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What Zip Codes Get Extra Social Security Benefits

Protect Your Private Health Care And Financial Information

What is my Social Security?
  • Never give your financial information, like your banking, credit card, or account numbers, to someone who calls or comes to your home uninvited, even if they say they are from the Marketplace.
  • Never give your personal health information, like your medical history or specific treatments youâve gotten, to anyone who asks you for it.

Who Is Eligible For The Part B Give Back Benefit

To be eligible for a give back plan, policyholders must meet specific criteria. First, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B and pay your own premiums. This means that if your premiums are currently being covered by a state or local program, you will not qualify.

Additionally, you must live within the service area of a plan that offers a premium reduction plan. Currently, there are 48 states in the U.S. that offer this benefit.

Keep in mind, give back plans work directly with Social Security, so, no direct payments are sent to you by the carrier.

What Is The Part B Premium Reduction Benefit

When you’re enrolled in Medicare Part B, you must pay a monthly premium of $170.10. The giveback benefit, or Part B premium reduction, is when the Part C Medicare Advantage plan reduces the amount you pay toward that premium. Your reduction could range from less than $1 to the full premium amount.

Even though you’re paying less for the monthly premium, you don’t technically get money back. Instead, you just pay the reduced amount and are saving the amount you’d normally pay.

If your premium comes out of your Social Security check, your payment will reflect the lower amount. If you don’t pay that way, the giveback benefit would be credited to your monthly statement. Instead of paying the full $170.10, you’d only pay the amount with the giveback benefit included.

For example, if you typically pay $170.10 per month but your MA plan’s giveback benefit is $50, you don’t get $50 back each month. Instead, you’d only pay $120.10 per month, keeping that $50 in your wallet. If your plan offers a full $170.10 refund, you wouldn’t have a Part B monthly premium to pay.

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Is Medicare Different In Each State

Before we begin our discussion of Medicare coverage by state, letâs consider basic eligibility for Medicare. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reports that the following factors make you eligible for Medicare:

  • Age. If you are 65 or older, you qualify.
  • Disability. If you get disability income from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board , you’ll gain eligibility for Medicare once you’ve recieved your Social Security or RRB disbursements for 24 months. There are also special qualifying criteria for those with Lou Gehrig’s disease and end-stage renal disease which can eliminate waiting periods.

Assuming now that you are eligible, letâs address the questionâis Medicare different in each state? Since Original Medicare is a completely federal program, itâs equally available to residents in all U.S. states.

However, certain programs within Medicare vary from state to state in terms of rules, availability, and pricing. Two such Medicare plans are Medigap and Medicare Advantage. The coverage and features of these Medicare plans will vary depending on where you live.


Medigap, sometimes called Medicare Supplement, is available to Original Medicare beneficiaries. It works like an insurance policy to cover the âgapâ between what Original Medicare pays and what you owe in out-of-pocket expenses .

Medicare Advantage

Should You Really Wait Until Age 70

Social Security : The New Rules, Essentials &  Maximizing Your Social ...

Waiting until age 70 ensures you’ll collect the maximum Social Security benefit. But it doesn’t make sense in a lot of situations.

Your health is always a big consideration. If you have serious medical issues or your parents died relatively young, it often makes sense to start benefits sooner. Delaying usually makes sense when you have a long life expectancy.

Many seniors simply can’t wait until 70 to start Social Security benefits. If you’re no longer able to work and withdrawals from your nest egg aren’t enough to cover your basic expenses, delaying as long as possible isn’t an option.

Waiting until after full retirement age to claim Social Security?Have a backup plan

On the flip side, if you have substantial savings in your retirement accounts, you may want to start Social Security sooner so you can enjoy your golden years even more.

But if you’re behind on retirement savings and able to work, holding out to collect an extra 24% from Social Security can be a savvy move. The timing of your Social Security is a big decision. Your health, costs of living, basic needs, and desired lifestyle are all factors you should consider.

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What Is The Medicare Part B Give Back Benefit

The Part B give back benefit helps those on Medicare lower their monthly health care spending by reducing the amount of their Medicare Part B premium. When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that offers this benefit, the carrier pays either a part of or the entire premium for your outpatient coverage each month.

Here’s Why Social Security Benefits Are Higher In These States

Understandably, living in these 21 states doesn’t guarantee that you’ll wind up with a Social Security retirement benefit that’s higher than the national average. However, there are a handful of factors that may have contributed to these states generating higher monthly payouts than the 29 other states.

