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Social Security Give Back Benefit Zip Codes

How Do I Qualify For The Giveback

Give Back Benefit – What Is It and How Does It Work?

You may qualify for a premium reduction if you:

  • Are enrolled in Part A and Part B
  • Do not rely on government or other assistance for your Part B premium
  • Live in the zip code service area of a plan that offers this program
  • Enroll in an MA plan that provides a giveback benefit

Because not all plans offer this benefit, its important to do your research and compare plans, benefits, and costs to ensure youre making the best decision for you.

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Where Can You Get The Medicare Give Back Benefit

To take advantage of the Medicare give back benefit, you need to live in an area where one is offered. Plans with Part B reductions can be sold anywhere in the nation, but theyre not available everywhere. To see where you can get a plan with a Medicare give back benefit, you have a few options, including:

Theyll look at options in your area and see if any of their policies feature Part B premium reductions. The only drawback? They probably wont show you options from their competitors.

Contact an independent, licensed insurance agent. They can give a more well-rounded view of your choices as they often have access to plans from several different carriers and can compare more options in your area. Many, like the agents at GoHealth, are paid by the carriers, which means you typically dont have to pay for this guidance.

If youre the dedicated do-it-yourself type, however, there are ways to find plans with the Medicare give back benefit on your own if you know where to look.

How Does Part B Premium Reduction Work

First, you must be eligible for and enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. And you must already be paying the full amount for your Part B premiums. You wont qualify for the Part B Give Back benefit if you receive government assistance that pays for your Part B premiums.

Next, you select and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that offers the Part B premium reduction benefit.

Its important to note that only Medicare Advantage plans offer this premium reduction benefit. And it may not be offered where you live. While there are 48 states offering plans, they wont be available in every county across the U.S. Some areas have no plans at all.

It should also be noted that Medicare supplements currently do not offer any giveback provisions. This benefit is only available if you enroll in certain Medicare Advantage plans. And, of course, there are only certain windows when you can shop for and enroll in a Part C Medicare Advantage plan.

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What Is The Medicare Give Back Benefit

The Medicare give back benefit is just that: a benefit. Simply put, some plans offer to pay for some or all of your Part B premium. Think of the reduction like vision, dental or hearing benefits Original Medicare does not cover these services, but some Medicare Advantage plans offer them to help attract customers. With the Medicare give back benefit, part or all of your Part B premium cost will stop coming out of your Social Security check each month. As you probably know, that can be a substantial amount in 2022, the Part B premium starts at $170.10 per month.

But whether or not a plan offers a Medicare give back benefit is just one of several factors you should consider when shopping for Medicare Advantage policies. Like the other benefits, not every Medicare Advantage plan offers a Medicare Part B premium reduction. And the plans that do may not have other benefits you need.

For example, a plan in your area may offer a premium reduction but not prescription drugs, vision, dental or hearing coverage. While you may pay less for Part B, the additional monthly payments for those other coverages can quickly offset your savings and give you more policies to manage. Its also important to weigh the costs a plan without give back benefits that features a lower deductible, out-of-pocket maximum and copayments may end up being less expensive over the course of the year.

Cigna Dental Care Plan

Man on disability worked construction, served on governor

Your plan may include a range of preventive dental services, such as oral exams and cleanings. Some plans may include comprehensive dental coverage, such as fillings, extractions, root canals, dentures, and other services.

How do I find an in-network Cigna Dental dentist?

  • Or, call Cigna Dental Customer Service at

8 am 8 pm, 7 days a week

8 am 8 pm, Monday Friday

A messaging service is used on weekends, after hours, and on federal holidays.

A Cigna Dental Information Guide is included in your Welcome Kit or end-of-the-year renewal mailing. Review this information to know what services are covered under your plan. After youve selected a Cigna Dental network dentist, call them directly to schedule an appointment.

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You Need To Be Enrolled In A Medicare Advantage Plan To Receive The Benefit

According to the official U.S. government website for Medicare, some Medicare Advantage plans cover part or all of your Medicare Part B monthly premium. In order to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you’ll need to be enrolled in or eligible for both Medicare Part A and B.

To receive the Medicare give back benefit, you’ll need to enroll in a plan that offers to pay your Part B monthly premium.

National Medicare And Ma Enrollment Figures

Over 64 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare, and this number will only continue to rise as members of the baby boomer generation continue to join the 65-and-over demographic.1

Medicare Advantage enrollment is also on the rise. In fact, more than 26 million Americans or more than one out of every three people with Medicare are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan.2

A Medicare Advantage plan offers the same coverage as Medicare Part A and Part B, and some Medicare Advantage plans may also offer benefits such as vision, hearing and dental coverage. Some plans may also cover prescription drugs.

