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You May Qualify For Legal Assistance

Between The Lines: NJ ANCHOR Program

Applying for New Jersey disability benefits can feel difficult at a time when youre ill or disabled. If you need help, talk to an experienced Social Security attorney for free over the phone.

Having a New Jersey disability lawyer file your paperwork makes the process much easier. All New Jersey disability lawyers work on contingency, so youll pay nothing for claim help now. Have you already been denied benefits? A New Jersey disability lawyer can review your claim and fix any mistakes before you appeal.

Health Care Premiums Could Jump More Than 20% For Thousands Of Public Employees In New Jersey

The New Jersey State House in Trenton, N.J., Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021.

Republican lawmakers in New Jersey want to form a special committee to investigate potential health benefit rate hikes for thousands of state employees and former public workers, including teachers.

The State Health Benefits Commission is considering raising premiums by more than 20% according to an email sent to Treasury Department employees by Gaye Palmer, a union representative for state workers.

This is a huge increase in premiums that would affect both member contributions and employer costs. In part, the recommended increase is based on COVID, deferred services and increased utilization, inflation costs, and other factors, Palmer said in the email.

Republican Senate Budget Officer Declan OScanlon is one of several prominent GOP leaders pushing for a special committee, which he said should have subpoena power.

OScanlon stated that health care costs and New Jerseys pension system are the two biggest cost drivers for the state government. He claimed that executive branch officials made a conscious decision not to make the proposed rate hike public until late last month after the state budget was passed.

We should have known about it months ago, when we were going through the budget process, OScanlon said. Its a problem and we need to get to the bottom of it.

New Jersey Public Sector Employee Program

Thomas Edison State University is proud of our unique partnership with the New Jersey state, county, local government and governmental authorities.

Under the NJ PSEP program, public employees receive special tuition rates and opportunities for individual advising and onsite group information sessions. Our undergraduate and graduate programs prepare public employees for career change, advanced study at the graduate level and professional growth. Whether you are working for the state or in one of New Jerseys municipalities, now you can earn your college degree, anytime, anywhere at a special rate.

Personally, one of the reasons I chose Thomas Edisons John S. Watson School was because of its affiliation with the New Jersey Urban Mayors Association. As the business administrator for an urban city, I was afforded the opportunity to network with others in my field while gaining insight into various policy initiatives that are relative to the city and state.

One benefit of Thomas Edisons generous credit acceptance programs for both my bachelors and masters degrees was that all of the experience I gained from work, EMT classes, my state licensing classes, were all eligible to be rolled into my degree programs. When all of my credits transferred, the journey to success was seamless.

Test Drive an Online Course

Interested in trying out an online course?

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Information in Other Languages

Incentive Program For The Tiered Network Plan

How Health Benefits Work: Disability

The program offers a financial incentive of $1,000 to first-time enrollees who remain enrolled for one year for all coverage levels . The incentive is paid by gift card no later than the end of the current tax year and is deemed reportable income for tax purposes. The incentive shall be forfeited and returned to the SHBP if the subscriber fails to remain enrolled in the Tiered-Network Plan for at least one plan year. This program does not extend to children over the age of 26 or COBRA members.

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Pensions & Health Benefits

NJEA believes that the mainstay of a secure retirement is the defined benefit pension plan. In New Jersey, teachers and educational support professionals contribute a percentage of their salary and receive credit for the time they serve public school students in a pension plan that provides a guaranteed income in retirement. This is deferred compensation that members earn as part of their compensation package.

Providing quality health benefits for public school employees does not just benefit the employee and their families they are also critical to protecting students health.

Post-retirement medical benefits are another element of an employees deferred compensation.

On July 1, 2020, Governor Murphy signed NJEAs long-sought Ch. 78 relief plan into law. P.L. 2020, ch. 44, will lower the cost of health insurance for school employees while also lowering costs for school districts.

Program #: Supplemental Security Income Benefits

SSI has the strictest eligibility requirements of any program. But if you didnt work 5 of the last 10 years full-time or are 65+ with few assets, apply for SSI.

SSI pay amounts vary up to a max of $841/month per person or $1,261/month per couple.

SSI medical eligibility requirements are the same as those for SSDI. But again, you must have very low income to qualify. It is also important to have very few financial assets. Your total household income cannot be more than $1,350/month and you must own less than $2,000 in financial assets and resources . There are some exceptions to the asset rule: the SSA wont count your house, the land it sits on, one vehicle, your wedding ring, and some household goods.

If youre in the process of selling property, speak to a New Jersey disability attorney before applying for SSI.

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Tnstars College Savings 529 Program

The TNStars® College Savings 529 Program was created to provide families with an affordable and accessible way to save and invest for the costs associated with higher education. Nationally ranked for investment performance, TNStars® is designed to give families high quality investment options at a low cost to help them put aside money for future college expenses. TNStars® offers one age-based option and 14 static investment options with annual asset-based fees ranging from 0-35 basis points.

Big Rate Hike For Nj Public Worker Health Benefits Approved But Late Deal Eases Pain For Some

VA Benefits News (VBN) October 2022

NJ public workers, along with others, rally against increase in health insurance rates. The rally was organized by CWA and held at the Statehouse Annex, in Trenton, September 13, 2022. Mary Iuvone | For NJ Advance Media

The State Health Benefits Commission on Wednesday approved rate increases of about 21% on state worker health plans and nearly 23% on local government benefits.

