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Tenet Health cuts employee benefits to meet COVID-19 demand

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  • Health & Savings Plan
  • Lowest employee premiums and higher deductible
  • In-network preventative care covered at 100%
  • Save money when you use Tenet facilities
  • Highest wellness incentive
  • Includes health savings account with Tenet contributions and one-time sign-on bonus
  • Preferred Provider Organization
  • Higher employee premiums and lower deductible
  • In-network preventative care covered at 100%
  • Save money when you use Tenet facilities
  • Lower wellness incentive
  • Highest employee premiums and no deductible
  • In-network preventative care covered at 100%
  • Save money when you use Tenet facilities
  • Lower wellness incentive

Stimulus Funds Deferred Taxes Aren’t Enough To Prevent A 10% Workforce Furlough

byRyan Basen, Enterprise & Investigative Writer, MedPage Today July 9, 2020

As many Americans prepare their income taxes before this year’s extended deadline, at least one large hospital system apparently does not intend to pay the millions of dollars it owes to the federal government any time soon.

Tenet Healthcare indefinitely deferred its 2019 payment of $134 million, and its 2018 balance of $159 million, as allowed under the 2017 federal tax reform legislation. It’s also holding on to $91 million from a new interest expense deduction benefit, per the CARES Act.

On top of that, Tenet has been infused with cash via the CARES Act, including more than $1 billion in stimulus funds, a $1.5-billion Medicare advance and about $67 million returned from Medicare, $60 million in Medicaid grants, and $250 million in this year’s Social Security payroll tax match that it has also deferred paying for 18 to 30 months.

Yet in April, the company furloughed more than 10% of its workforce and suspended a retirement benefit for its employees.

Experts have questioned whether Tenet and other companies that receive vast amounts of federal assistance — and that are already sitting on cash reserves — really need to be cutting employees at all.

Tenet declined to make executives available to comment for this story. In an emailed statement, the company said it needs the federal funds to continue all of its operations.

Tax Advantages

Reserves and Need

Tax Dodging And Lobbying

In December 2011, the non-partisan organization Public Campaign criticized Tenet Healthcare for spending $3.43 million on lobbying and not paying any taxes during 20082010, instead getting $48 million in tax rebates, despite making a profit of $415 million, and increasing executive pay by 19% to $24 million in 2010 for its top 5 executives.

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Why Are Healthcare Workers Protesting Tenet Healthcare

On a hot Wednesday in early July, healthcare workers gathered in the median and on the sidewalk just off the North Dallas Tollway in Farmers Branch to protest their work conditions and benefits at hospitals owned by Tenet Healthcare, but Tenet says it wants to negotiate and that the nurse groups are needlessly prolonging the strike.

California nurses were joined by nurses from the Massachusetts Nurses Association, who have been striking against Tenet for four months. All called for an investigation into Tenets use of COVID-19 relief funds, improved staffing, and better working conditions, delivering a 16-foot long petition to Tenets CEO, Ron Rittenmeyer.

They arent the only ones calling out Tenet for its use of COVID-19 funding. California congresswoman Kate Porter and Connecticut Representative Rosa DeLauro wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Health and Human Services asking for a federal investigation, alleging that Tenet misused taxpayer dollars. The letter juxtaposed the $1 billion Tenet received in CARES Act funds with its $1.1 billion acquisition of a company with 45 surgery centers and the companys $150 million plans to purchase 2540 more surgery centers later this year.

We are always understaffed, but it has been ten times worse during the pandemic, Nguyen says. We have big turnover because of the bad working conditions. When people find a better job, they leave.

Basic Employee Accidental Death And Dismemberment Insurance

Tenet Healthcare Employee Benefit: Health Insurance
  • Provides payment to your beneficiary in the event of your accidental death or if you sustain a serious injury
  • Coverage equal to 1x your base salary up to $50,000
  • Provided at no cost to you
  • Supplemental insurance may be purchased
  • For yourself, you may purchase insurance equal to 2,3 or 4x your base salary, up to $500,000
  • For your spouse, you may purchase $25,000 or $50,000
  • For your child, you may purchase $10,000

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Children’s Hospital Of Michigan Physician Barring

In late 2019, the physician group, University Pediatricians announced that they were separating from the Wayne State University School of Medicine and joining the Central Michigan University instead. In retaliation, Wayne State announced that they were creating their own physician group, Wayne Pediatrics and gave doctors who taught medicine at the university 30 days to switch over their affiliation to Wayne Pediatrics or lose their access to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. The group University Pediatricians has had an exclusive contract with the Detroit Medical Center and DMC’s owner, Tenet Healthcare, decided that doctors from Wayne Pediatrics would lose their affiliation with the hospital and doctors with Wayne Pediatrics would not be able to treat or admit patients at the hospital. In April 2020 Wayne State officials announced that they were taking up legal action against Tenet Healthcare.

