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Save Time Minimize Errors Through Integrations With Top Carriers

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ADPs HCM solutions integrate with top benefit carriers, helping streamline the exchange of data for plan setup, enrollment and billing. Your HR and finance teams will no longer need to manually enter benefit plan information and keep it updated across multiple systems. This helps reduce the risk of data entry errors and saves hours of valuable time.

In addition to working with more than 700 insurance carriers, financial institutions and other organizations, ADP directly integrates1 with:


  • Financial wellness services
  • Employee Motivation And Employee Benefits

    Employee motivation may result from several distinct factors in an organization. One of the key factors that play a prominent role in motivating employees is the provision of benefits to employees working in an organization. Employees are one of the major contributors to the business organizations success in the competitive business world. In todays business world, every organization looks to provide the best possible work environment for its employees so that the workforce can work with utmost dedication to contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. Every business organization aims to create a loyal workforce that stays with the organization through thick and thin. Employee loyalty can be obtained by providing workers with a plethora of benefits and monetary as well as non-monetary rewards. The provision of these benefits and incentives motivates the employees to achieve their objectives and contribute to the overall growth of the organization.

    Team Member Purchasing Program

    Use the team member Purchasing Program to make purchases through payroll deduction.

    • Enjoy the flexibility of using a payroll purchasing program when you dont have cash on hand or have limited credit options.
    • Make manageable payments with no interest, hidden fees, or credit checks.
    • Buy products including computers, electronics, appliances and furniture from thousands of brand names.

    You must be employed with Inova for a year to be eligible for this program. For more information, visit the Purchasing Power website or call .

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    Streamline Administration With Help From Experts

    Rely on our benefits specialists to help you ease administrative burdens and fill knowledge gaps so you can focus on more strategic initiatives. Support services include:

    • Dedicated service representatives Benefits professionals assist you withopen enrollment setup, technology best practices and benefits strategy.
    • Compliance Best practice guidance can help support your efforts to comply with the Affordable Care Act, leaves of absence and other federal, state or local regulations.
    • Dependent verification Point-in-time and ongoing validation of dependent eligibility helps prevent you from paying for dependents who are not entitled to health coverage.
    • Trust us to handle design, data management, print-on-demand capabilities and mailing services on your behalf.
    • Employee communication services Our team can help you create and execute targeted communication strategies to drive employee awareness of your benefits.

    Want to reduce the burden of complex HR administration beyond just benefits? Learn about our range of outsourcing options.

    Role Of Employee Benefits In The Success Of An Organization

    7 Advantages &  Disadvantages to Using an Employee Benefits Broker ...

    Many experts continuously stress the need for employee benefits in an organization. Employee benefits have assumed a greater role in todays business world. Many of the giant business organizations look forward to creating a better and productive workplace through the provision of employee benefits. The provision of employee benefits has become an important part of employment relationships between employers and employees. The following points highlight the importance of employee benefits in the success of an organization-

    The provision of employee benefits by the employer brings motivation and relief to the workforce. Benefits such as life insurance for employees and their dependents help the employees to achieve greater job satisfaction and job involvement.

    Employ benefits help to build a skilled and loyal workforce for the organization. A loyal workforce serves as one of the cornerstones of an organizations success.

    Employee benefits directly influence the productivity of the workforce. If employees are provided with suitable benefits at work, they are likely to be more productive and focused at their work. The productive workforce achieves results on time and also in a cost-effective manner.

    The provision of benefits to employees also helps the organization to build a positive brand image in society, as society often retaliates against the organizations which exploit their employees.

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    Discount & Services Program

    Gain access to exclusive prices, discounts, and offers from hundreds of local and national merchants through the BenefitHub.

    • This service is provided at no cost to you.
    • Get discounts on travel, entertainment, auto, electronics and more.
    • No enrollment is required.

    To start saving, visit the BenefitHub website.

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    There are even deals to help your family stay connected and spend more quality time together. Look for amazing discounts on the zoo, aquarium, and movie theater tickets, or find other offers that are relevant to you!

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    High Fives Recognition Program

    High Fives is Inova’s team member recognition program where we celebrate our values coming through in everything we do, every time every touch. Our values are the heartbeat of our work to fulfill Inova’s mission and an exceptional team member experience.

    Recognition inspires joy in the workplace and pride in our mission. Simple acts of celebration, acknowledgment and support energizes the team member receiving it and the team member sharing it! High Fives makes recognition easy, timely and most of all meaningful. For more information visit the High Fives Recognition Program on InovaNet.

    Corporate Membership With The Freedom Valley Ymca


    Villanova University has partnered with the Freedom Valley YMCA to provide a corporate discount for faculty, staff and their families. Through this membership, individuals will have access to 19 Philadelphia Freedom YMCA locations. This special offer provides faculty, staff and their families a 10% discount off their monthly membership fee and waives any joiner fees. To take advantage of this program, you will need to contact one of the Freedom Valley locations and provide proof of employment with Villanova University. This discount applies to new members as well as existing members. Finally, depending on your household income, you may be eligible for an income based rate structure.

    To find out futher details regarding this program and all that the YMCA has to offer, please view the below brochures:

    Click here for Verizon’s Soundbar Offer& here for Verizon’s Employee Discount.

