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State Of Nebraska Retirement Benefits

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NPERS State & County Retirement 101

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    Life And Ad& d Insurance Benefits

    Benefits are provided by The Hartford

    The State of Nebraska offers both life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage to teammates. Newly hired teammates may elect any supplemental coverage amount within the first 30 days of employment without having to provide evidence of insurability.

    Basic Life Insurance

    The state provides eligible full-time teammates with a basic life insurance benefit of $20,000 at no cost. Part-time teammates, at or greater than 20 hours per week, are eligible for the $20,000 insurance benefit and pay 50% of the monthly rate. The part-time rate is $0.48 per month.

    Supplemental Life Insurance Dependent *

    You may also purchase optional life insurance for your spouse and dependent child up to age 26. There are two dependent life options to choose from and both include coverage for spouse and your child but vary by spouses age.

    NOTE: If both husband and wife are employed by the state, only one may cover the children on the states supplemental dependent life coverage. Also, they cannot elect dependent life coverage on each other.

    * You must be enrolled in Basic Life to elect Supplemental Life Insurance – Dependent.

    Dependent Supplemental Life Insurance Monthly Rates

    Option 1

    Accelerated Death Benefit

    The voluntary group life insurance plan offers an Accelerated Death Benefit that allows you to receive a partial life insurance benefit if you are:

    The Amount of Accelerated Death Benefit

    Calculating Employee Life Insurance

    Nebraska Teaching Salaries And Benefits

    As a teacher, you tend to be a very future-oriented person. Whether youre planning ahead for a new lesson or positioning your students for success in later grades, you always stay in a state of preparation and look toward the next day.

    Nebraska motivates its teachers to look even further ahead to their post-career lives. When you retire from teaching, you must ensure that you have the financial security needed to still provide for you and your family later in life.

    Teachers in Nebraska are able to address future financial challenges more confidently thanks to a supportive system of benefits provided by the state. By offering both retirement and health insurance perks, Nebraska helps its teachers adequately prepare for the future.

    Learn more about becoming a teacher. Contact schools offering teacher education/certification programs in Nebraska.

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    Flexible Spending Accounts Asi Flex

    New Law Exempts Military Retirement Benefits from State Tax

    This optional benefit allows employees to pay eligible out-of-pocket health and dependent care expenses using pre-tax dollars. Per IRS regulations, employees must use or lose the amount contributed to this account each plan year and cannot roll it into the next plan year. The annual contribution limits are $2,750 for the health care flexible spending account and $5,000 if married filing joint income tax returns or filing single as head of household for the dependent care flexible spending account.

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    A General Guide To Receiving Funds For An Alternate Payee

  • If the plan member is not yet 50 years of age and is still working: – You are not yet eligible for a distribution.
  • If the plan member separates from service at any age passes age 50 and is still working retires at age 55 or dies before you have received any payment of your award: – You will be eligible to:
  • Receive a lump sum payment to yourself.
  • Complete a rollover to another qualified plan.
  • Receive monthly annuity payments.
  • Receive systematic withdrawal payments . Systematic withdrawals may be made on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis and must be a minimum withdrawal of $100.00.
  • Alternate payees are not subject to the 10 percent federal tax penalty for premature distributions that is assessed to plan members who cease work before age 55 and withdraw their funds before age 59 ½.

    If an alternate payee dies prior to receiving any payment of his or her interest in the member’s benefit under a qualified domestic relations order, such interest reverts to the member. Alternate payees may wish to consider receiving their award, as described above, upon meeting eligibility requirements.

    Future Nebraska School Employees Could Receive Reduced Retirement Benefits

    18, 2013, 5:30 ·

    Listen To This Story

    The last decade has been hard on retirement funds, eroding surpluses and creating funding gaps. Sen. Jeremy Nordquist of the Nebraska Legislature worked with several state education groups as well as the state employment retirement system to create LB553, which he says is necessary to keep the retirement plans funded.

    “This plan with the amendment is both a short-term and long-term solution to our pension issues,” Nordquist said.

    Nordquist pointed out the state is legally obligated to pay these pensionswhether or not theres money in the budget for it.

