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State Of Texas Employee Benefits

Sick Time Annual Leave And Holidays


Full-time employees earn 96 hours of sick leave each year of state service and will earn a minimum of 96 hours a year of annual leave. As employment service continues, an employee’s annual leave accrual increases, and the employee may also be eligible for longevity pay. Employees also get days off as indicated on the state holiday schedule maintained by the State Auditors Office.

View 2023 Travis County Benefits Guide

Employees may join the Travis County Credit Union which offers low-interest loans, savings plans through payroll deduction, safe deposit boxes and other benefits.

Employees may enroll in a tax-free sheltered investment plan through payroll deduction.

Employees may sign up for direct bank deposit.

Travis County provides a confidential counseling and referral service free of charge to county employees and their family.

Employees may access the clinic for a variety of wellness program and health care services with no co-pay, no deductible and no co-insurance costs.

What Can I Expect As An Employee Of Tdhca

You will be eligible for the state benefits of a retirement plan, 457 and 401 deferred compensation plans, group health and life insurance, and other optional coverage, including dental insurance. For eligible employees, TDHCA offers a sick leave pool, FMLA coverage, a tuition reimbursement program, and an employee assistance program. The building is a smoke-free environment. In addition, you will have free parking in one of the state parking lots or garages. Read below to learn more about the benefits of being part of our diverse workforce.

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Affordable Small Dollar Loans

City employees will have access to apply for small dollar loans through the Community Loan Center of Austin ranging from $400 – $1,000. You must be employed with the City a minimum of 90 days to be eligible. Payments can be deducted from your paycheck or set up through automatic draft. For additional Customer Service assistance call 956-356-6600 or 214-688-7456.

Apply online at clcofaustin.org

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Texas state and local veteran

While employed full time, you may qualify for forgiveness of any remaining balance on your Federal Direct Loan Program loans. Under this program, an employee may qualify for forgiveness after the individual has made 120 qualifying payments. This forgiveness program applies to any public service organization, which includes government agencies such as TxDOT.

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Clinic Hours Of Operation

Mon-Thu from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PMFri from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM Wed-Thu from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PMFri from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM Mon-Tues from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM

All Clinics Fax Number: 512-854-4480

Membership in the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Union is available through payroll deduction.

For more information about the CARE Program Wellness offerings, please contact the Travis County CARE Program at .

An average of eleven paid holidays are designated by the Travis County Commissioners Court at the beginning of each fiscal year.View approved Holiday Schedule.

Employees may select from four plans: an Exclusive Physician Organization , Choice Plus Preferred Physician Organization , Consumer Choice or a High Deductible Health Plan with a Health Savings Account . All four options include a Pharmacy Plan. Travis Countys current policy is to pay 100% of the employees health insurance premium for the Consumer Choice and HDHP. Employees will pay a premium for both the EPO and PPO. Other insurance benefits include $50,000 Basic Life and AD& D paid by the County.

The following benefits are employee paid:

  • Long Term Disability

New employees are covered on the first day of the month following 28 calendar days of employment.

Longevity pay is paid for each year completed after three years of continuous service. Peace Officers in a law enforcement activity, whose job requires state peace officer certification, receive pay after one year of certification.

What Other State Of Texas Employees Agencies Are Eligible For Discounts

Our discounts, perks and benefits are not only available to current state or Texas employees, but also to Texas employee association members, Texas retirees, Texas School and Teacher Employees Association, and the Texas employees union.

The state of Texas employees of the following agencies, boards, departments, commissions and bureau are also available for our discounts, perks and benefits:

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New And Newly Benefits Eligible Employees

The Texas Employees Group Benefits Program is the insurance program administered by the Employees Retirement Systems of Texas . ERS administers benefits for employees and retirees of state agencies, higher education institutions, and other groups. As a benefits-eligible employee, you have the opportunity to enroll in benefits that will best meet the needs of you and your dependents.

The State of Texas pays 100% of the monthly medical premiums for full-time employees and half the premiums for their dependents. If you are a full-time employee, working at least 30 hours per week, you will be automatically enrolled in HealthSelect unless you actively opt out.