The most logical factor that would explain this data is the earnings potential of workers in these 21 states. While not a perfect correlation, many of these states offer a considerably higher median household income than the national average. For example, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Minnesota, Washington, and Utah all had median household income in 2018 of more than $70,000, according to U.S. Census data. Meanwhile, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Vermont, Wyoming, Rhode Island, and Illinois were all north of $60,000.

This is significant because earnings history plays a big role in determining what workers will receive each month when they begin taking Social Security benefits. The SSA takes a worker’s 35 highest-earning, inflation-adjusted years into account when calculating their benefit at full retirement age. Therefore, workers who earn more on an annual basis should receive a higher monthly benefit when they retire.

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Medicare Benefits: How Does Your Zip Code Affect Your Ss Benefits

Everything you need to know

It might come as a surprise to you, but the Medicare benefits you receive can vary depending on the state in which you live.

The pricing, rules and availability of the plans for Medicare and Medicaid Services can vary by state, and sometimes even by zip code.

Here, we will explain how the prices can vary.

Around 40% Of Medicare Advantage Plans Have No Monthly Premium But Did You Know Some Plans Actually Reduce Your Part B Premium

(NEW!) 2021 Medicare Helpline TV Commercial: ‘Extra 2021 Medicare Benefits Featuring Jimmie Walker’

The Medicare giveback benefit, or Part B premium reduction plan, is becoming more available and popular among beneficiaries. Though not an official Medicare program, this benefit is offered by some Medicare Advantage plans and covers some or all of your Part B monthly premium .

While not all plans offer this benefit, it’s possible to find one where you’d pay a reduced premium amount up to $170. This can help maximize your savings while on Medicare, though there are a number of considerations when deciding if these plans are right for you. Read on to learn more about the giveback benefit and how you could qualify.

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What’s Covered With Grocery Plus

The Grocery Plus benefit covers hundreds of products to help you make healthy decisions when grocery shopping. These options include:

Participating stores vary by state. You can see if your local store accepts the Grocery Plus benefit using our store finder. Just enter your ZIP code to view all participating stores in your area.

The Truth About Your Medicare Part B Premium

You probably know that your Medicare Part B premium can change each year. Do you know why? Or how the amount is calculated? Or why it may increase?

Medicare costs, including Part B premiums, deductibles and copays, are adjusted based on the Social Security Act. And in recent years Part B costs have risen. Why? According to, The increase in the Part B premiums and deductible is largely due to rising spending on physician-administered drugs. These higher costs have a ripple effect and result in higher Part B premiums and deductible.1

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Is The Medicare Give Back Benefit The Same As The Medicare Part B Premium Reduction

Retiring Guy

Part B premium reduction is another term for the give back benefit. Depending on the region where you live, you may see slightly different names for the program.

However, the feature functions the same across plans. No matter what you call it, the give back benefit, or Medicare Part B Premium Reduction is put in place to save policyholders money on their health care costs.

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How We Credit Military Wages

When you apply for benefits, we automatically verify your military service. If your military service increases your benefit and we cannot get proof of your service, we will ask for your DD-214 or other proof of service before we process your application. In all cases, we add military wage credits to your earnings, not directly to your monthly benefit payment.

Myth #: You Must Claim Your Social Security Benefit At Age 62

Some people think you have to start claiming your Social Security benefits at age 62. Thats a myth: 62 is the earliest age you can claim your benefit, but its not the only age to do so.

Your base benefit is calculated according to your full retirement age, or FRA, and your FRA is determined by your date of birth. The Social Security Administration calculates your base Social Security benefit based on your average indexed monthly earnings during the 35 years in which you earned the most .

Tip: Youll find your FRA at Social Securitys website,, or on a paper statement mailed to you by the SSA. If you were born in 1960 or later, your FRA is 67.

If you claim Social Security benefits any time before your FRA, you lock in a permanent reduction in monthly income. Claiming at 62 translates to a reduced monthly income of 30%, relative to your FRA monthly benefit . That means you may receive a lot less monthly retirement income, every year, for potentially several decades. A key consideration for when you claim Social Security benefits is maximizing your income for a retirement that could last longer than 30 years.

Wait until age 70 and lock in a bonus:

  • Waiting to claim Social Security after age 62 comes with a bonus: roughly 8% additional monthly income per year for each year you delay claiming .
  • If your FRA is 67, your monthly income would increase 24% by waiting from 67 to 70.
  • If your FRA is 67, your monthly income would increase around 77% by waiting from 62 to 70.

