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Calculator: How Much Of My Social Security Benefits Is Taxable

Including Social Security Widow(er) Benefits in Your Retirement Income Planning

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Social Security benefits are 100% tax-free when your income is low. As your total income goes up, youll pay federal income tax on a portion of the benefits while the rest of your Social Security benefits remain tax-free. This taxable portion goes up as your income rises, but it will never exceed 85%. Even if your annual income is $1 million, at least 15% of your Social Security benefits will stay tax-free.

Social Security Benefit Calculator Description

Summary description

The Office of the Chief Actuary, Social Security Administration, produces a Social Security Benefit Calculator. It produces the Social Security benefit for an old-age, survivor, or disability claim, given the characteristics of a particular worker . It also produces the “primary insurance amount” , “maximum family benefit”, the actuarial reduction or increment factor , and the monthly benefit amount .

Online calculator

The Detailed Calculator is a comprehensive benefit calculator which is designed to compute historical benefits as well as estimate future benefits. It is somewhat unwieldy and can be difficult to use. If you are estimating a future retirement benefit, you may wish to use our Online Calculator first because it is much easier to use.

Detailed description

There are two versions of the interactive calculator: one works on IBM PC’s and compatibles running recent versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. It is possible that it may work on older versions of Windows, but we have not been able to confirm this ourselves. The other version runs under older versions of the Mac OS. The benefit can be computed for either a new entitlement or a recomputation after initial entitlement. Several pages of output are printed in the application window, with summary results on the first page. Later pages display details of the benefit computation.

Special note for the Mac OS version

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Survivors Benefits If You Have Children

If your spouse dies and you have children with them under the age of 16, then , you can receive up to 75% of your spouses benefit. Similarly, if your spouse has children under 16 by a previous marriage, that spouse may receive up to 75% of your spouses benefit. Also, each child, up to the age of 18, or 19 if still in secondary school or disabledmay also receive up to 75%.

The maximum a family can receive is up to 180% of the workers PIA. If ex-spouses receive benefits, it does not in any way impact the amount a current spouse will receive . However, if you qualify because you have the workers child in your care, your benefit will affect the amount of the benefits of others on the workers record.

If a spouse or former spouse is not caring for the children of the deceased worker, they may still apply for benefits on their own, if they are at least 60 .

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Are Social Security Benefits Taxable

If you have a lot of income from other sources, up to 85% of your Social Security benefits will be considered taxable income. If the combination of your Social Security benefits and other income is below $25,000, your benefits wonât be taxed at all. The amount of your benefits that is subject to taxes is calculated on a sliding scale based on your income. Money that Social Security recipients pay in income taxes on their benefits goes back into funding Social Security and Medicare.

If your retirement income is high enough that your benefits are taxable, how do you pay those benefits? You can ask Social Security for an IRS Voluntary Withholding Request Form if youâd like the government to withhold taxes from your Social Security benefits. Otherwise, youâre expected to file quarterly tax returns to pay these taxes over the course of the year.

That covers federal income taxes. What about state income taxes? That depends. In 12 states, your Social Security benefits will be taxed as income, either in whole or in part the remaining states do not tax Social Security income.

Couples Who Haven’t Claimed Benefits Yet

Income Limit For Social Security Widow Benefits

If you haven’t started getting benefits yet, waiting longer will help both of you get a higher benefit. This includes the survivor benefit once one of you passes away.

You can get the most out of the survivor benefit by having the spouse who earns more wait until age 70 to begin collecting. This creates a larger monthly payment. That larger payment will go to the surviving spouse when the first spouse passes away.

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For Qualified Surviving Spouses With At Least 1 Dependent:

If you have 1 dependent child and Your MAPR amount is :


  • The Survivor Benefit Plan /Minimum Income Annuity limitation is $9,896.
  • If you have more than 1 child, add $2,523 to your MAPR amount for each additional child.
  • If you have a child who works, you may exclude their wages up to $12,950.
  • If you have medical expenses, you may deduct only the amount thats above 5% of your MAPR amount .

Va Survivors Pension Benefit Rates

Learn about VA Survivors Pension benefit rates. If you qualify for this benefit as a surviving spouse or dependent child, well base your payment amount on the difference between your countable income and a limit that Congress sets .

  • Your countable income is how much you earn, including your salary, investment and retirement payments, and any income you may have from your dependents. Some expenses, like non-reimbursable medical expenses , may reduce your countable income.

  • Your MAPR amount is the maximum amount of pension payable to a Veteran, surviving spouse, or child. Your MAPR is based on how many dependents you have and whether you qualify for Housebound or Aid and Attendance benefits. MAPRs are adjusted each year for cost-of-living increases. You can find your current MAPR amount using the tables below.