    Take the Fios TV Test Drive

    Take advantage of the Fios Gigabit Connection, TV & Phone with a 2-year price guarantee. Click here for more information. Also check out our deal on Discovery+.

    Email Christopher Cooke at for discount related questions.

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    Employee Benefits At T

    T-Mobile provides its employees with an attractive range of employee benefits to make sure that the efforts of the employees are duly recognized. Working at T-Mobile provides employees several benefits, discounts, and perks of different types. The various employee benefits provided by T-Mobile are enlisted below-

  • Birth moms Pregnant women are provided maternity leave, which provides seven weeks of paid leave with 100% pay.
  • Non-birth parents- Parents who adopt a child, or become parents through a surrogate procedure are provided family bonding time, which covers up to three weeks of 100% paid leave.
    • Business Travel Accident Benefits- T-Mobile recognizes its responsibility towards the well-being of employees traveling for work on the behalf of T-Mobile. These benefits provide additional protection to the employees and their dependents, in case of suffering specific accidental injuries or death from such injuries, while traveling on the behalf of the company. If the employee is traveling outside their home country on the behalf of T-Mobile and requires urgent medical services, such services are provided by T-Mobile under a business travel medical plan.
    • Voluntary Benefits Employees at T-Mobile are provided with an option to avail of some additional benefits at discounted rates. These additional benefits are-
  • Critical illness benefits cover expected or unexpected expenses related to a covered critical illness. A lump-sum payment is provided to an employee in such a case.
  • What Does Benefit Provider Mean

    A benefit provider is an organization that charges premiums in exchange for health care coverage or other services. When shopping for benefit providers, businesses have several options consult a broker, work with insurance carriers directly or join a professional employer organization that will negotiate the contract and administer the benefits on its behalf. From the employees perspective, the group benefits provider is often the employer.

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    Become An Employer Of Choice With Innovative Yet Simple Benefits Administration

    Benefits are essential to attracting and retaining talent. But for that to happen, benefits administration has to be easy and engaging, both for employees and HR practitioners. ADP delivers such capabilities and much more.

    With an industry-leading mobile experience and seamless carrier integrations, you can help make it simpler and more convenient for your people to manage their benefits. Plus, youll have access to deep insights that can help you understand changing employee preferences and advanced technology to adapt accordingly.

    Registration By Invitation Email

    Mobile App

    If you were invited to use the Account Hub, you’ll receive a registration email from t-mobileforbusiness@notifications.t-mobile.com. If you didn’t receive a registration email, be sure to check your spam/junk folder.

  • In the welcome email, selectRegister nowto sign up for a T-Mobile ID and establish password and security questions.
  • If you already have a T-Mobile ID, select the Account Hub link in the registration email to log in.
  • If youre using the T-Mobile app, you wont automatically be redirected to the Account Hub. You must log in to Account Hub using a browser.
  • During the registration process, you’ll have the option to set upGoogle Authenticator once the password and security questions are created.
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    Guide Decisions And Understand Their Impact

    Optimize your benefits and empower employees to make more informed decisions. By leveraging ADPs true intelligence, powerful analytics and benchmark data, you can:

    • View trends in employer costs, enrollment preferences and enrolled coverages.
    • Help employees make better, more confident benefits decisions.
    • Measure system utilization, employee engagement and effectiveness of open enrollment.
    • Identify differences in engagement and benefits choices among employee segments.
    • Compare enrollment performance and benefit design to other organizations.
    • Evaluate plan dimensions contributions, estimated costs, access to care, etc.

    Easily Adapt As Benefits Expectations Change

    Meet the needs of multiple generations of employees and keep pace with the latest benefits trends workplace flexibility, mental health, childcare and more all while simplifying administration. Advanced benefits capabilities from ADP can help you:

    • Engage employees Make it easy for your employees to navigate open enrollment, add dependents and manage life events right from their mobile device or our website.
    • Personalize benefit decisions Help employees choose the benefits that best fit their needs with guided, interview-based support.
    • Integrate technology Integrate your benefits administration with top carriers and leading payroll, HR and financial systems, including most ERPs, to help increase efficiency, accuracy and security.
    • Manage voluntary benefits Easily administer your voluntary benefits via automatic payroll deductions.
    • Retain talent Show employees the true value of your investment in their well-being and future with total rewards statements.

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    What Are Some Examples Of Benefits

    Benefits tend to fall into two categories traditional and unique. Examples of traditional benefits include health and dental care, life insurance and retirement savings plans. Unique benefits, on the other hand, consist of education assistance, paid parental leave, telecommuting and more. Employers who succeed in keeping their employees engaged often find the right mix of both types of benefits.

    What Are Erisa Requirements

    The Recovery | We Are T-Mobile | T-Mobile

    The Employee Retirement Income Security Act requires that private industry employers who have voluntarily established retirement and group health plans perform the following:

    • Disclose important information to participants about plan features, including funding, benefits offered and plan limitations
    • File reports with the Department of Labor and the IRS that describe coverage levels, claims procedures and plan modifications
    • Establish a grievance and appeals process for when claims are denied

    Keep in mind that an employer is not required to provide retirement or group health plans.

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