise. If a survey takes more than a few minutes to complete, your employees may abandon the survey, leave questions unanswered, or provide meaningless answers where you need feedback. Focus on what you want to know now, and leave the rest for subsequent employee wellness surveys.
    • Offer incentives to team members who complete the wellness survey. The reward can be simple, like a coffee coupon or a gift card raffle. Make sure to let your team know beforehand that a prize awaits them at the end of the survey.

    Above all, show employees that their survey feedback matters. After the survey, you could send a message like, Thank you for taking the time to answer employee wellness survey questions last week. Weve noticed that many of you have concerns about fluctuating workloads. Well see what we can do to improve consistency.

    Ask The Employee Which Of The Benefits Plan Is Important To Him Or Her

    Whether the employee is enrolled in any of the plans or not, this is a question that they will need to answer. The reason for this is because knowing which of the programs in your company they value the most will tell you which of them you push more priority to. You may also like sample free survey templates.

    So what youre going to have to do is list down all of the benefits programs neatly into the survey. Once youre done with that, you need to provide the employee with information regarding how he or she will rate each service. You can provide a rating system where you can state that putting 1 besides a benefit means that its the one that the employee values most and 5 is the one that he or she values least. You may also like excel survey templates.

    All of this is very useful as knowing which of these benefits plans has more values to your employees will help you come up with ways wherein your company will focus more on that particular benefits plan so that employees will have an easier time in learning and possibly acquiring it. You may also see blank survey samples.

    If you would like to learn more in regards to how you can come up with employee benefits surveys or any other similar topic, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles you need, and utilize all of the information you were able to gather. You may also like survey samples.

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