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How Will It Work

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The ORPP will be a supplement, and very similar in design, tothe existing CPP. When fully phased in, it will require equalcontributions from employees and employers . This compares to thecurrent CPP regime which requires employer and employeecontributions of 4.95 percent each . The biggestdifference between the ORPP and the CPP is that CPP contributionscurrently max out at an income level of $54,900 , whereasthe ORPP will max out at an income level of $90,000, subject toindexation for inflation.

For both the CPP and ORPP, the basic exemption amount is set at$3,500 .

ORPP contributions will be phased in. For large employers with500 or more employees, contributions will start January 1, 2017,and will be increased each year until 2019. For medium-sizedemployers, contributions will begin January 1, 2018, withcontributions phased in to their maximum by 2020. Small employerswith fewer than 50 workers will start contributing on January 1,2019, with contributions phased in to their maximum by 2021. Othersemployers will start to make contributions on January 1, 2020.These phase-in rules are summarized in the table below.

How The Pbgf Is Funded

The PBGF is funded by certain employers who sponsor defined benefit pension plans and qualify for this coverage. They are responsible for making yearly payments into the PBGF, based on the pension plans financial status and the number of Ontario plan beneficiaries who are part of the pension plan.

It is important to know that the PBGF does not cover:

Ceo For United Benefits Group Ubg

Brent Evans

President And Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer And Benefits Operations Manager

Alan Cole

Frequently Asked Questions regarding United Benefits Group Ubg

Where are United Benefits Group Ubg’s Headquarters?

United Benefits Group Ubg’s Headquarters are in 1251 Northwest Briarcliff Parkway Suite 175,Kansas City,Missouri,United States

What is United Benefits Group Ubg’s phone number?

United Benefits Group Ubg’s phone number is +1 800-816-5535

What is United Benefits Group Ubg’s official website?

United Benefits Group Ubg’s official website is https://www.ubgretire.com

What is United Benefits Group Ubg’s Revenue?

United Benefits Group Ubg’s revenue is $10 – 50M

What is United Benefits Group Ubg’s NAICS code?

United Benefits Group Ubg’s NAICS code is 524127

How many employees are working in United Benefits Group Ubg

United Benefits Group Ubg has 17 employees

What is United Benefits Group Ubg’s Industry?

United Benefits Group Ubg is in the industry of Human Resources

Who is United Benefits Group Ubg’s CEO?

United Benefits Group Ubg’s CEO is Brent Evans

Company Directory

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What Is A Qnups

A Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme is a form of overseas pension available to British citizens. If the QNUPS complies with specific HMRC regulations, it will be recognised as a QROPS. Generally, a QNUPS has greater investment flexibility and can even hold property and other physical assets within the pension wrapper.

QROPS and QNUPS both have the same qualifying conditions. This in effect means that many of the guidelines governing QNUPS are similar to QROPS. As such, QROPS and QNUPS are highly similar and related pension schemes. Which one is more appropriate for an individual depending on their financial circumstances and the country in which they are domiciled and/or resident?

Typically, a QNUPS would be set up by an expat who has spent many years working offshore or who plans to remain a tax resident outside the UK, but is still deemed UK domicile and wants to protect his assets from UK taxation.

QNUPS explained

Watch here to see what Managing Partner, Chris Ball, had to say about what a Qualifying Non-Pension Scheme is and is it right for you?


  • A QNUPS can be entered into if you are a UK resident, work in the UK or are a British expat. It may also be available to UK non-residents, depending on the rules of the scheme.
  • As UK pensions often receive tax breaks, there is normally a limit on the maximum amount these allowances apply to. Typically a QNUPS would not be subject to the LTA .
  • There is no maximum age at which you can contribute to a QNUPS.
  • United Benefits Group Ubg



    United Benefits Group is a is a a not-for-profit, Missouri Mutual Benefit Corporation providing administrative and consulting services for employee benefit plans. UBG administers the Co-op Retirement Plan and UBG 401 Plans. Other services include long-term and short-term disability insurance, life insurance and other benefit products. We have expertise in benefits administration, defined benefit retirement plan administration, defined contribution 401 administration and insurance products.We serve companies of all sizes with a focus on the agri-business industry.Visit us at our website http://www.ubgretire.com to learn more about United Benefits Group.