If you are regularly scheduled to work at least 20 but less than 30 hours per week, you can elect health coverage for you and your dependents, but you will not be automatically enrolled. The state pays 50% of the monthly medical premiums for part-time employees and 25% of their dependent’s premiums.

Medical and prescription coverage is effective the 1st of the month following 60 days of employment. However, if you have transferred from another state agency or institution without a break in coverage, were covered as a dependent, on COBRA in the GBP, or moving from a part-time benefits eligible position, the 60-day waiting period may be waived. Please reach out to your Benefits Advisor in the Employee Services Center at if any of these scenarios apply to you.

Timing Is Everything

Optional Benefits Available Only To Employees Include:

State benefits and your online tax return
  • Short-term and long-term disability insurance that provides income when youre unable to work, through the Texas Income Protection PlanSM .
  • Disability insurance requires evidence of insurability unless a new employee applies within 31 days of hire
  • TexFlexSM flexible spending accounts let you set aside money from your paycheck, pre-tax, to use for eligible out-of-pocket expenses including:
  • vision expenses.
  • Optional benefits are paid for 100% by participants. The State of Texas does not provide funding for optional benefits or their administration.

    ERS manages optional benefits, and contracts with third-party administrators to help keep costs low.

    Employees Retirement System of Texas

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    Mission: Ers Offers Competitive Benefits To Enhance The Lives Of Its Members

    The health and retirement benefits programs offered through ERS are an investment in the state workforce, funded by participating members and the state. The benefits help ensure that Texas has the workers needed to provide services Texans rely on daily. State of Texas employees and retirees earn these benefits, in return for helping to make Texas a great place to live, work and visit.

    Health coverage and the retirement plan are competitive with what is offered by other government and private sector employers. Optional benefits — like dental and vision insurance, and the Texa$averSM 401 / 457 Program — are funded entirely by participating members. ERS oversees the benefits and relies on third-party administrators to help manage some aspects of member benefit programs. TPAs help keep administrative costs low to ensure the best value for active and retired members, the State of Texas and the taxpayers who help fund the benefits.

    Total Compensation Package For State Of Texas Employees

    State employees receive more than a base salary while working for the State. Total compensation is a phrase used to describe the complete package that an employee receives. The package includes an employee’s salary comprehensive health benefits and other benefit components that are less tangible than pay but equally important to employees .

    The State’s total compensation package includes several components:

    • Compensation: Includes all wages and salary provided to employees.
    • Benefits: Includes federally mandated programs, such as Social Security and unemployment, and core benefits that address issues such as health insurance, retirement, and time off.
    • Training and Development: Includes opportunities for employees to perform better in their jobs or advance their career goals.
    • The Work Experience: Includes items that are important to employees and the State but are less tangible than employee pay and benefits. This component may include scheduling flexibility, programs to help employees be successful at home and at work, and challenging and rewarding work environments.

    In addition, the State Auditor’s Office’s State Classification Team produces a report on Benefits as a Percent of Total Compensation to reflect the current total compensation resulting from the state employment relationship.

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    State Employees Work Hard For Texans Tpea Works Hard For You

    If youve worked for the State of Texas, you know how important state employees are to the citizens of Texasand you need a membership association that understands, too. The Texas Public Employees Association is that association.

    Mission: To preserve and enhance salary and benefits for State of Texas employees and retirees.

    Vision: State of Texas employees and retirees are respected and properly compensated for their dedicated service.

    Founded in 1946 by dedicated state employees, TPEA has fought for over 75 years to promote and preserve the salaries and quality benefits enjoyed by state employees and retireesthe benefits that make it possible for Texans to devote themselves to careers in public service. Today, we are the largest association for active and retired state employees, and were also the only nonunion, nonpartisan association serving state employees during and after their careers. We were instrumental in the creation of the Employees Retirement System pension fund, and we successfully lobbied the Legislature to offer health insurance to state employees and retirees.

    • Nonunion membership organization

    • Nonpartisan advocate for active and retired state employees

    • Governed by state employees and retirees elected to the TPEA Board of Directors

    • Independentno national affiliations

    • Texas-onlyall dues stay in-state

    • 5016 tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code

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