    “This is something we have to do. If we dont pass a bill to make changes, we would have had a $108 million liability wed have to put general fund dollars towards.”

    The bill will create a new level of reduced benefits for school employees who start work after July of this year. It lowers their monthly benefit amount, and reduces the cost of living adjustment from 2.5 percent to 1 percent. Those changes will not affect current employeesbecause the state cant reduce benefits for current employees. However, all employees will continue paying their current contribution rate of 9.8 percentwhich increased from 7.3 percent in 2009.

    Sen. Nordquist says the plan increases the burden on everyone, “Current teachers, new teachers, schools and the state.”

    “Essentially its the state doubling its investment, and the teachers arent at all,” Larson said.

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    Information Collected Automatically.

    Information from Other Sources.

    Information Collected When Using the PowerLine Application

    Data Security And Integrity

    School Retirement 101

    We implement physical, technical, and administrative safeguards designed to maintain data accuracy, integrity, and security, prevent unauthorized access, and facilitate correct use of personal data. Our security measures take into account the risk of harm to you and Customers, as well as the availability of technology, industry common practices, effectiveness of mitigation controls, and the sustainability of those controls by us.

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    What Other Nebraska Taxes Should I Be Concerned About

    Nebraska is one of just a handful of states that collects an inheritance tax. The tax varies depending on the relation of the inheritor to the decedent. Direct relatives such as siblings, parents, children and grandchildren are taxed at a rate of just 1%. They also receive a full exemption on the first $40,000 in inheritance.

    More distant relatives, such as nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles, receive a smaller exemption of $15,000 and are taxed at a rate of 13% on all inheritance above that. For all other inheritors, the exemption is $10,000 and the tax rate for any inheritance above that amount is 18%.

    Ndva Guide To Veterans Benefits

    We created this guidebook to provide general information on the wide variety of benefits available to veterans and eligible spouses, dependents, and in some cases even parents. We highly encourage you to work with your County Veterans Service Officer or the NDVA State Service Office to apply for benefits listed here.

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    Wellness: The Wellnebraska Health Plan

    Wellness programming provided by UnitedHealthcare and Rally

    The WellNebraska Health Plan is a plan option open to State teammates. Like our other plan options , the WellNebraska Health Plan offers comprehensive medical and pharmacy coverage at competitive rates.

    Eligibility & Participation

    Any teammate is eligible to enroll in the WellNebraska Health Plan. Teammates and spouses who choose this option will benefit from reduced premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs for certain benefits. New hires eligible for benefits as of April 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 have no qualification requirements.

    If you and your spouse qualified for the wellness incentives for the 2021-22 health plan year by:

    • Completing the online Rally Health Survey through www.myuhc.com by March 31, 2021.

    Then you must select the WellNebraska Health Plan to receive your wellness incentives. When a qualifying teammate selects this plan, he or she will see the following premium amounts populate on the right-hand side of the health insurance area of the Open Enrollment form, confirming his or her eligibility.

    If you believe you should qualify for the wellness incentives but are not seeing the premiums referenced to the right, you MUST complete your Open Enrollment session, print a confirmation report, and contact the State Employee Wellness and Benefits office at 402-471-4443 or 877-721-2228 to speak with a Wellness and Benefits representative.

    Wellness Incentives

    $247.22 bi-weekly or $494.44 monthly


    Your Prescription Medication Options

    Nebraska Game and Parks Director Douglas announces plan for retirement ...

    Your PDL is a list of commonly prescribed medications and their cost levels or tiers, which define the amount you pay for each medication under your benefit. Tier placements on the PDL are reviewed and may change throughout the year. For a current list of your PDL, contact OptumRx at 877-263-0911 or visit www.myUHC.com.

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    Life Insurance Madison National Life

    Eligible employees are provided $30,000 group term life insurance coverage at no cost to the employee. Employees may purchase additional life insurance for themselves and dependents. Eligible coverage for children begins at 6 months of age. Benefits and premiums are reduced by 50% at 70 years of age. Eligibility of Insurance review may apply.