    Headquarters: 1251 Northwest Briarcliff Parkway Suite 175, Kansas City, Missouri, United States

    Phone Number: +1 800-816-5535

    Legal Name: United Benefits Group Ubg

    United Benefits Group Ubg’s Social Media

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    Fsco’s Responsibilities Relating To Pension Plans Include:

    • Administering the and collecting PBGF assessments.
    • Monitoring pension plans and pension funds to ensure they are being administered, invested and funded in compliance with legislated requirements.
    • Registering new pension plans and pension plan amendments.
    • Processing required filings and applications from plan administrators.
    • Regulating certain multi-jurisdictional pension plans .

    FSCO works with national and international pension regulators and associations to conduct research and share information and data.

    FSCO is a member of the Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities a national inter-jurisdictional association of pension regulators that develops practical solutions to help coordinate and harmonize the work of pension regulators across Canada.

    As a member of CAPSA, FSCO is able to participate in other regulatory forums, such as:

    How Fsco Regulates Pension Plans

    The Financial Services Commission of Ontario is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Ontario Pension Benefits Act and its supporting regulations. The PBA sets minimum legal standards for registered pension plans in Ontario.

    Generally, members of registered pension plans who work in Ontario are covered by the PBA and regulations, unless they work in federally regulated industries such as banking, telecommunications, or airline transportation. Pension plans in those industries are covered by federal law and regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

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    What Is A Sipp

    A SIPP is a pension wrapper that holds investments until you retire and begin to draw an income. It works in a similar way to a standard personal pension. The main difference is that with a SIPP you typically have more flexibility when you choose what to invest into.

    With standard personal pension schemes, your investments are managed for you within the pooled fund you have chosen. SIPPs give you the freedom to choose and manage your own investments. However, because this is a complex area, most people choose to have an authorised investment manager make the decisions for them.

    See here what Managing Partner, Chris Ball, had to say about SIPPs.

    Essential details of a SIPP

    • A SIPP is based in the UK and regardless of where you live it is regulated by UK law.
    • A SIPP is available to you regardless of where you live in the world.
    • Under current legislation you can start drawing retirement benefits from the age of 55. You can do this even if you are still in employment.
    • Your benefits are flexible. You may draw as much or as little income as you like. You can also stop and start withdrawing whenever you wish.
    • Up to 25% of your total funds can be withdrawn as a tax-free cash lump sum.
    • If needed you can transfer your funds into a QROPS later on.
    • SIPPs are excellent for those who plan to retire in the UK. They are equally beneficial for those in a nation with a preferential double-taxation agreement with the UK.
    • SIPP investments grow free of capital gains tax or income taxes.

    Phase In Of Contribution Rate By Type Of Employer

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    Benefits will be indexed to increases in wages and the cost ofliving, and will start to be paid in 2022. Benefits will generallystart at age 65 however, similar to the CPP, individuals will havethe option to receive adjusted retirement income as early as 60 oras late as 70.

    Note: The ORPP cannot cover self-employed workers because thefederal Income Tax Act does not allow self-employed people toparticipate in a registered pension plan. Ontario has asked thefederal government to consider changing the Act to allowself-employed workers to join the ORPP.

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    Contributions And Allocations Are Limited

    Contributions to a 401 plan must not exceed certain limits described in the Internal Revenue Code. The limits apply to the total amount of employer contributions, employee elective deferrals and forfeitures credited to the participant’s account during the year. See 401 and Profit-Sharing Plan Contribution Limits.