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies. Plan availability varies from state to state.

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What Are The Worst Medicare Advantage Plans

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services does an excellent job of weeding out bad Medicare Advantage plans. Sub-par plans are given a year to clean up their act and CMS sanctions them.

So, what is a bad plan?

Generally, plans get sanctioned for bad customer service, poor performance managing chronic health conditions, a bad track record keeping members healthy , and a poor member experience with the drug plan . All of these measures are graded by CMS annually, and more. You can check each of the ten grades a health plan receives on our plan pages.

Beyond the 5-star grades, you must look at how a plan will cover you. By this, we mean the out-of-pocket costs you will be charged by the plan when you use health care services. A 4- or 5-star plan can be fantastic for one member and the worst of the bunch for another. It all depends on your total costs.

You must do the research and run numbers based on how you expect to use a plans benefits. Only then will you know if the plan you are choosing is a winner or a loser.

What Is The Social Security Give Back Benefit

Medicare Part B Give Back Benefit – What’s The Catch?

The giveback rebate is available to people who are receiving Social Security retirement benefits or who enroll in an Advantage plan with one: If you receive Social Security retirement benefits and enroll in an Advantage plan with one, the amount deducted from your check to cover Part B will be lower.

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What Is The Medicare Part B Giveback Benefit

The Medicare Giveback Benefit is a Part B premium reduction offered by some Medicare Part C plans.

If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan with this benefit, the plan carrier will pay some or all of your Part B monthly premium. The amount covered can range from 10 cents to the full Part B premium cost .

Pros And Cons Of Medicare Advantage Plans Vs Original Medicare

In addition to the fact that Medicare Advantage insurance carriers are generally obligated to sell you a plan, they also bundle additional benefits, such as vision, dental, hearing, and a prescription drug plan . These are valuable benefits that Original Medicare does not cover. For healthy people, these extras make a Medicare Advantage plan a very good deal.

Many of the extra benefits that some insurance plans offer look very enticing, but they often come with limits or high out-of-pocket costs. For example, a plan may have excellent healthcare benefits and a poor Part D plan .

Also, it is important to understand that the extra benefits, including Part D prescriptions, are not included in the plans maximum out-of-pocket limit. So, lets say you use the plans dental coverage and pay $1,500 in copays for restoration work, that $1,500 is not included in your MOOP, nor are your Part D medications. This is why so many people feel that traditional Medicare, plus a supplement plan, dental plan, and a stand-alone Medicare Part DMedicare Part D plans are an option Medicare beneficiaries can use to get prescription drug coverage. Part D plans provide cost-sharing on covered medications in four different phases: deductible, initial coverage, coverage gap, and catastrophic. Each… plan are the best way to go.

Find Plansin your areawith your ZIP Code

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Does My Zip Code Affect My Medicare Coverage

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reports that, with Original Medicare , you can use any doctor or hospital that takes Medicare, anywhere in the U.S. Medicare plans like Medigap and Medicare Advantage are a different story, though. The pricing, rules, and availability of these plans vary by state, and even sometimes by zip code. Here, we cover what you need to know about Medicare coverage based on where you live, using the official U.S. government website for Medicare as a guide.

Whats Covered With Grocery Plus

What Zip Codes Get Extra Social Security Benefits

The Grocery Plus benefit covers hundreds of products to help you make healthy decisions when grocery shopping. These options include:

Participating stores vary by state. You can see if your local store accepts the Grocery Plus benefit using our store finder. Just enter your ZIP code to view all participating stores in your area.

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How Can I Find A Medicare Advantage Giveback Plan In My Area

The Boomer Benefits team uses a comprehensive comparison tool to see if a buyback plan is available in your area. As you may have figured out, Medicare is not an easy task to take on, but dont get discouraged, we speak Medicare and can help you navigate through it! Talk to a Medicare expert on our team today to see what plan is right for you.

Can Your Medicare Coverage Be Impacted By A Zip Code

Yes. While the standard Part A and B premiums and deductable apply to members regardless of where they live, Part C and D prices vary. Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans provide dental, hearing, vision, and other services to seniors, while Part D plans are designed to keep the price of prescription drugs down for members. These plans are designed by health care provides operating in those areas and thus the prices are rather wide-ranging.

This year the price of the Part B premium which is applied to almost all seniors who receive Medicare has increased from $148 to $171. This is one of the largest increases seen in years.


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If You Get A Call From The Marketplace

After you apply you may get a phone call from the Marketplace asking you to verify or provide more information. If we donât have this information we may not able to process your application.