Example: Youre a qualified surviving spouse with one dependent child. You also qualify for Aid and Attendance benefits. Your yearly income is $10,000.

Your MAPR amount = $18,867Your VA pension = $8,867 for the year

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What Is Social Security Calculator

Social security calculator is a set of calculators that helps to calculate social security benefits according to your retirement age. It includes Retirement Age Calculator, Benefits Calculator, and Retirement Calculator.

For Every American worker, Social Security is part of the retirement plan, and Its essential to know how the system works and how much youll receive from the United state government as social security benefits when you retire.

SSN Calculator helps you to calculate your benefits according to your retirement age, types of benefits you are eligible for, full retirement benefits etc.

Can My Surviving Spouse Claim My Social Security Death Benefits And Their Own Primary Benefits

How the Widows Survivor Benefit Works – Social Security

Nope. Auxiliary benefits were designed to protect the non-working spouses and children of workers, not to provide extra money to surviving spouses whose work histories make them eligible for benefits on their own record.

A surviving spouse whose age and labor force participation make them eligible for primary Social Security benefits should not expect to receive full Social Security death benefits on top of their own check. The Social Security Administration wants to guard against what it considers excess benefits, so will adjust the benefits of anyone who is eligible for both spousal/death benefits AND primary benefits.

Social Security will pay out the larger of either the spousal/survivor benefits or the primary benefits, but not both. This is known as the Dual Entitlement Rule. So, if you consistently earned more than your spouse and your spouse predeceases you while youre both claiming Social Security, you wont get an income boost because your primary Social Security benefits are greater than the death benefits youre eligible for.

If youre a widow or widower youre eligible to claim death benefits beginning at age 60, or age 50 if youre disabled. You can claim auxiliary benefits while letting your own benefits grow until you reach age 70. Alternatively, you can claim your own benefits beginning at age 62 and wait until later to claim auxiliary benefits.

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What Percentage Of Social Security Benefits Does A Widow Or Widower Receive

The surviving spouse can receive 100% of the benefits at full retirement age. If the surviving spouse is between age 60 and their full retirement age, they can receive reduced benefitsusually 71.599%. If the surviving spouse is disabled, they can begin receiving 71.5% of the benefits at age 50. Surviving spouses with children under 16 receive 75% of the benefits

Taxation Of Social Security Benefits

The amount of the taxable Social Security benefits becomes part of your gross income on your tax return. Its still subject to your normal deductions to arrive at your taxable income. You still pay at your normal tax rates on the taxable amount. 50% or 85% of your benefits being taxable doesnt mean youll pay a 50% or 85% tax on your benefits. The actual taxation on your benefits is much less.

The IRS has a somewhat complex formula to determine how much of your Social Security is taxable and how much of it is tax-free. The formula first calculates a combined income that consists of half of your Social Security benefits plus your other income such as withdrawals from your retirement accounts, interest, dividends, and short-term and long-term capital gains. It also adds any tax-exempt interest from muni bonds. This income is then reduced by a number of above-the-line deductions such as deductible contributions to Traditional IRAs, SEP-IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, HSAs, deductible self-employment tax, and self-employment health insurance. Finally, this provisional income goes through some thresholds based on your tax filing status . All of these steps are in Worksheet 1 in IRS Publication 915.

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What About The Government Pension Offset

The Government Pension Offset reduces auxiliary Social Security benefits for people who earn a pension from federal, state or local government work they did and for which they did not pay Social Security taxes. The GPO lowers your spousal or survivor benefit by $2 for every $3 you get from a government pension.

Are Benefits Paid Retroactively

A Beginner

No one wants to interrupt their grieving process to fill out forms and wrangle with bureaucracy. Unfortunately, though, the Social Security Administration does not make retroactive payments after a period longer than six months. If you wait more than six months to claim Social Security death benefits, you will not be entitled to back payment for the time over six months. So it pays to make your benefit claim appointment promptly.

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Who Qualifies For Widow Benefits

Generally speaking, a widow or widower may qualify for survivor benefits if the individual is at least 60 years old and has been married to the deceased individual for at least nine months at the time of death. Other qualifications can include being the surviving spouse of a Social Security beneficiary from whom you are divorced.