    Background On The Orpp

    The ORPP is a mandatory pension plan for residents of Ontariowho are employees, but who don’t have “comparable”workplace pension plans. A “comparable plan” is definedas a registered pension plan, subject to federal and provincialregulation, that meets the following minimum thresholds:

    • provides people with a predictable stream of income inretirement for life
    • provides people with security
    • requires contributions by employers to ensure fairness
    • aims to replace up to 15 percent of a person’spre-retirement income

    Workplace defined benefit or defined contribution pension planswill meet the comparability test, provided that certain specificconditions are first met.3 Group Registered RetirementSavings Plans and Deferred Profit Sharing Plans will not beconsidered comparable plans for this purpose.

    Employers that offer a registered workplace plan thatdoesn’t meet the above minimum thresholds will have until 2020to decide if they want to adjust their plans or enrol theiremployees in the ORPP.

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    Contributions Or Benefits Must Not Discriminate

    Under the plan, contributions or benefits must not discriminate in favor of highly compensated employees. Generally, employees with compensation of $150,000 or more from the employer in the prior year are considered highly compensated for 2023 . In order to satisfy this requirement with regard to elective deferrals and employer matching contributions, 401 plans may provide minimum employer contributions or meet the Actual Deferral Percentage and Actual Contribution Percentage tests.

    The Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund

    Health Insurance Ky

    If you belong to a defined benefit pension plan and your employer becomes insolvent or bankrupt, there may not be enough money in the pension fund to pay all of the pension benefits that were promised to you. The Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund may then apply to guarantee payment of certain benefits from your pension plan.

    The PBGF is a special fund that was established by the Government of Ontario to cover pension benefits for certain defined benefit pension plans if they are wound up, because the employer is insolvent and there is a funding shortage.

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    Administration Of The Plan

    The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Administration Corporation will begin contacting Ontario employers in early 2016 toverify their existing pension plans and assess the coverage offeredto employees.


    1 Ontario Bill 56, Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Act,received Royal Assent on May 5, 2015.

    2 As part of its federal election platform, the Liberalshad noted that the government intended to work with the provincesto “enhance” the CPP.

    3 Such that benefits equal or exceed the benefits beingoffered under the ORPP.

    The content of this article is intended to provide a generalguide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be soughtabout your specific circumstances.

    Employee Participation Standards Must Be Met

    In general, an employee must be allowed to participate in a qualified retirement plan if he or she meets both of the following requirements:

    • Has reached age 21
    • Has at least 1 year of service
    • plan may require 2 years of service for eligibility to receive an employer contribution if the plan provides that after not more than 2 years of service the participant is 100% vested in all plan account balances. However, the plan must allow the employee to participate by making elective deferral contributions after no more than 1 year of service.)

    A plan cannot exclude an employee because he or she has reached a specified age.

    Leased employee. A leased employee is treated as an employee of the employer for whom the leased employee is providing services for certain plan qualification rules. These rules apply to:

    • Nondiscrimination requirements related to plan coverage, contributions, and benefits.
    • Minimum age and service requirements.
    • Vesting requirements.
    • Limits on contributions and benefits.
    • Top-heavy plan requirements.

    Certain contributions or benefits provided by the leasing organization for services performed for the employer are treated as provided by the employer.

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    Very Importantthe Information On This Page Is For People Going Through A Divorce Or Attorneys Helping Their Clientsdo Not Call Qdrodesk For Retirement Account Information Unless It Is In Regards To A Divorce Qdrodesk Is A Private Company That Only Helps With The Divorce Process It Is Not Related Or Connected To The Retirement Account Listed On This Page This Page Is Provided For Informational Purposes Only


    CO-OP RETIREMENT PLAN is a Defined Benefit Plan providing retirees with a predetermined monthly retirement benefit upon reaching a specific age. The retirement benefit paid to a retiree is typically calculated using a formula which often employs years of credited service under the plan and salary information. The retirement benefit is typically payable to the employee upon attainment of their normal retirement age for the remainder of his/her lifetime. Benefits under this type of plan are often referred to as accrued benefits. This type of plan does not maintain individual accounts for employees.