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Who Is Eligible For The Medicare Part B Give Back Benefit

It is pretty easy to qualify for the Medicare Give Back benefit as the eligibility criteria are straightforward. First, you must be enrolled in Original Medicare. You need to have both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B coverage. Next, you must pay your own monthly Part B premium. If you receive financial assistance through Medicaid services or some other program that pays your Part B premium, then you cannot qualify for the Give Back benefit. Some state and local programs exist that help pay Part B premiums for participants, but these programs will disqualify you from the Give Back program.

Finally, you should live in a service area that is eligible for the Give Back program. Since this program is administered by the private insurance carriers who manage Medicare Advantage plans, it is only available in certain areas. There are currently 48 states in America that have access to a Give Back benefit, so you can likely find one in your area. The easiest way to determine that is by checking your ZIP code and searching for available Medicare Advantage plans in your area.

If You Get A Call From The Marketplace

Medicare Part B Give Back Benefit – What’s The Catch?

After you apply you may get a phone call from the Marketplace asking you to verify or provide more information. If we donât have this information we may not able to process your application.

Follow these tips to help prevent fraud:

If your phone has caller ID, check the number. The display may show one of these:

  • Health Insurance MP

The customer service representative will say they are calling from the Marketplace and provide a first name and agent ID number. Write them down.

A Marketplace representative may leave a message on your answering machine. If this happens, you wonât be able to call back. If the Marketplace canât reach you after 3 tries, youâll get a letter in the mail telling you what to do next.

The Marketplace representative may ask you the following:

  • To verify your identity, using information you provided on your application, including your full name and address.
  • To provide or verify your Social Security Number, application ID, policy ID, user ID, date of birth, or phone number.
  • To verify or provide income, household, and employment information, but NOT personal financial information, like a bank name and account number. They’ll never ask:
  • About any personal health information, like your medical history or conditions.
  • For your Marketplace account password or security code.

If you donât want to answer over the phone, ask the representative to mail you a letter with instructions for completing your application.

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How To Get A Medicare Part B Give Back Plan

Its important to compare Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans before enrolling in either option. Many beneficiaries are unaware of the many limitations that come with Medicare Advantage plans, so a Medicare Part B premium reduction may not be worth the additional cost-sharing for some. It is essential to fully understand your policy limitations before deciding on a plan.

If you want to keep Original Medicare but wish to save money on monthly premiums, you should consider the High Deductible Plan G or High Deductible Plan F Medigap options. Another comprehensive yet affordable Medigap option is Plan N.

Whichever route you decide to go, speaking with a licensed agent is always helpful when comparing benefits. To see what Medicare Advantage options are available in your area, enter your ZIP Code in this portal.

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Got Questions About The Medicare Giveback Benefit Here Are Some Answers

Can you really get a Medicare giveback from a Medicare Advantage plan?


A friend forwarded me an ad he saw online. The headline read, Seniors over 65 are getting huge benefits this year. See if you qualify for $144 a month. How can I get this? he wondered.

Another friend asked whether I saw the commercials for the Medicare giveback benefit of up to $144. How could I miss them? I replied.

Lets tackle some questions about the Medicare giveback benefit.

What is the giveback benefit?

The giveback benefit is officially the Part B premium reduction.

This benefit is making a big splash this year, but it first appeared in 2003. A Federal regulation allowed Medicare+Choice plans to receive a reduction in its payments, which in turn helps to fund the giveback.

How do I qualify for the giveback?

The first time I heard about this offer, I wondered whether there might be income-related criteria. In other words, did the persons income have to be below a certain level? But that is not the case. To qualify for a premium reduction, you must:

  • Be a Medicare beneficiary enrolled in Part A and Part B,
  • Be responsible for paying the Part B premium, and
  • Live in a service area of a plan that has chosen to participate in this program.

How many plans provide this benefit?

Thats a good question. You qualify once you enroll in a plan but there are not that many plans participating.

Can I get the premium reduction with other benefits?

Does the plan send me a check?

Any words of wisdom?

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What If I’ve Already Started Social Security

Even if you’ve already started Social Security, it’s possible to reverse your decision to earn delayed retirement credits. Once you reach FRA, you can ask Social Security to suspend your benefits. Your benefits would be suspended for the month after you make the request. Social Security will automatically restart your payments at a higher amount to reflect the credits you’ve earned once you turn 70.

Forced to retire early? 3 things you can do to put off filing for Social Security

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