Follow these tips to help prevent fraud:

If your phone has caller ID, check the number. The display may show one of these:

  • Health Insurance MP

The customer service representative will say they are calling from the Marketplace and provide a first name and agent ID number. Write them down.

A Marketplace representative may leave a message on your answering machine. If this happens, you wonât be able to call back. If the Marketplace canât reach you after 3 tries, youâll get a letter in the mail telling you what to do next.

The Marketplace representative may ask you the following:

  • To verify your identity, using information you provided on your application, including your full name and address.
  • To provide or verify your Social Security Number, application ID, policy ID, user ID, date of birth, or phone number.
  • To verify or provide income, household, and employment information, but NOT personal financial information, like a bank name and account number. Theyll never ask:
  • About any personal health information, like your medical history or conditions.
  • For your Marketplace account password or security code.

If you donât want to answer over the phone, ask the representative to mail you a letter with instructions for completing your application.

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Myth #: You Must Claim Your Social Security Benefit At Age 62

What is my Social Security?

Some people think you have to start claiming your Social Security benefits at age 62. Thats a myth: 62 is the earliest age you can claim your benefit, but its not the only age to do so.

Your base benefit is calculated according to your full retirement age, or FRA, and your FRA is determined by your date of birth. The Social Security Administration calculates your base Social Security benefit based on your average indexed monthly earnings during the 35 years in which you earned the most .

Tip: Youll find your FRA at Social Securitys website, SSA.gov, or on a paper statement mailed to you by the SSA. If you were born in 1960 or later, your FRA is 67.

If you claim Social Security benefits any time before your FRA, you lock in a permanent reduction in monthly income. Claiming at 62 translates to a reduced monthly income of 30%, relative to your FRA monthly benefit . That means you may receive a lot less monthly retirement income, every year, for potentially several decades. A key consideration for when you claim Social Security benefits is maximizing your income for a retirement that could last longer than 30 years.

Wait until age 70 and lock in a bonus:

  • Waiting to claim Social Security after age 62 comes with a bonus: roughly 8% additional monthly income per year for each year you delay claiming .
  • If your FRA is 67, your monthly income would increase 24% by waiting from 67 to 70.
  • If your FRA is 67, your monthly income would increase around 77% by waiting from 62 to 70.

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Reason : Plan Benefits Costs And Providers Change Every Year

This is true. Under the rules set out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesThe Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is the U.S. Federal agency that runs the Medicare, Medicaid, and Childrens Health Insurance Programs. , insurers may change the benefits and costs in their plans. They are also allowed to change their provider networks.

This is the primary reason Medicare Advantage members should compare plans every year. Unfortunately, most enrollees dont.

Oasdi Beneficiaries By State And Zip Code 2011

This annual publication focuses on the Social Security beneficiary population at the ZIP Code level. It presents basic program data on the number and type of beneficiaries and the amount of benefits paid in each state, Social Security Administration field office, and ZIP Code. It also shows the number of beneficiaries aged 65 or older.

The data are derived from the Master Beneficiary Record, the principal administrative file of Social Security beneficiaries. The Social Security Detailed Office Organization Resource System file was used to associate the field office data with the ZIP Codes. Data for field offices in each state include only beneficiaries in that state. However, some Social Security field offices serve residents of more than one state. To obtain field office totals in these situations, it is necessary to combine data for each state served by the field office. The data include only persons whose benefits are currently payable. Those whose benefits were withheld are excluded.

To avoid disclosing the reason for Social Security eligibility of small groups and the amounts of benefits received, a controlled rounding procedure was used for field office and ZIP Code data. Data are not shown for ZIP Codes with fewer than 15 beneficiaries.

Under the controlled rounding procedure, ZIP Code data on the number of beneficiaries shown in the table are changed according to the following formula:

  • If the number is divisible by 5 , then the numbers are not changed.
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    How Do Medicare Part B Giveback Programs Work

    Medicare beneficiaries who are enrolled in Part B owe a premium of $170.10 per month. However, the Medicare giveback program offered by some Medicare Advantage plans helps to reduce or eliminate how much you’d pay toward the premium

    The reduction could be less than $1, but it could be the full premium amount. Most people don’t get the full premium reimbursement, but some find that any reduction in the premium is helpful.

    The important thing to know about the giveback benefit is that you don’t get any money back, you just pay a reduced amount. Then, you’re saving what you’re not paying.

    For example, if you pay $170.10 per month but your giveback benefit is $25, you’d only pay $145.10. While you don’t get $25 back, you’re saving $25 by not having to pay it in the first place.

    Most beneficiaries opt to have their Part B premium come out of their Social Security checks, and in this case, their lower payment would be reflected in the amount withdrawn from their check. For those who pay via check or a different way, the benefit would be credited to their monthly statement.

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