Claiming Social Security Benefits At The Right Time Means More Money In Your Pocket Heres A Guide To Everything From Knowing Your Full Retirement Age To Taking Social Security Spousal Benefits

Getty Images

When youre years away from retirement, Social Security seems straightforward: Youll leave your job, file for benefits and receive a monthly check for the rest of your life boom! But in reality, getting the most out of Social Security is anything but simple. As you near retirement, the decisions you make could have a significant impact on the amount of money you receive, and some of these choices are irrevocable. Youll need to move carefully to maximize this income stream.

Here are 12 essential details you need to know.

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Survivor Benefits For Ex

If you were married to your ex for at least 10 years, and you do not get married again before age 60, then you can collect a benefit when your ex dies. You can collect this benefit even if they got married again before their death.

If you are caring for your ex-spouse’s child, and the child is under 16, the 10-year rule does not apply. In general, the benefit is the same as it would be for a spouse who isnât divorced.

How Much Does A Widow Get When A Spouse Dies

How much your Social Security benefits will be if you make $30,000, $35,000 or $40,000

Benefit amounts change if the surviving parent cares for a minor or a child with a disability. Generally, a surviving widow or widower with a dependent receives a 75 percent benefit. Additional dependents like elderly relatives factor in the final amount. The Social Security Administration reviews the entire family when determining the benefits. They look at benefits already received, like disability benefits.

Regardless of the number of surviving family members left, Social Security does limit the number of benefits received each month. The amount typically does not exceed 180 percent of the available rate. If your surviving parent has not reached full retirement age and has earned more than $50,000 their benefits might be reduced.

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Who Is Eligible For Social Security Benefits

Anyone who pays into Social Security for at least 40 calendar quarters is eligible for retirement benefits based on their earnings record. You are eligible for your full benefits once you reach full retirement age, which is either 66 and 67, depending on when you were born. But if you claim later than that – you can put it off as late as age 70 – youâll get a credit for doing so, with larger monthly benefits. Conversely, you can claim as early as age 62, but taking benefits before your full retirement age will result in the Social Security Administration docking your monthly benefits.

The bottom line: Youâre eligible for Social Security Benefits if youâve paid into the system for at least a decade, but your actual benefits will depend on what age â between 62 and 70 â you begin to claim them.

What Lowers The Benefits

If you file between age 60 and your survivor FRA, you will receive between 71.5% and 99% of your late spouseâs basic payment amount. The amount goes up for each month that you are closer to your FRA.

If you collect a survivor benefit and you have not yet reached FRA, the amount you get can go down if you are working. This would happen if your income is higher than the earnings limit.

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Chapter : How Are Social Security Survivor Benefits Calculated

When a worker pays into the Social Security system over the course of their life, they accumulate credits. A worker can receive up to four credits a year. For example, in 2020, workers will receive one credit for every $1,410 they earn. When your spouse has earned $5,640, they have earned their four credits for the year.

In order to claim retirement, a worker needs 40 credits. However, the number of credits required to provide survivor benefits for the workers family depends on the workers age when they die. This means that the younger a person is when they pass away, the fewer credits they will need for their family members receive survivor benefits.

When someone retires, or when they die, the amount of their benefit is calculated based on their earnings over their lifetime. This is the amount that survivors will receive all or part of. To calculate their benefit, Social Security adds up the workers income during the years they made the most money. They then index that total against average wages across the country during those years. This results in the workers Average Indexed Monthly Earnings . The Social Security Administration only includes the portion of a workers income up to the maximum taxable earnings limit. This is the amount that is taxed for Social Securityin 2020, thats $137,700. If your spouse earned more than that, the higher earnings will not be included in the calculation because these monies were not taxed by Social Security.

Did you Know?

When Should You Claim A Survivors Benefit

Pin on ss

There are pros and cons to taking your survivor benefit before your FRA.

If you start at a lower age, you get this income for a longer time. The amount you get, though, may be lower than if you started later.

Many people can start to collect a survivor benefit before their reach FRA. It may make sense to start collecting now, then switch to your own retirement benefit at age 70 if it would be larger at that point.

For example, you could have these two options:

  • At age 60, take a deceased spouses benefit of $18,180 a year. Then at age 70, switch to your own benefit of $20,304.
  • At age 62, take your own benefit of $10,752 a year. Then at 66, switch to your own benefit of $24,480 a year.
  • At first glance, taking the money at 60 might seem like a good idea. But choosing option 2 will provide at least $30,000 more income over your life.

    It will also provide a more secure income at age 66 and beyond once you take into account. If your goal is to reduce the risk of living longer than you have money for, you will want to use the option that gives you the most income over the rest of your life.

    This might mean not starting benefits right away, even if you are able to get them. If you wait until age 66 or 67 and get more, you will have a higher total payout from Social Security over your lifetime.

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