    It is important to remember that under this type of plan, the Alternate Payee is typically not awarded a lump sum cash payment from the Plan. It is usually a requirement of the Plan that the amount awarded to the Alternate Payee be expressed in terms of a monthly benefit payable for either the lifetime of the Participant or the Alternate Payee.

    Plan & Company Information:UNITED BENEFIT GROUP

    Minimum Vesting Standard Must Be Met

    KQs Boeing 787-8 aircraft ready for take off to New York

    A 401 plan must satisfy certain requirements regarding when benefits vest. To “vest” means to acquire ownership. The vested percentage is the participant’s percentage of ownership in his or her account. All participants must be fully vested in their 401 elective deferrals. A traditional 401 plan may require completion of a specific number of years of service for vesting in employer discretionary or matching contributions. For example, a plan may require 2 years of service for a 20% vested interest in employer contributions and additional years of service for increases in the vested percentage. Matching contributions must vest at least as rapidly as a 6-year graded vesting schedule. A safe harbor and SIMPLE 401 plan must provide for 100% vesting in employer and employee contributions at all times.

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    Distribution Rules Must Be Followed

    Generally, distributions cannot be made until a “distributable event” occurs. A “distributable event” is an event that allows distribution of a participant’s plan benefit and includes the following situations:

    • The employee dies, becomes disabled, or otherwise has a severance from employment.
    • The plan ends and no other defined contribution plan is established or continued.
    • The employee reaches age 59½ or suffers a financial hardship.

    See When can a plan distribute benefits?

    Benefit payment must begin when required. Unless the participant chooses otherwise, the payment of benefits to the participant must begin within 60 days after the close of the latest of the following periods:

    • The plan year in which the participant reaches the earlier of age 65 or the normal retirement age specified in the plan.
    • The plan year which includes the 10th anniversary of the year in which the participant began participating in the plan.
    • The plan year in which the participant terminates service with the employer.

    Loan secured by benefits. If survivor benefits are required for a spouse under a plan, the spouse must consent to a loan that uses the participant’s account balance as security.

    Benefits Must Not Be Assigned Or Alienated

    The plan must provide that its benefits cannot be assigned or alienated. A loan from the plan to a participant or beneficiary is not treated as an assignment or alienation if the loan is secured by the participant’s account balance and is exempt from the tax on prohibited transactions under IRC 4975 or would be exempt if the participant were a disqualified person. See Publication 560 for additional information on prohibited transactions. A loan is exempt from the tax on prohibited transactions under IRC section 4975 if it:

    • Is available to all such participants or beneficiaries on a reasonably equivalent basis,
    • Is not made available to highly compensated employees ) in an amount greater than the amount made available to other employees,
    • Is made in accordance with specific provisions regarding such loans set forth in the plan,
    • Bears a reasonable rate of interest, and
    • Is adequately secured.

    Also, compliance with a qualified domestic relations order , does not result in a prohibited assignment or alienation of benefits.

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    Stop Pbgc From Grossly Overcharging Co

    Stop PBGC From Grossly Overcharging Co-op Pension Plans

    Issue. Over 880 rural electric cooperatives participate in the defined-benefit multiple-employer pension plan sponsored by NRECA, covering over 56,000 employees in 47 states. Co-op employees are the backbone of our core mission to provide, safe, affordable, and reliable electricity. But rules designed for other types of pension plans were increasing volatility and cost pressures on participating cooperatives.

    Status. In 2014 Congress passed a law recognizing that by our nature we pose virtually no risk of default to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation , and yet we continue to pay insurance premiums as if we were such a risk. . Current PBGC rules designed for single-employer for-profit companies inappropriately require us to divert scarce resources from our core mission. In late 2016, the Senate Finance Committee unanimously passed S. 3471, the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act of 2016 that fixes this inequity permanently. New legislation is expected in the 115th Congress.

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