But a last-minute deal reached after the meeting could ease a bit of the pain for some public workers.

The new rates will affect the health plans that cover more than 800,000 state and local government workers, and it could have financial implications for millions of New Jersey taxpayers.

After Wednesdays vote, five labor unions issued a joint-statement saying they had reached an agreement with Gov. Phil Murphys administration that will limit the increase on state employee contributions to 3%, shifting the rest of the financial burden to the state.

As part of the compromise, union leaders said they agreed to double co-pays for specialists from $15 to $30 and increase co-pays for urgent care from $15 to $45.

The agreement only applies to plans for state employees, however, and at the moment does not apply to local governments, which can pay as much as 70% of the total premium for employee health benefits.

Christi Peace, a spokeswoman for Murphy, confirmed the compromise.

We havent given up on trying to find common ground, he said.

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Dental Plans For Full

Dental coverage is offered to eligible employees through the Employee Dental Plans. Six different dental plans are offered based on one of two different plan designs Dental Plan Organizations and a Dental Expense Plan .

Five DPOs are available:

  • Horizon Dental Choice

DPOs contract with a network of providers for dental services. When an employee or dependent uses a DPO dentist, diagnostic and preventive services are covered in full. Most other eligible expenses require a small copayment. Members must use a provider participating with the selected DPO to receive coverage. Be sure to confirm that the dentist or dental facility is taking new patients and participates with the SHBP Employee Dental Plans since DPOs also service other organizations.

One PPO is available:

  • The Dental Expense Plan is a Preferred Provider Organization plan that allows members to obtain services from any dentist however, using an in-network provider will reduce an employees costs. After satisfying an annual deductible , members are reimbursed a percentage of the reasonable and customary charges for eligible services.

2023 Rate Charts are updated.

Who Pays For This Benefit

Insurance providers pay out the benefits in New Jersey. Most employers in New Jersey are required to have Temporary Disability Insurance for their employees. Both New Jersey workers and employers contribute to the cost of the insurance premiums that fund the temporary disability program.

Workers like yourself automatically contribute through deductions taken out of your paycheck. For 2022, workers contribute 0.14% on the first $151,900 in covered wages earned during this calendar year. The maximum worker contribution for 2022 is $212.66.Employers may choose an insurance plan offered by the state or by a private insurance company. Ask your employer which coverage you have, because its relevant to how youll need to apply for benefits.

TIP: If you are covered by the state plan, apply for TDI benefits online. If you are covered by a private insurance company, your employer will tell you how to file a claim.

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Program #: Social Security Disability Insurance Or Ssdi

You may qualify for SSDI only if you worked 5 in the last 10 years full-time at a job where you paid FICA payroll taxes. You are eligible for benefits if a doctor says your condition will last at least 12 months or result in death. If your condition improves enough for you to work again in less than 12 months, you cannot qualify.

Some people who dont get SSDI are service-industry workers, union members and federal or state employees. If you stopped working more than 5 years ago, you also wont qualify for SSDI. Thats because your coverage lapses if you stop paying premiums for 60 continuous months.

  • You must be 18-65 to get SSDI benefits.
  • If you already get some regular Social Security payments or retired, you also cannot qualify for SSDI.

It takes the SSA 3-5 months to review every SSDI claim. Theres also a required 5-month waiting period before you can get benefits. Thus, we recommend applying for state New Jersey TDI disability benefits first. The SSA approves 1 in 5 or 20% first-time SSDI claims for benefits. In fact, only 35% of all SSDI applicants eventually get benefits.

TIP: To improve your claim, get a New Jersey disabilitylawyer to help you file. They work on contingency, so you owe $0 until after claim approval.

Open Enrollment Is From October 1 To October 31


As state employees, our benefits are administered by the NJ State Health Benefits Program . Open Enrollment provides you with an opportunity to review and make changes or enroll in a different medical or dental plan. If/or changes are made during the open enrollment, the effective date is January 1, 2023.

Important Note: This is a passive open enrollment! This means that if you are satisfied with your elections, there is no action required with the exception of the FSA accounts.

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Higher Education Fee Waivers Discounts

A 25% discount on undergraduate tuition at any state operated institution of higher learning in Tennessee is available to children 23 years of age or under of full time state employees. In addition, full-time state employees with six months of continuous service are eligible to have tuition fees waived for one course per semester at a state institution.

Who Is Eligible For New Jersey Disability Benefits

To qualify for TDI in New Jersey in 2022, you must have worked 20 weeks. Also, you had to earn at least $240 weekly, or have earned a combined total of $12,000 in the base year.

To have your claim approved for New Jersey TDI, you need to have paid into the program through your employment and meet minimum gross earnings requirements. TDI is available to most New Jersey workers.

Exemptions include federal government employees and some local government employees like school district employees, out-of-state employees, faith-based organization employees, and workers that are not technically employees .

If you believe you are covered under the program but payroll contributions have not been made, you are still encouraged to apply as it may have been an error. If you became unemployed recently and have a need for TDI, you still may be eligible for benefits.

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When Coverage Ends

  • Employees with 10-month academic year appointments that end June 30 will continue health insurance coverage through July and August
  • Effective January 2, 2020: Medical, dental and prescription drug coverage will terminate at the end of the month the termination of employment occurs. Example: employment termination date is January 29th, insurance coverage will end on January 31st.
  • Coverage can be continued through COBRA for up to 18 months

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