Tenet Personal Health Team

Enjoy 24-hour access to a personal support line offering:

  • Lifestyle/wellness coaching
  • Provides payment to your beneficiary in the event of your death
  • Coverage equal to 1x your base salary up to $50,000
  • Provided at no cost to you
  • Supplemental life insurance may be purchased
  • For yourself, you may purchase life insurance equal to 2,3 or 4x your base salary, up to $2.5 million
  • For your spouse, you may purchase $5,000, $10,000 or $50,000
  • For your child, you may purchase $5,000 or $10,000

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    How Cares Act Helps

    MyHR CVS Employee Login | MyHR Login Sign in (2021)

    The $2 trillion CARES Act approved by Congress last week includes a variety of programs to boost health care providers.

    Cancelmi said Tenet will seek a $1.5 billion advance on its Medicare payments, one of the key provisions in the act designed to bolster hospitals cash flow. The money would be deducted from future Medicare reimbursements. It also expects to save $127 million this year from other Medicare and Medicaid changes.

    Another part of stimulus package would let Tenet defer $250 million in Social Security payroll taxes for the rest of this year. Tenet will need to repay those taxes in December 2021 and 2022.

    The package also sets aside $100 billion in grants for incremental costs and lost revenue caused by the pandemic. Those grants dont have to be repaid. Tenet said it will seek an unspecified share of the grants.

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    Saint Vincent Hospital Strike

    On March 8, 2021, workers at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts, went on strike. According to the workers’ union, the Massachusetts Nurses Association, the hospital, owned by Tenet Healthcare, has spent over $60,000,000 on the strike, hiring scab nurses to replace striking workers, and paying the Worcester Police Department over $30,000 a day for overtime patrol of the picket line. A union spokesperson claimed that this amount was triple the cost of the nurses demands, but the hospital’s president disputed the $60,000,000 number. In an interview with the Jacobin magazine, the head of the Massachusetts Nurses Association alleged unsafe conditions at Saint Vincent Hospital, with a work overload of nurses resulting in inadequate care for patients. The union’s head also said that with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, nurses faced an even higher workload and that Tenet received large amounts of money from the CARES Act while simultaneously furloughing nurses. Tenet made a contract offer in early July. Further negotiations ensued during July 22 and 23, with a subsequent two-day negotiation slated to begin August 2, 2021.

    Tenet Health Says Cuts Are Necessary So The Company Can Continue To Provide Support To Hospitals During Coronavirus Outbreak

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    Tenet Health says cuts are necessary so the company can continue to provide support to hospitals during coronavirus outbreak

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    Tenet Health says cuts are necessary so the company can continue to provide support to hospitals during coronavirus outbreak

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    Tenet Health informed employees over the weekend that the company was cutting employee benefits because of increasing demands from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In a letter to employees, Tenet Health said the company was postponing funding to the 401K match program and eliminating non-essential contractor and vendor spend.

    Tenet Health operates four hospitals in Central Alabama: Brookwood Baptist Health, Princeton Baptist Medical Center, Shelby Baptist Hospital and Walker Baptist Hospital.

    Tenet Health provided the following statement to WVTM 13:

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    Tenet Healthcare Announces Results Of The 2021 Healthy Over Hungry Cereal Drive

    Program includes the donation of 1.1 million servings of cereal to benefit communities across the country

    DALLAS, July 27, 2021—-Tenet Healthcare Corporation today announced the results of its 2021 Healthy Over Hungry® Cereal Drive. The Cereal Drive works to help those struggling with hunger and to promote the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, especially for children who lose access to school-based nutrition programs during the summer months.

    The 2021 Cereal Drive took place from June 7 to June 14 across Tenets acute care hospitals, ambulatory facilities, call centers and corporate offices. This years Cereal Drive resulted in the collection of more than 1.1 million servings of cereal, benefitting more than 75 local food banks and not-for-profit pantries.

    “The Healthy Over Hungry Cereal Drive is not only a beloved tradition, but a testament to our employees and their commitment to providing compassionate care to those in need,” said Ron Rittenmeyer, Tenets Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “This program began as a grassroots initiative by a nurse who acted quickly to rally her community on behalf of children struggling with hunger. The Cereal Drive has grown into such an important part of Tenet, supporting our passion for alleviating hunger for countless families in need.”

    About Tenet Healthcare

    View source version on businesswire.com:


    Florida Pediatric Heart Surgery Standards

    A Community Built on Care

    In 2015, CNN reported that Tenet had lobbied the governor of Florida Rick Scott as well as Republican Party Florida legislators in order to remove hospital standard rules for pediatric heart surgeries after one of its hospitals failed to meet standards. Both the officials and Tenet denied any wrongdoing, with Tenet stating to the press that “at no time have we discussed the pediatric cardiac standards with the governor or his office, or with any elected official or anyone on their staff… our opinion was not sought on the standards nor have we expressed a position on the possible repeal of the standards or the role of the Cardiac Technical Advisory Panel.” Florida Health released a statement indicating that the legal basis for the removal of pediatric surgery standards had been revoked in 2001. This revocation invalidated the standards and it was an oversight that they were not formally stricken from record until 2015.

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