    Employee Life Insurance

    Eligible employees are provided group long-term disability insurance coverage which offers 66 2/3% of salary after 90 days of continuous disability as defined by the insurance carrier. The employer pays 75% of the premium for this required benefit plan and the employee pays 25%. The premium is based on 00.30% of the employees base monthly salary. Disability benefits may be co-shared with Social Security and other benefit resources.

    Neb Admin Code Ch 18 001

    Current through May 17, 2022

    The provisions of this regulation apply to the School Employees Retirement System, the State Employees Retirement System, the Retirement System for Nebraska Counties, the Judges Retirement System, and the State Patrol Retirement System. This rule and regulation sets forth procedures by which the Nebraska Public Employees Retirement System shall adjust member benefits and employee and employer contributions as necessary to comply with Nebraska state and federal laws governing public employee retirement plans.

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    What Is The Nebraska Homestead Exemption

    The Nebraska homestead exemption is a program that lowers the overall property tax for homeowners who meet various criteria. To be eligible, seniors must be age 65 or older with an annual household income below $43,800.99 for single people or $52,000.99 for married people. The home on which the exemption is claimed can have a value that is no more than the greater of $95,000 or 200% of the average home value at the county level.

    The exemption is worth between 100% and 10% of home value, depending on your household income. Households earning less than $29,800.99 or $35,100.99 receive the full exemption. However, that is also limited to a maximum of $40,000 or the average home value in your county, whichever is greater.

    Health Care A Top Concern For Retirees

    2022 Retirement Plan Enhancements – 3/3/22 Presentation

    Health care bills can quickly cut into retirees savings.

    Only 39 percent of employees are confident they will be able to cover medical expenses in retirement, according to the 2019 Employee Financial Wellness Survey from the consultancy firm PwC.

    Just 10.5 percent of people in Nebraska said they needed to see a doctor but could not because of cost, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Only 10 states had fewer residents who couldnt afford needed care.

    Residents have access to the Nebraska Medicine health care network in Omaha and Bryan Health in Lincoln. And additional living facilities are springing up in Nebraska to support the states silver tsunami, baby boomers reaching their senior years, says Greg Joyce, CEO of Legacy Retirement Communities.

    Joyce manages a 619-unit retirement community in Lincoln with about 750 residents. About 80 percent of the units are dedicated to independent living. The rest is set aside for assisted living.

    Resort Lifestyle Communities is a competitor in the area. Ed Waymire, 75, and his wife Vickie, 70, are spending their post-working days at the companys Savannah Pines Retirement Community.

    Its a slower pace of life, Ed Waymire says. When youre at the place in life when you want to start slowing down a little bit, its a good place to do it.

    You slow down, but you dont stagnate, Vickie Waymire adds.

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    We are the controller for the personal data discussed in this Policy, except as noted in the Where We Are a Service Provider section below.

    Making Changes To Your Elections

    Following your initial 30-day enrollment period for benefits, you can only change your benefit elections for health, dental, vision, and FSA plans during the states annual Open Enrollment period or when you experience an IRS qualifying life event .

    Open Enrollment

    Open Enrollment for the states 2021-22 Benefit plan year runs May 4-18, 2021, with coverage changes effective July 1, 2021. Active teammates will make changes in the Employee Work Center . Cobra/Retirees will make changes by mail.

    Qualifying Life Events

    If adding coverage, the effective date of the change is the first day of the month following the qualifying event unless noted below. If you are removing coverage, the coverage will continue until the last day of the month and premiums will be collected accordingly. No refunds or retroactive terminations will be allowed.

    Qualifying life events include:

    Newborn Child

    To be in compliance with HIPAA, all adopted children, regardless of age, must be enrolled using the same process as described above for newborns and coverage becomes effective on the date of placement.

    Legal Divorce

    In the State of Nebraska, your divorce is considered final six months after the decree is rendered and, your ex-spouse may remain an eligible dependent for medical, dental and vision coverage through the six-month waiting period. However, you may elect to discontinue coverage for your ex-spouse after 30 days of the date the decree is rendered.



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